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Slenderman and I by YomiElric

 Smiling you skipped down the sidewalk that led towards your school, you had never felt so happy to be returning to your 6 hours of daily hell, but you had to say, even after all the teasing that had occurred the days before you were brought to the hideout, you missed your friends dearly. Well, your human friends that was. You enjoyed hanging out with Jack and the others, but you needed some girl time.


Speak of the devil and he or in this case she and they shall appear.

Turning your head slightly you felt a giddy sensation rise in you when you saw a small pack of girls running your way, they all had huge smiles on there faces, and seemed to be holding small containers carefully in there hands as they made there way towards you.

“________ ________! Since we didn't get the chance to get you a present for your birthday, we decided to make you something instead!”

“So, we made you sweets!” They all chirped the last part together before holding out not one not two by three boxes of assorted hand made sweets. You felt your smile grow into a goofy grin before you generously took the boxes.

“Awe guys, you didn't hav-”

“Stop! Yes we did, we are your friends and there for we shall.” Cut off your best friend (Friend Name 1) Quickly you sighed in defeat. There was no point in arguing with her, she was stubborn and once she put her mind to something, it happen.

Giving another small sigh you nodded and smiled, with a small bounce in your step as you turned towards school with your friends at your side and begun the normal chatter that went on between you and your friends. 'Had you done anything special the night before' and the occasional, 'This guy asked me out, do you think I should go for it?' Just average talk, that was until (Friend Name 2) spoke up a question of her own.

“So _______, where have you been the past few days? You have missed out on school, and when we stopped by no one was home. We thought you had gotten killed or something!”

You didn't know how to respond to that. You knew you couldn't tell them about Jack and the others, or the fact that you had been taken to a secret hide out, OR that you had gotten into a fight with a psycho path and sustained wounds. Yet you couldn't bring yourself to lie to them about where you had been either.

“I...ya' know, just...went to uh, a friends house...” You tried to be as low key as you could, and technically you weren’t lieing, you were with Slendy and Jack. You considered them, as of now, your best guy friends.

“You were at a guys house weren’t you!” Shrieked (Friend Name 1), her voice with high interest. You had no idea how she had figured out, that was until you realized your face was as bright as a cheery blossom in full bloom.

“NO!....Well...kinda I guess you could say that... We're just friends though!” You quickly defended before bowing your head, all the sudden memory’s of your few days at the hide out coming back to you, causing your face to turn as bright as a stop sign.

“Bull!” They all stated at the same time, forming a tight circle around you so your couldn't keep walking before they tilted your head to the side, where there was still some very light bruising from when Jack had decided you were food.

“What do you call these!” (Friend Name1) chirped before letting your head go, allowing you to shuffle and keep walking as they followed you, all eager to learn what you had done in your two days of being out.

“There called bruises (Friend #1) and it was just a misunderstanding.” You sighed, trying to explain to the best of your ability without giving out full details.

“Abuse!?” (Friend #3) Quickly questioned while shooting you a worried look. Her statement quickly caused all your other friends to shoot you the same look while they all quickly reminded you that if you needed a place to stay, you could come to any of them.

“Not abuse, just misunderstanding.” You sighed giving a half smile. You couldn't just tell them

'Yea well I woke up and he was laying next to me for no particular reason then he started dreaming, thought I was food, and bite my neck with his shark teeth, nothing to worry about.' You wouldn't only sound crazy, but stupid as well. No one in there right minds would believe that.  

“Well, just remembered we're here for you _______. OH! And we were wondering if you would like to help us plan a party.”

“A party?”

“Yea! Halloween is coming up in a week, and week and we wondering if you would like to help us plan it. You have always been good at scary stuff.” You watched as (Friend #1) gave you a look of expectancy, as if tell you you had no choice before you just sighed and nodded.  

“Sure why not!”

Before the girls could say anything else, the school bell went off signaling that class would be starting soon, and you all took off as fast as you could in a vain attempt to make it on time. If you were late again, you would be cursed with detention, and you refused to be stuck in a room with a bunch of delinquents.

--- Small Time-skip ---  

You let out a small grumble as you made your way back towards your cozy house in the woods, your arms tightly wrapped around you didn't know how many box of party planning ideas and missed homework assignments.  

“Need help?”  

Before you could even turn your head to see who it was you watched as several black masses made there way in front of you and took almost all of the heavy boxes you were carrying, lighting the weight significantly. The black masses were all you needed to see to know it was Slendy, which brought a smile to your face.  

“Why thank you good sir.” You giggled before you kept walking while the creature assisting you was left to fill in the paces with his long stride till he was walking along side you with ease, holding the heavy boxes as if they were feathers.

“So Slendy, what has your day's events been of since I have been away at school?” You asked, trying to break the silence that had grown during the walk. It wasn't an uncomfortable silence, it was quiet the opposite, but half way threw it you had begun to feel a little eerie, as if you were being followed.

“Usual stuff. Keeping the other in place and hunting.” He filled you in rather casually with little detail so it seemed as if he was telling you more then he actually was. You could see through his little game, but decided to leave it be, not wanting to pry.  

“Well that sounds nice.” You smiled to him before continuing your walk, wondering if you should speak of your day or not. It wasn't that exciting other then the usual classes and a few interesting topics you had spoken with your friends about at lunch, but the creature seemed to want to hear, for he shifting slightly and gave a head nod as if telling you to go on.  

“Well... my friends think I'm being abused. They saw the nips from when Jack thought I was food and at gym when I was changing they saw the scars from when Jeff attacked me, so now they think that I'm dating an abusive guy.” You couldn't help but laugh, because none of it was true, but Slendy didn't think It was all that funny, because he was still very unhappy that is had happen in the first place.  

