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Slenderman and I by YomiElric

When your eyes fluttered open you were met with the smiling face of Smile-dog only inches from you, causing you to leap to your feet and let out a terrified yelp before you fell backwards, doing your best to get away from the dog by at least a few feet till you could calm down. Why you were so scared all the sudden, you had no clue.

“Oh calm down, you can't be scared of me in the dream world and then in real-life give me treats, your going to give me migraines.” You heard someone speak. You felt your eyes widen when you looked at smile.

“Yes, it me speaking! Now can we get on with this, dreams only live for a short time, and I don't have all night.” The voice grumbled as you watched the husky make his way over to you and give your knee a light nuzzle before walking off. Stopping only a few feet away before turning back to you, quietly signaling for you to follow.

After a few seconds of assessing what was happening, you got to your feet and did a light jog to make up for the distance between you and the dog. Both of you walked in silence for a little while till he spoke up, his voice echoing around you as if you were both inside a massive cave.

“I'm sorry for invading your dreams, but Slendy has asked me to speak with you about certain topics that would only stay between us among your dreams.” He hummed before coming to a sudden stop and sitting.

You watched as the area around you went from a red and white foggy mess to a beautiful forest with a soft ground and air that was as crisp as a fall morning in the mountains, though it wasn't cold. With a nod you sat on a rock just high enough for you to sit on comfortably before you gave a nod, signaling to the dog you were all ears.

“He was wondering if you would like to come join us at the hideout. It would be a honor, considering not many humans are able to enter the hideout in the first place let alone live there and put up with a bunch of psychopaths.” Smile murmured, his voice still echoing even though the landscape had changed.

“Sure, I'd love to! How long are we talking? A few days, a week. I'm cool with it as long as I'm still able to attend school.” You hummed with a smile. You did a double take as the smiling dog seemed to do his equivalent of a frown before looking off to the side as if what you had said was a bad thing.

“Whats the matter Smile?” You murmured, almost to afraid of the answer. Part of you just wanted to lift your hands to your ears like a child and hum to yourself to avoid listening to what was on his mind, while another part of you had to know.

“Well... he meant more as in like moving in, instead of visiting. He would like you to become a creepy-pasta member, _______.” Smile spoke, his voice rather serious as he explained the tall creatures intentions.

At that you felt yourself freeze in place as the beautiful forest that surrounded you faded away into blackness, the only thing around you being Smile and an indivisible seat that was no longer there, though you could feel it under you. You mind started to race with thoughts to the point where you started to get a small headache, which Smile seemed to be feeling to as you watched him cringe slightly.

“W-w-what would I have become a - creepy-pasta member... most things like that have standards...right?” You questioned, your words coming out in clumps as your mind slowly begun to thaw to where you could at least partly think.

Your eyes scanned over the husky for what seemed like hours, maybe even days before he finally spoke up, breaking the weighing silence that had settled over you both.

“You would have to become a killer or a terrorist to humans.” He sighed, his voice seeming to echo even further as he spoke this time around. Your heart stopped, you should have known. How was Slendy expecting you to become a murder? The closest thing to a kill you had made was while hunting for food during hunting season.

“How am I suppose to do that Smile! I have never hurt anyone at the standards of you guys before, and I don't think I could scare someone along the lines you looking for either.” You cried before burring your face in your hands.

“But... I want to be with Slender...” You sighed letting out a stress filled groan as you flopped back, your black void of a world turning into a field of daisy’s. You felt tears brim your eyes when you remembered the white flower the creature had given you when you were feeling down.

How were yo suppose to choose between the creature and your sanity?

“He didn't expect you to come up with an answer in one night.” Smile finally spoke up, his ears twitching as he made his way over to you.

“He expects you to say no, or at least did before you kissed him tonight.”

Oh great! You had a clear shot and you blew it with a kiss. If you hadn’t have kissed him, you could have said no without a problem and he would have been fine with it. If you said no now, and he was expecting you to say yes, only the future could know what would happen.

“What am I suppose to do Smile? I can't hurt people, but I can't just say no to his offer either.” You grumbled, pulling your hands over your face to hide it from the dogs slightly saddened gaze. You didn't want or need his pity, but you couldn't have been more happier knowing that he cared enough to pity you.

Both of you were quiet, listening to the peaceful breeze that your mind had created to fit your flower field before he spoke up again, his voice quiet as if there were someone else around other then you to.

“Wait and think about it, he isn't going to push you into a destination, and if he tries I will stop him, just take your time, it's a very important decision.” He hummed before fading away, leaving you in your flower field alone till your dream self begun to fall asleep, leaving your mind in darkness.

When you woke up, you were in bed with the sun rays from the window shining in your face, Smile still at your side though very awake and rather alert considering his usual relaxed position. The second you let out a groan his head popped up and his tail gave a small wag.

Both of you shared a telepathic conversion for a moment before you sighed and flopped back on your bed.

“What am I going to do Smile.” You sighed, causing him to let out a small whimper. You felt as he jumped from your bed and you listened as his claws tapped on your hard wood floors and faded into the downstairs area, which was still a mess.

