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Slenderman and I by YomiElric

 When you begun to wake from your slumber, you were surprised to feel a heavy weight settled over your waist forcing you to press into something warm and solid. You were almost scared to open your eyes, and when you did, you instantly begun wishing you had kept your eyes closed.

Laying only a few inches from your face was a blue mass which you assumed was a mask, and on that mask, there were pitch black eyes that looked like they could have been the entrance to a never ending abyss. As you scanned over what you quickly picked up on was a face, you felt yourself stiffen when you spotted a mouth, filled with shark like looking teeth that hung slightly ajar as the creature that was holding you slept.

Once you let your eyes finish there analyzation of the situation you had been brought into you, you quickly begun to search for a way out, without waking whatever had its hold on you. The last thing you wanted was to wake up the creature, for all you knew it could have been waiting for you to wake up just so it could eat you.

Slowly you tried to detach the creatures arms only for the action to cause it to wrap its arms tighter around you and nuzzle its face into the crook of your neck, making your face erupt in red as the blood ran to your face.

“How am I going to get out of this one.” You mumbled to yourself, making sure you were quiet enough so only you could hear yourself before you shifted around till your back was facing against the creatures chest, and your face was looking out to what you could now confirm was some sort of living room.

“Jeeeff, share the food god damn it.” You heard the thing, that you could now assume was another version of a human boy mumble before you felt a few of those shark like teeth you saw earlier sink into the fold of your neck, causing you to let out a small squeak while your face turned 50 shades of red.

Sadly it didn't seem like your squeak had disturbed the boy, for he only kept harshly nibbling on the side of your neck. You felt your cheeks only continue to heat up as his nipping continued, his razor teeth just light enough to avoid breaking your skin though harsh enough to surly leave a bruise.

“U-uhhmm... S-SIR!” You voice rose in a high squeak when you felt his nibbling cross over to the front of your throat. Luckily he seemed to awake at your squeak this time, for slowly he let out a groggy moan before bolting up.

Both of you separated quickly, you on one end of the couch and him on the other, both of you having an awkward stare down allowing you to get a better look at him. His skin, from what you could tell, was a deep ash black, the hair that stood up from behind his mask a deep brown while the mask that covered the top half of his face a deep Prussian blue, the black that covered his eyes making it look even deeper then it truly was.

What made your face turn an even deeper shade of red was that he was shirtless, only sporting a pair of deep black jeans. How heavy were you sleeping to not notice that!? Out of embarrassment you buried your face in your hands, and curled up into a ball, trying to wrap your mind around what was going on.

“U-uh....Hi, my names...uhh...Jack – Eyeless Jack. I-its nice to meet you.” Spoke up the boy from across the couch as he reached out a hand for your to shake, though he made sure to keep his head turned to the side to avoid any 'eye contact'.

Just as you were about to open your mouth to say something, you were interrupted by a wicked laugh before a boy with pale skin, a carved out smile and the largest eyes you had ever seen bounced in to the room from behind the corner, his eyes shining with amusement as he cut you off, his tone making it clear he was trying to fluster both you and this 'Eyeless Jack' character you had just met.

“Wow Jack, better not let Slendy catch you sleeping with his girl, he won't be happy to know you raped her while she slept.”

You felt your face heat up again and suddenly felt violated just at the though. As soon as you had processed what this new guy had said, you whipped a glare towards Jack, who flinched at your sudden change before backing up and falling off and over the arm rest of the couch. Quickly he was back on his feet though, trying to stutter out a defense.

“I-I did NOT rape her Jeff! It's not my fault you decided it would be a fun idea to use MY room for your date rapes! ”

You blinked slightly as you turned back to this 'Jeff' to see what his response was. Wait... You knew that name! Jeff! The owner of the knife that had been thrown at you! Suddenly with the memory fresh in your mind you got to your feet, catching both the boys off guard before you stomped over to the pale man and seethed at him.

“You Jeff?”

“Yea, what's it to you princess?” He smirked at you, his eyes dancing with a dangerous amount of insanity before you gave a dark smirk yourself, catching the pale man off guard till he realized exactly what you had planned. To bad he figured it out to late.

Once you had gained the answer to your question, you quickly raised your knee and rammed it as hard as you could between the crazed man's legs, causing him to double over in pain. You took a step back, allowing him to fall to the floor to guard his precious area then proceeded to take an uprooted floor board that had been placed against the wall and smash it over the back of his head.

It didn't knock him out, sadly, but it was definitely enough to give him a migraine.

“ bitch!” Growled the wounded man as he tried to get to his feet but failed. You luckily had a strong hit whether it came from your hands or your feet or even your head! The point was, years of the hell you call school gym had made you very strong, and you knew how to defend yourself.

“THATS, what you get for throwing knives at me! You Cheshire-cat!” You snapped before spinning on your heel with a 'humph'.

After you had finished taking care of Jeff you made your way over to a now startled Jack as he instinctively crossed his legs in an attempt to protect himself if you were to share the same wrath with him that you had given his friend.

“Hi Jack! My names _______, its nice to meet you!” You smiled, chirping out the response you had planned to give him earlier before you were so rudely interrupted.

He seemed taken aback to say the least, but gave a shy smile before taking the had you had out stretched and giving it a shake.

“It's nice to meet you to, _______.” He smiled, his voice shaking slightly with nervousness, but that was understandable to you. You had just kneed a guy the smashed a wooden plank over his head and didn't seem to be showing any guilt for it and with what Jeff had said, it was understandable that he would think you would beat him up to.

