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Slenderman and I by YomiElric

 Humming to yourself you giddily bounced around your unnaturally active abode while a group of your peers from school enjoyed there time at the party you and your group of close girlfriends had set up, and so far, everything was going great. You were just waiting for one of the creepy-pasta members to screw up, though Slendy seemed to be doing a good job of keeping the more rambunctious members in check. Your only worry was that he himself wasn't having a good time with his new found duties as baby sitter.

“Hey _______!” You heard (f/name #1) call as she shuffled her way through the crowd of people and over to you, a huge smile on her face.

“So I heard you invited this guy that you had the “misunderstanding” with to the party. Is there anyway I can meet him?” In order to increase her chances of you saying yes she beamed you the biggest and most innocent smile she had in her artillery.

Letting your eyes wonder over towards the group of members you had invited, you checked to make sure that you wouldn't be interrupting anything before you sighed and gave a nod. Grabbing your friends hand you made your way over towards the black skinned blue faced boy who was leaning against the far wall, chatting away with BEN and two other girls from your homeroom.

All it took was for you to get his attention was a small clearing of your throat before he shot his gaze up to you, gave you a knowing smile before leaving his place on the wall and making his way over, leaving BEN to speak with the girls.

“You called _______?” The blue face boy hummed, his voice teasing you slightly as he spoke causing you to gave a small smile before introducing (f/name #1).

After you had gotten introductions out of the way, Jack just smiled his shark smile and gave a nod before reaching his hand out for (f/name #1) to shake.

“Jack, its nice to meet you (f/name #1)”

“It's nice to meet you to Jack.” (f/name #1) spoke cheerfully, though you could tell that she was doing him a run over by her skeptical gaze. She shot you a small glance before looking back at the hooded boy with a soft smile. You knew by the gaze she wished to speak with him in private and so you left.

After you had left your friend with Jack, you feared for his safety. (f/name #1) was feisty like you if not more, and if she found even the slightest thing off about him, she would tell you instantly and do everything in her power to protect you from him. You knew that he didn't have any bad intentions, but that was because you knew the full story. (f/name #1) didn't.

She would literally kick the crap out of him if he tried anything.

With a sigh you sent a silent pray to who ever may have been listening before your eyes landed on the tall creature who look rather board, though you kept following his invisible gaze over to Jeff, who was speaking with a group of people from your math and science class.

He seemed to be having a good time and behaving himself, so you didn't know why Slendy was so worried. That was till you caught the glint of very real knives from the corner of his pocket. Your eyes went wide as you spotted them and your gaze darted around to make sure no one else was seeing what you were.

Luckily for you the killer caught your look, gave a crazed grin before putting a hand in his pocket and shoving the blades deeper into his sweatshirt. At least he knew what would happen if he tried anything. All it took was for you to ask Slendy to kick him out and it was done.

With a sigh and one last run over over the party you shuffled your way over towards Slender, who was leaning on the wall away from the dancing and food while his eyes kept looking over the creepy-pasta members assertively. He was going out of his way to keep his gang in check, but that meant he wasn't having any fun himself which upset you just a little.

“Hey Slendy, I wanna show you something.” You murmured, grabbing his hand before he had time to protest and leading the tall creature to the back yard where all was quiet except for the distant thumping of the music from inside the house. It was a good thing you didn't have any neighbors.

Once you were outside you led him over towards the edge of your back yard where the forest abruptly begun, a creek being the only thing separating you from the depths of the forest.

“What did you want to show me ______...?” You heard the creature rumble after a quiet pause settled over the both of you. Giving a small smile you nodded towards an over grown fern that lay on the creeks bed before quietly shuffling your way over to it.

“This~” You practically purred before you took a stick that had been buried in the mud of the creek and lifting one of the ferns many leaves to show a small nest with three medium size light murky green eggs settled cozily in the middle.

“There were more, but racoons and snakes got to them before I had time to move the nest to under the fern where it would he harder for them to get at them.” You explained sadly, your voice no higher then a murmur.

The creature behind you just gave a hum of understanding before crouching down to your height to get a better look at the nest. After a few seconds he let his gaze wonder over to you as he quietly asked what was the main reason you were showing him this. Eggs were of no use to him or to you unless you were planning to eat them, but if that was the case then you would have done so long ago.