“Also, I'm having a Halloween party at my place in a week, you and the others are welcome to come as long as they don't try to kill anyone. They must be on there best behavior.” You went on, your voice showing how serious you were about the others being on there best behavior at the party if they came.  

“Your...your inviting us to a party?” The creature questioned, his voice laced with surprise. You quickly came to the conclusion they had never been to a party before, so this just made you giggle and give a nod.

“Of course, it's at my house with friends from school, and since its a costume party, you and the others should be able to come with no question other then 'where did you buy your costumes.' That is, if you want to.” You gave a small smirk, looking up towards the tall creature as if daring him to say no.  

“We would love to come!” You nearly jumped out of your skin when you heard a loud voice and were tackled to the ground by a heavy creature covered in fur. Next thing you knew you were being licked. With the little you could see, you assumed what was licking you was a dog so you allowed yourself to laugh.  

“So you were the one following us!” You huffed, finally finding the energy to push the dog off you enough so you could sit up and see who exactly had spoken. Now that you could see, there was Jack, Jeff, BEN, and the dog with the an almost human like smile on his face.  

“I told you four to stay at the base.” Slender grumbled, clearly upset with there sudden appearance, though they all seemed to shrug it off while the dog bounded forward, giving you a few licks.  

“That's Smile dog ______, he would say HI, but only the creepy-pasta members can understand him outside of dreams. “ BEN explained quickly, a small smirk forming on his face at something you assumed the dog said, for all you heard was a bark.  

“I find it hard to believe such a cute dog like this is a creepy-pasta member!” You cooed, lacing the dog in a hug and giving it a scratch behind the ear where most dog's soft spots were. He seemed no different as you watch him roll over and expose his belly, his tail wagging at a rapid pace as you kept scratching his ears while he let out small whimpers.  

Sooner or later you let him go and smiled before shuffling through your bag, and pulling out a bag of beef jerky you had brought to school for lunch. After reaching into the bag you pulled our a good sized piece and gave it to the more then happy dog who swallowed it in a few bites before giving off another bark which made Jack give a huge smile while the tall creature above you kept his small smile hidden.  

“Anyway, back to being upset with you three!” You huffed, finally finding your way to your feet where you dust the dirt off your butt and turned to the three boys who now looked at you expectantly.

“You can't just come creepin' up on people like that! If I had been alone, I could have killed you!” You growled, unleashing all your fury on the three boys on why it was wrong to creep on people.

--- Slendy P.O.V. ---  

I listened to _______ rant to the other on why it was wrong to stalk others and felt a small smirk come to my face. It was nice to see people other then me having issues with there stalking, then again I did it all the time. I suppose she wasn't upset with me over it because it was kinda in my jobs description according the the internet.

“I haven't seen a human that upset in a long time Slendy, do you think we should stop her before things get out of hand?” I looked down to see Smile dog, his gaze only on me for a second before it shot back to the girl when she rose her voice to enforce something she had said.  

It took me only two seconds before I said no. It was amusing to watch the others shrink back just at her words. Though I had an idea on why they were so powerful. A kick to the crotch and a whack over the head with a plank and say just how far someone is willing to go to get there point across.  

Plus it was cute to watch her all upset. Her cheeks puffed out, her face turned slightly red, and she clenched her fists to prevent herself from giving any of them a good smack, well, that was when they weren’t up in the air waving around while she tried to get her point across even further. It was cute, when she wasn't doing it to me, that was.  

I was pulled from my thoughts when she turned our way with a 'humph' and made her way to pick up the things she had dropped when Smile had tackled her. After she had them in her arms, she made her way down the rode, leaving all of us behind except smile who bounded after her shouting for her to wait up, even if to her it only sounded like barks.  

“Damn that chicks scary when she's pissed.” I heard BEN grumble as he made his way over, one hand on the back of his neck while he rubbed it down in an attempt to calm and collect his scattered nerves.  

“Yea, I'd have her.” Jeff sneered before he caught the warning look on my face and he took a side step behind Jack.  

“Don't hide behind me! If you get your ass handed to you its your own fault.” The blue faced boy huffed before stepping away from Jeff and towards me where he sighed.  

“So Slendy, can we go to ______'s party?”  

I watched as all eyes turned to me expectantly, waiting for my answer. I knew that if I was to say no, at least one or two of them would have ended up trying to sneak out anyway, so with a sigh I agreed.  

“We can go, but like she said, you have to be on your best behavior. No stabbing, biting, eating people, picking out your next victims or any harm or threats to the guests, is that clear.” I heard Jeff let out a whine of disappointment while the others let out a cheered 'yes'.

“I said, is that clear Jeff.” I growled, I wasn't going to let him ruin ______'s party and I definitely wasn't going to let him screw up and release all of our identity’s to the public by trying to publicly get blood on his hands.  

“Yeees.” He huffed, agreeing against his own wishes that he would behave himself. Knowing that I wouldn't get a much better answer I left it at that before turning and continuing my way down the path. You had already vanished down the path, and were out of sight from even my high point of view, so I figured that you must have been in a pretty bad mood to storm your way down the path like you had.  

Yup, it was going to be a long week. 

Party time! Lets see who can go the longest without reviling that there "costumes" arn't really costumes. x3 

I hope you guys are enjoying the series so far. I know I am! Remembered to comment, I love to read your guys opinions on the story. ^^ 

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Part 7: Your here :3
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Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Jeff, Smile, Slendy, Jack, BEN (c) :iconcreepypasta:
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