Sadly for Jeff, you trusted this Jack character. He seemed trust worthy enough and you could tell by the shaking in his voice and the way he held himself around you that he hadn’t been lieing, and if he was, he expected to get at least smacked.

“Bitch!” Snapped Jeff, who seemed to have recovered before he tackled you to the ground. Both of you spent a few minutes wrestling before the killer had finally pinned you and pressed a knife dangerously to your throat.

“You think just because your Slendy's girl that you can get away with that!” He growled before taking another knife from his sweatshirt pocket and running it along your shoulder, making a cut deep enough to where blood oozed out of it and made a small pool on the floor, causing the man on top of you to smirk.

“Not so tough now, are you little finch!” He sneered before lifting his knife and running it just rough enough along your side to to form a cut that also, after a few minutes, begun to ooze blood, causing you to let out a cry in pain. You watched as the killer lifted his blade to make another cut along your side before he was tackled off of you by a growling Jack who was clearly not happy.

“Enough Jeff! She is just a human! She isn't like us, and if you kill her, I'm not going to look forward to cleaning your guts from the wall when Slender is done with you!” Seethed the masked boy, as you watch as he dug his claw like nails into the killers wrists as he surprisingly restraining him.

“Butt out Jack!” Snapped Jeff as he lifted his head and crashed it into Jacks, causing the masked boy to weaken his grip enough for Jeff to push him off to the side where he proceeded to run a knife into the boys side.

“J-Jack!” You cried out, tears pricking your eyes at the thought of him getting seriously hurt. He had tried to protect you, and if you didn't do something soon, he could have died and it would be all your fault.

“Worry about yourself darling!” Sneered Jeff almost instantly after you had called out for the now limp Jack.

You let out a shriek when the killer got to his feet, and toss a knife right at your chest. Luckily thanks to adrenaline, you were quick and the blade only skimmed your upper arm, but it was enough to cause tears to form in your eyes as that same stinging sensation from your cheek was transferred into your arm.

“Bye-bye, princess!” Jeff laughed his wicked laugh before tossing a knife right at your head, guaranteed to hit since your legs had gone limp, unable to move as not only pain but sadness racked your body in strong waves. You couldn’t get over Jack, he shouldn't have jumped in!

Tightly you closed your eyes, ready to take the impact of the knife, but when it never came you dared to open your eyes. When you eyes where they were finally open enough to see what was going on, you were surprised to see a black mass with a knife protruding from it and a choking Jeff held up against the wall with a black snake like thing around his neck.

After a few moments of shock, you let your eyes gaze up to see a not at all amused Slenderman, the indents to show where his facial features would be were creased into one of pure rage, and after a few seconds, he let out a low growl and pushed the killer further up the wall.

With the tall man protecting you, you quickly made your way over to Jack, knowing that Jeff could no longer harm you and even if he could, he wouldn't dare with Slendy in the room. Once you had shuffled over towards Jack, you rolled him over so he was on his back before you gave his shoulders a few shakes.

“Jack... Jack!” You cried out, giving his shoulders an aggressive shake while tears threatened to over flow from you (e/c) orbs. You nearly cried tears of joy when you heard the masked boy mumble something before letting out a pain filled groan.

“Jack! I'm so happy your OK!” You cried, tears finally falling from your eyes as you instinctively embarrassed him in a rather tight hug, causing him to let out a pain filled yelp before giving a small laugh and patting your back.

“I'm OK, I'm OK, calm down.” He chuckled before slowly hoisting himself up, using the couch near by as support as his attention went from you to Jeff, who was literally turning a blue that rivaled the man-eaters own mask.

Once you had followed the boys eyeless gaze, your own eyes went wide before you darted over to the still pissed off Slenderman, who didn't look like he was planning on letting up anytime soon. You were wondering deep in your mind how you were going to stop him, or if you even should, but you knew it was the right thing to do, so you gave your best attempt to calm down the pissed off man.

“Slendy, stop your going to kill him!” You cried as you looked over the two in an attempt to find a way to break them up without hurting them. Sadly it didn't look like there were many, so you decided to change your method.

“Slenderman! You put him down this instant!” You snapped, putting up a wall of fake anger in an attempt to startle the creature instead of reasoning with him, and much to your pleasure and surprise it worked. You watched happily as Jeff fell to he ground gasping for much needed air while the man you had just snapped at face turned back to almost unreadable.

“Thank you...” You murmured before turning back to him. There was a quiet moment before the creature lifted a hand and ran it along the wound on your upper arm, a moment of rage showing on his face again as your blood drizzled over his hand before he let it vanish.

You gave him a small reassuring smile that you were OK before your head begun to spin and the world around you became blurry and jumbled.

“M-my head...” You murmured, instantly catching the attention of Jack and Slender before you tumbled forward into the solid mass of the creature you were pretending to be mad with just a few seconds before.

“______!” You heard Jack cry out in a raspy voice before you let darkness consume you.

'I....I don't want to die!'

READER-CHAN! YOUR SO BADASS XD I usally have the next chapter already written but I decided to take a day off and ended up falling behind x3 So now Im up really early wirting chapters for your cool people, cuz I know you guys like them, and I like the fact I have been uploading them daily. 

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…
Part 5: Your Here 
Part 6:…
Part 7:…

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Slendy, Jeff & Jack (c) :iconcreepypasta: 
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