The thought of cleaning today made you upset, that was the last thing you wanted to do after a dream like that. You would probably be so in thought that you would clean the windows with dish soap and your carpeted floors with wax.

(The upstairs is hard floors and the ground floor is mostly carpet give or take a few tiled areas.)

With one last groan you hoisted yourself out of bed and got ready for the day. Brushing your hair till it was smooth, washing your teeth till you could taste nothing but the mint of your toothpaste and changing into something suitable but comfortable for the day.

Pulling up your shirt to change you jumped when you heard a snicker from behind you, causing you to instantly drop your shirt so it covered your body before you whipped around to come face to face with Jeff, who was smirking more then usual. Before you could even your mouth to say anything he took you by your neck and shoved you into one of the few empty walls that were in your room while a knife shined in hiss right hand.

“So ______, a little bird told me you might join us.” He sneered, his wicked smile growing before he shoved a knife to your throat as he moved his head near your neck. You felt a shiver crease through your spine when his breathe ran up your neck until his was placed at your ear.

“Let's see if you have what it takes.” He chuckled before the blade tightened against your throat. You weren’t going to die here! In a quick movement you forced a leg forward and into the killers abdomen causing him to fly back, once his knife was away from your neck you called for help, knowing exactly who was close enough to help you.

“S-smile!” You shrieked, making your way for the door. Just as you were about to open it to hands forced your back into to wood, pinning you against the wall making you feel like a trapped animal, and of course there stood Jeff.

“How the hell did you even get in my house!” You hissed, your hand lacing around the wrist of the hand that held the blade firmly in its grasp, him pushing it towards you while you pushed it away.

“You said leave whenever, I just didn't leave!” He laughed, increasing the force greatly to where you were only strong enough to hold it a few inches away from your face where he was aiming.

“I know you left! Smile said you did! SMILE!” You cried the last part as you did your very best to keep the knife away from you with one hand, your other free just in case he decided two blades were better then one.

It only took the dog a few seconds before you heard him bounding up the stairs and clawing at your door, letting out high pitched aggressive barks. You could tell he knew it was Jeff who was with you, for you watched as the killers smile turned into a smirk as the dog paused for a second then kept barking.

“Awe, what a shame your correct sweetheart, you should really learn to lock your windows.” He let out in a hushed voice before leaning in and kissing your cheek. Only then did he back away, putting his knife back into his pocket before allowing you to open the door. Once you had Smile darted in, standing in front of you protectively growling at the pale boy

“Oh put a sock in it mutt! I'm done for now.” Jeff sneered before making his way past you and down stairs where you heard him unlock the front door and open it.

You assumed to let the others in, for they were the only people in the whole world who had a reason to hang out with the psychopath. Meanwhile you stood there, rubbing your cheek aggressively with your hand in an attempt to get the feeling to go away. You were going to throw a cow at the wacko and then let Slendy handle it. That was if you didn't die from lack of blood first.

Glancing down you saw Smile looking up you with worried eyes. All you could do was smile and give a nod. “I'm OK Smile, thanks for protecting me.” You hummed before turning and walking down stairs to see who exactly had been let into your house.

Your intuition was right. Slendy, Jack, and BEN sat in your living room while Jeff leaned on the far wall opposite of them. Once you had entered the room, they all shot a look towards Smile who had followed you down stairs. You listened as he gave a few barks before sitting at your feet, refusing to leave your side after what had just happen with Jeff.

“I see...” You heard Slendy murmur before giving you a short glance before turning away. You couldn't help but let your cheeks turn a light shade of pink as you remembered the night before.

Then you suddenly remembered you were still in your Pj's and your face exploded into a bright cherry blossom pink before you bolted up the stairs and back into your room, making sure to lock the window and door this time around so there wouldn't be any surprises.

It only took you a short time to change and once you had come back down stairs, all the boys had shifted towards the door where they seemed to be waiting for someone, more specifically you.

“Hurry up _______, we don't have all day!” Jeff huffed before opening the front door and stepping outside followed by everyone else by Slendy who held the door open for you and Smile who tagged along at your side as if a normal dog.

“So where are we going exactly?” You titled your head, and turned to the tall creature who was strolling behind you while the others had darted at least five feet ahead of you.

“Jack thought it would be a good idea to....have a...picnic. Since it was a nice day.” The creature explained, his speech pausing for a sec as he looked up to see BEN try to trip Jeff only for BEN to fall flat on his face instead when the killer bumped into him instead of tripping.

“Well that's nice! Where are we going for it?” You smiled, looking up at the creature with the most innocent look you could muster in an attempt to keep him from pushing with the questions Smile had spoken with you about in your dream.

“A field with in the woods.” He answered quickly before picking you up with his tentacles and placing you on his shoulder so he could catch up with the others who were already vanishing into the tree line.

Most of the way to the field he had told you about you sat on the creature shoulder, the branches just high enough do you didn't hit your head, though if you were to reach your arms up you could easily grab one and climb to the sky, or at least felt like you did. The other half was spent with you trying to convince him you could walk on your own, only for him to reject your idea and carry you anyway.