“I was wondering if you might have been able to tell me when they might hatch. I have done my best to keep them warm and safe from predators, and I haven’t seen the mother in at least a week.” You explained, not feeling the need to go into it anymore as you watch him just gave a small nod and look back at the eggs.

“Well from what I know, ducks incubate there eggs for 26 – 28 days before they hatch. So it really depends on when they were laid.” At that your eyes lit up as you let out a joyful squeak and sat down, much to his confusion.

“They were laid a little over three weeks ago, so that means they could hatch any day now!” You cheered, a goody grin finding it way to your face as you look at the eggs with stars in your eyes.

You listened as the creature next to you gave a slight chuckle before giving you a small nudge to get your attention. The second you turned your head towards him he grabbed your chin lightly with his hand and tilted his head slightly while he looked at you. You could feel your cheeks flush slightly as you were forced to look back at him, your now pink cheeks only seeming to amuse him before cocked an eyebrow as if asking why you were suddenly so flushed.

You just gave him a blank, 'are you seriously asking that', look before he let another chuckle rumble from his chest and pulled you closer to him, placing a gentle kiss on your lips before getting up and making his way back inside to make sure Jeff and the others were still behaving themselves.

While he left you sat there frozen in your place, your cheek several shades of red that not even tomatoes had much of a chance against you. It was if your mind had frozen, and slowly as you thought about it the ice begun to melt and not just your cheeks but your whole face exploded in a faded red hue.

After a few seconds of being stiff you quickly shook your head and jumped to your feet, quickly hiding the eggs again before making your way back inside, your legs threatening to give out under your weight as you tried your best to making it back to the house and after the suited creature.

Damn. Him.

The second you stepped in the house and spotted him scolding Jeff for something you could guess had something to do with his knives you felt your face explode in a whole new pigment of red before you quickly turned around and booked it up stairs where it was relatively quiet other then the occasional guest having to use the bathroom.

What had gotten into you?

For some reason you couldn't seem to get the red to leave you face and the only thing you could do to hide it from others was to bury your face in your hands and take shallow breaths in an attempt to calm your rapid heart rate. It was working perfectly till you were startled by the bark of Smile who had settled in your bed room earlier when the noise had become to much for him.

“Oh, hey Smile.” You murmured letting your gaze peak threw your hands before you covered it again, your only response was a bark which you so desperately wish you could understand, yet you were more then happy not to. After his bark you let out all your issues to the dog who you had forgotten could understand you.

Once you were done you smiled as he nuzzled your shoulder slightly before laying down next to you, resting his head in your lap as he looked down the flight of stairs you were sitting at the top of and everything fell quiet.

“It wasn't like I didn't like it, quiet the opposite actually... I just didn't expect it, ya' know?” You huffed, running your hand along the dogs head as he let out a noise that was a mix between a huff and a grumble as if telling you he was listening.

“So I guess the rumors are true then? Slendy has a thing for me?” You felt you voice go up a few octaves as you finished your sentence. Your cheeks turning a light pink again as you thought about it though you couldn't hold back the small smile the formed on your face.

You listened as Smile let out a muffled howl/yawn before giving a brief nod while his tail started to thump on the floor. You let your smile grow into a goofy grin the more you thought about it before you reached into your back pocket and pulled out the bag of beef jerky you had been carrying around just for Smile and gave him a peace, which he happily accepted.

“Thanks for listening Smile, I wish I could understand you but sadly I'm not a creepy-pasta member.” You sighed before getting up and making your way down stairs with a skip in your step.

--- Small Time-skip ---

With a smile on your face you said good-bye to the last of your guests leaving just you, the creepy-pasta members, and a messy house which you would have to clean in the morning. Now that all the party people were gone, you felt the beginnings of tiredness weighting on you but you quickly shook it off when you felt a tap on your shoulder.

“The party was great _______, that you for inviting us!” Jack chirped while all the other members behind him gave nods and grunts of approval to signal they had also enjoyed the party. You were surprised that Jeff hadn't stabbed someone to be honest, but it wasn't like he had a choice with Slendy looking over his shoulder the whole party.

“I'm glad you guys had fun, I'm not usually a party person, but this one was definitely entertaining. Thank you all for coming.” You spoke, forcing a tired smile before an idea entered your head making you perk up and replace your tired smile with a smirk.

