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October 12, 2013
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Slenderman and I by YomiElric



You sighed as you walked down the dirt path that lead to your house deep within the evergreen forest that all of the town near by feared. Casually you swung your school bag over your shoulder and contently looked up to the starry sky that was just visible enough through the tree tops. You understood why everyone was scared, yet you didn't.

The towns people feared what ever lived among the forest, what ever stole the occupants of the cabin you lived in away or left them sprawled out on the floor in pieces. You on the other hand weren’t as terrified as everyone else, you actually found it quiet the thrill!

Knowing that any day you could be killed or stolen like everyone else who lived there before you. It really gave you the reason to live every day like it was your last, because it was highly possible you could be gone the next day.

You felt a small smile form on your face as you remembered your friends in town. They had all offered you a place to stay if you ever felt the need to leave your cozy cabin in the woods, but of course you had turned down their offers in favor of your own place.

“I don't understand what's so terrifying about these woods.” You murmured out loud to yourself as you lowered your head so you looked forward, not wanting to trip over rocks or even your own feet.

“I mean... the past is the past. To hell with it! If you live your life in worry your blind to everything that’s out there, some of those things could even change the world.” You spoke, your voice growing a little louder as you thought about it. You quickly spun around on your heals and took in a breath.

“You here that tow-...” You cut yourself off when you saw a tall looming figure just down the path from you behind a tree. It looked rather tall considering it's head, which was faceless, was halfway up the tall tree as it looked out at you from behind.

You felt your whole body tense up in none other then fear. This person, or thing was almost intimidating; it was rather tall, how could it not be? You weren’t short, you were just of average height for your age, but you were an ant compared to it.

Slowly you pulled yourself out of your frozen state and shook your head from side to side to clear your thoughts; remembering that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. With that in mind you slowly begun your approach towards the tall figure till you stopped seeing what looked like arms.


Those were not arms, they were flailing around behind what you now knew was a him. In a manor almost as if waiting to get there hands on something, or someone. With that you stopped your approach, turned back towards your house, and took off at what for you could be considered light speed.

The second you got to your house you unlocked the door and then proceeded to locked it behind you, finally finding the time to take in a huge breath to try and calm your nerves.

“Calm yourself ______, you were just seeing things, that's all. If you weren’t, then I'm sure I will meet him again in town sooner or later, and I can ask him then why he was wondering the forest.” You sighed out, trying to reason with yourself in an attempt to keep your mind from loosing what little sanity you had to start with.

---Small Time-skip---

You had been sitting on your couch in front of your TV for what seemed like hours, fighting with yourself internally on whether or not you should go on the Internet or not. You had a huge feeling in the pit of your stomach that told you you should go search what you had seen earlier on the Internet, to confirm or get rid of any suspicions you had left rolling through your head. An even larger part of you told you that if you were to do that, you would be left feeling broken and lost.

“That's it!” You shouted to yourself, getting up off the couch and marching your way over to your computer in a frustrated manor. You had to get this over with, otherwise you wouldn't be able to sleep at all.

You quickly typed in the description of what you saw into Google and then hesitantly hit the enter button. Almost instantly all these websites popped up, the only consistent word being “Slenderman.” Before you even had time to look threw the little descriptions of the websites you clicked on the top one and begun to read little captions and look threw pictures.

With each second you spent reading, you felt your nerves only grow before all you could do was close your computer to keep yourself from loosing your mind. It would explain the disappearing of the past residents in your cabin, so was this now going to happen to you to? It only seemed fair, he wasn't just going to change his ways because of you. Yet you still felt the need to try for some reason.

Slowly you got to your feet and begun to shut your house down, starting with all electronics and finishing off with the lights. Once you reached your bedroom door you sent a silent prayer to who ever may have been listening, and walked in to your room, quickly snuggling into your bed. You were almost surprised when you instantly fell asleep.

--- Slenderman's P.O.V. Cuz I'm board. ---

I was more then surprised when the girl I was following turned around and spotted me, I hadn't even intended for her to stay in the cabin as long as she had with all the stories floating around the near by town. I hadn’t even made up my mind if I wanted to take her. I was just following her to see who would be the right choice to either chase her out or finish her off, but it seemed like now I was responsible for this girls disappearance.

She was an odd one really, never before had I seen a human talk to themselves in the middle of the woods. Especially about how the forest, responsible for hiding the killers of at least 12 people's deaths, was not as scary as everyone said it was. How odd in deed.

When she turned around, it peeked my interest even more when she hadn’t instantly fled the opposite direction, but came towards me! Her eyes filled with interest none the less. I was almost disappointed when I had to use my tentacles to make her flee. I hadn't had a conversation with anyone but Eyeless Jack, Jeff and other creepy pasta members for so long, and this human seemed more then willing to introduce themselves.

When I watched her leave as fast as she could, I could have sworn I felt a pang of guilt rise up in me. A feeling I hadn't felt in what felt like an eternity. Why was I suddenly feeling so guilt heavy about my choice? It was impossible for humans and creepy pasta members to coexist without creepy-pasta members living up to there names, being creepy and being responsible for the deaths of more then a few humans.

Sadly it was just the way it was.

Humans had never been able to accept us, and if they were going to it would only be while we were locked up in cages, shoved into asylums, or even tested on for experiments. Smile-dog and Rake had found that out the hard way, humans just didn't accept difference very easily. It was only in there nature after all so you couldn't really blame them, yet we still found ways to hold grudges. Even I held them towards the human race, and I couldn't even recall why anymore it had been that long.

Slowly I followed after the girl, being careful this time not to get spotted. I was eager to learn more information on my new victim. When I peaked in threw her window and saw that she was reading the creepy-pasta website page on me I felt myself smirk. She was defiantly different, most wouldn't check the Internet for stuff like me till at least a few days after seeing me. She was doing it on the same night.

How sweet. Well...if sweet was the word to describe it that was.

This was definitely going to be an interesting hunt.

I wanted to do some stuff with Creepypasta because I have become quiet the big fan in the last few months x3 so yeeeee :D Just to stick to basics I will write this kind of story and hopefully ork my way into more serious stuff / awesome stuff if I can x3 This is more of just an into into the Creepy-pasta world. 

Slender is one of the better known creepy-pasta characters so why not start with him X3 

Part 1: Your here
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…
Part 5 :…
Part 6:…

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon: 

Slender (c) Creepypasta x3 
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