“Come on Slendy, I have two legs.” You huffed, your legs swinging from side to side as they gentle thumped against his chest, which didn't seem to bother him at all.

“Yes, but your legs are shorter then ours.” He replied, motioning to the boy who were now only about a foot in front of you as he made sure to stay close enough to watch them, but far enough so they couldn't over hear your conversation unless they stopped talking to one another.

“Come on~ I'm sure smile misses me on the ground, right Smile?” You became slightly irritated when the dog just let out a huff and ran ahead to walk with the others, leaving you alone with the tall man. You felt your face knit together in a scowl as you saw him do what would have been a smirk if he had lips.

“Oh shut up.” You grumbled, crossing your arms and looking off to the side, feeling fully confident that he wouldn't let you fall.

“I didn't say anything.” He spoke, his voice just smooth enough to avoid being called a chuckle.

“Didn't have to, I saw it on your face.” You hummed, giving him a side glace to see his smirk had turned to a smile of sorts as he kept walking. The rest of the way you kept trying to convince him to let you walk, only for him to turn your suggestion down. In the end you just kept to his shoulder, reaching your arms up high enough so your fingers brushed against the leaves of the trees.

You were interrupted in your moment of leaf touching when you heard Smile give out a bark. You watched as he raced forward and disappeared into some bushes while the others followed. You didn't understand why they had all suddenly run forward until Slender passed through the same bushes as they. You eyes widened when they came among a field of decent hightailed grass and flowers, a small pond resting of to the side where you spotted a few ducks and even the glinting of fish scales in the sun.

“Whoa~” You drug out your words as you tired to take everything in. You didn't even notice that Slender had put you down until Smiles bark pulled you from your thoughts.

“I take it you like it.” The creature hummed as he looked over the place from his high vantage point. All you could do was give an enthusiastic nod before letting out a laugh and bounded forward through the grass to help Jack and BEN with the picnic stuff.

After you had all ate, you found yourself wondering over to the pond where there was a nice place on the waters edge for your to sit. With a hum you had pulled your shoes off and now were letting your feet relax in the cool water while you watched the ducks care for there eggs and the fish swim with there kin. It was very relaxing and you hadn’t even notice that Slender had made his way over and sat beside you, though he didn't stick his feet in the water.

“How are the eggs...?”

“Good so far, they haven’t shown any sign of hatching yet, but any day now there should be three little ducklings running around my back yard.” You smiled, positioning yourself so you could lay your head in his lap instead of sitting up and leaning on your shoulder.

You both sat in silence for a while, the distant sound of the boys playing what you could only assume was a more aggressive version of soccer (foot ball if your from Europe.) echoing threw the air as they beat the crap out of one another unintentionally.

“I don't....I don't think I could ever harm another person, Slender.” You murmured, catching his attention as you felt his gaze bore into you, though it wasn't hostile, it was more of hi way of telling you he was listening.

Slowly you found his hand and moved it to your face before you gently rested it on your cheek, letting out a small sigh as you let it soothe you in a way you didn't think was possible.

“But I don't want to be without you...either...” You hummed, finding new interest in the fish as they swam to the rhythm of the music the birds above created.

After you had finished, everything fell quiet again. You had made up your mind, you weren’t going to loose your sanity, but the thought of never seeing your friends again almost killed you. You could feel your chest tighten up and you didn't even realize you had begun to quietly cry till you felt your pillow wiped away your stray tears.

“I hadn't expected you to say yes, but I still want you to come with” He rumbled after a while, his gaze lifting from you for a little but to gaze at the pond.

“But I can't kill!” You gasped, your hands raising to your mouth as you bolted up from your laying position once his words had burrowed deep enough into your brain.

“You don't have to, you just have to learn how to in case you need to fend off Jeff.” He rumbled his mouth twitching slightly upward in a smile before it faded.

“But it would also mean you would have to stick to the base, and be a....maid of sorts.” He mumbled, looking to the sky as he thought about it.

“A maid?” You hummed, looking at the sky as well. You kept quiet as you thought about it, but before you knew it there was a large smile on your face as you gave an enthusiastic nod.

“I can do that! I'm good at cleaning and I am more then capable of putting Jeff in his place, well... once I learn a better way how instead of kicking him and whacking him over the head with a board.” You giggled before shooting the creature a smile.

He seemed to gave a small smile back before leaning forward and placing a gentle kiss on your forehead before pulling back and pulling you into his lap. You could only let out a giggle before fist pumping to the air and letting out a happy cheer.

“I can't wait to start!” You hummed, a goofy smile forming on your face.

I'm sorry this tiook so long to upload, but I may or may not have found a new anime I really like, and I may or may not have fallen asleep while writing ^^" 

Anyway, After this there will be one more chapter (Epilouge) to wrap it up, and then I am done! ^^ I already have lots of idea for more Creepy-pasta stories, and I might even make a sequl to this series in time. =3 

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…
Part 5:…
Part 6:…
Part 7:…
Part 8:…
Part 9: Your here
Part 10:…

Story(c) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (c) :iconcreepypasta:

Reader-chan (c) You x3 
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