“Oh, and Slendy, thank you for making sure everything went well.” You shot the creature a glance so you could watch him nod before you turned to him fully and made your way over.

“Might as well thank you for that, come here please.” You motioned for him to bend down slightly in which he complied, a look of confusing branding his face as to why you were having him bend down.

Once he was close enough you lanced your fingers around the collar of his shirt and before he had time to say anything you pulled him down and planted a firm kiss where his lips would have been. You made sure it only lasted a few seconds before you released the stunned creature and smiled, turning to face the stunned creepy-pasta members.

“Well, I think I'm going to retire for tonight, thank you guys for coming again, feel free to leave when ever.” With that being said, you quickly made your way upstairs and to your room with a grinning Smile-dog right behind you.

--- Slendy P.O.V ---

I stood there stunned for a few moments. Had...had she just done that? Was all that I could seem to process in my mind before I heard Jeff and BEN let out a laugh while Jack just gasped in surprise once the reality seemed to hit him.

Once I seemed to gather myself I held down a fierce blush, not willing to show that side of me to any of my acquaintances for fear of being made fun of, which with Jeff in the room would surely happen.

“I knew you had the hots for her but DAMN Slendy, I didn't think you were one to manipulate girls!” Jeff boomed, increasing my irritation with him more and more as he spoke, laughed or even breathed near me. I just wanted to smash him through a window, but I held myself back not wanting to destroy _______'s house.

“That's because I don't manipulate girls, Jeff. I'm not you.” I calmly retorted before standing straight again and making my way from the house, having a feeling I was over staying my welcome. On natural instinct I didn't even have to look back to know all but Smile-dog were following me back to base. It also helped that Jeff still hadn’t stopped laughing.

“Wait till I tell Masky and Hoodie about this!” Jeff shouted through his laughter. That was about the time I took a limb from one of the near by trees and smacked him upside the head with it.

How irritating could on person be?

--- Smile-dog P.O.V. ---

I let out a yawn as I watched _______ from her bed as she brushed her hair in the mirror and changed out of her normal clothes and into her Pj's, all the while a blush forming on her face as I watched her tilt her head to the floor as if in thought, which she probably was.

“If your going to get so embarrassed about it then why did you do it?” I huffed, though I knew she would only hear barking. I watched as she lifted her gaze to me and tilted her head slightly before giving a soft smile and looking back at the floor.

“Do you think what I did was stupid?” I perked my ears slightly as she spoke before I just let out another huff before replying.

“Nah, you had every right to get him back, though you probably could have done it in a better way then kissing him in front of all the creepy-pasta members.”

She just gave a small giggle before sighing and sitting on the edge of the bed next to me and giving my head a gentle pet, which out a habit caused me to pat my tail on the soft sheets of the bed.

“I wish I could understand you Smile.”

“Yea, I wish you could to. I'm tired of you changing the topics because of it.” I huffed, though I knew it only came out to her as a grumble of agreement like it had when I had done it on the steps earlier.

“You will understand me when you go to sleep,” I sighed before getting to my paws and making my way to the center of the bed and curling up, quietly signaling for her to get some rest.

I watched as she gave a brief nod in understanding before crawling into bed and closing her eyes, waiting for sleep to take her into the world of dreams.

ooooooooo~ Well, at least it's good to know Jeff behaved for once.


And, for my final announcment....soup, its good for you... goodnight! :iconfuckyoubyeplz: 

No I'm joking! Come back! D: :iconrunpatrickrunplz: 

I'm so happy you guys are enjoying this series :icontouchedplz: , but sadly I MIGHT bring it to an end soon, if not the next chapter then one of the few after that. I know I KNOW bby! Let it out! :iconcryforeverplz: :icontherethereplz: :iconruncryplz: :iconsulkplz:

Im here for ya~ :iconbrohugplz:

Anyway, with every ending of a series, it lets me open up the possibility to make a new one ;) :iconamericahappyspazzplz: so try to not be to sad x3 

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…
Part 5:…
Part 6:…
Part 7:…
Part 8: Your here
Part 9:…

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Jeff, Jack, Slendy, Smile & BEN (c) :iconcreepypasta: 
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Human Form....
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