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hetalia by tawashitobitamaru

You felt your eyes pop open when you felt yourself falling, and your ears heard your sister let out a surprised yowl as you assumed she did the same. You glanced to the side to see a terrified Mousepaw [1], hear ears flat against her head as you two fell threw a black pit, you looked down, your eyes widening slightly as you realized all the reason she had for being scared. At the bottom of the pit, was a small white whole. Was this what it was like going into Starclan [2] ? You didn't have any other explanation for this other then the doings of Starclan, because no other cats had the power two.

“Mou-ahh!” You were cut off as you met the hard smooth surface of an odd brown ground with the markings of a trees bark and almost immediately after you met the surface, you let out a pain filled groan, you had never felt so much pain to your face before it was like your face had been smashed in with a bolder only it hadn't. Slowly you felt your (e/c) orbs peek open when you heard your sibling make the same pain filled groan, then quickly let out a shriek of terror and surprise as she darted to your side and rapidly started to shake your side -screaming your name.

“_____! _______! Wake up! I think we are under attack by two-legs [3]!” She yowled right in your ear, but all it took to wake you up was the word two-legs and you shakily lifted yourself, meeting the horrified green eyes of Mousepaw.

“_____!” You turned into a two-leg!” She shrieked, her new long arms flailing, soon after she noticed she looked just like you and let out a scared shriek, clearly terrified of her new looks. You on the other hand, were not all that worried as you thought that Starclan must have had something to do with this.

“Mousepaw, don't you see this is just some dream Starclan has made us have, we must have some sort of thing to do here.” You meowed trying to calm your terrified sister, who blinked when you told her that.A sudden look of understanding hitting her face.

“Ohh, Starclan...I thought they were done giving us missions!” She complained. It wasn't the first time you had done things like this for Starclan, but never before had they made you two-legs, or anything along the lines of what was happening – of course you didn't tell Mousepaw this. It would just freak her out more then she already was.

“So did I, at least that is what Firestar [4] told us.” You mutter half halfheartedly, you didn't mind taking on missions, but the tom always asked before he sent you to an odd place among your dreams. Giving a small sigh, you just started to look around and froze instantly. You were surrounded by two-legs of all kinds. You had never seen so many in one place and this time it was your turn to flip out.

“What in the name of all things Starclan! Were surround by two-legs! We have to get Bramblestar's [5] help at once!” You yowled, grabbing your sisters shoulder and shaking her rapidly, who now took on the role of calming you.

“You just said we were in a dream _____, don't contradict yourself so soon.” She gave a sigh and looked around, the worry now building in her as she looked at them all. Two-legs had always been an enemy to her and her clan where she was from, but by the looks of things, they would not be her clan mates from now on, if they accepted them.

Slowly Mousepaw found her way over to the nearest person and gave a greeting and a purr which to her disappointment just made the two-leg in front of her turn a dark red color and look away. What had she done wrong? That was as friendly as a cat could get when meeting cats from other clans, so why did he seem to reject her? After a few seconds, she got her answer as she felt a heavy coat lace its self around her by a tall two-leg with a white tuft of fur on the top of his head, and purple eyes full of slight embarrassment that was not pointed on him, but at her. When she saw that she instantly turned red and hid within the coat. She had forgotten – two-legs wore cloth like things to keep warm, and she no longer had her fur. So technically, she was naked, which was an embarrassment among any kind of animal that was suppose to have fur.

------ Small Time-skip ------

After a few seconds of awkward silence, people finally started to speak up, there faces still light pink, but eager to get to know why you two had fallen from something they called a ceiling. Luckily for you, they had been nice enough to lend you jackets, extra shirts and anything else they could spare to cover you. Even the large man who had given Mousepaw his coat handed over his scarf hesitantly to you and wrapped it around your upper body. You were SO embarrassed and you didn't know quiet why. Maybe it was the look in some of there eyes that made you uncomfortable, or the fact that you were basicly shaved of your pelt except of your head – where you had long (h/c) fur run down your back, and two (f/c) ears twitching about, picking up any small sounds that your two-leg ones couldn't.

At least you were still part cat, and that made you feel a little better. You also still had your tail, which swished about trying to distract the two-legs around you from you and put there attention on your tail, but to no avail.

“S-so poppets, I must apologize for making you fall here, I should be more careful where I point my magic.” Spoke up a man with the most odd accent you had ever heard, it made you narrow your eyes slightly and lean forward as if analyzing something that you couldn't see which made him blush slightly, but then you gave a small sigh and backed up. He now wore just some sort of pull over thing he had called a sweater and a tie under that and a white shirt under that, his coat covering your chest that you greedily hid from wondering eyes.

“What is magic?” Your cat ears twitched as you heard Mousepaw speak up, her voice was full of question, but interest as well.

“HA! Zhe katze doesn’t even know zhat! Even zhe awesome me knows vhat that is!” You felt yourself scowl at the obnaxious voice, your (e/c) eyes trailing off to a white haired man with bright red eyes who looked down on you and your sister like you wee mere kits in warrior training and you felt yourself let out a growl as you felt the need to retort.

“Well sorry Mr. Snowflake, I'm sorry that where we come from there is no such thing.” You snapped, earning a small giggle from your sister as she nudged you.

“Aw, play nice _____.” She purred at you and you just gave a small irritated sigh. You may have been in a new world, but it didn't mean you were going to take any crap from the people here.

“Tsk tsk, looks like zhe frau has a mouth on her. I can fix zhat.” He sneered giving you a look you just wanted to smack off his face, and you would have if your hands weren't busy holding a coat to your chest. You flattened your ears as he stepped towards you, and gave a small sigh of relief once the albino was swatted off by a larger blonde haired man who glared at the albino.

“Don't you have any respect for vemon Gilbert, and you vonder vhy you don't have a girlfriend.” He sneered and you gave a 'humph' of agreement before giving a small nod. Earning a look from the blonde man as he raised an eyes brown which just made you give a sheepish smile.

“Hey ______, what are we going to do when Bramblestar wakes and finds us missing? He needed us for the dawn patrol.” You heard Mousepaw speak up, changing the conversation to something you could finally understand. You looked at your sister for a moment, then looked at your lap and gave a small nod.

“I'm sure Lilypaw and Dovepaw will be happy to fill in for us, I mean all they did was complain about not getting to go right? Even if they still don't get to go, I suppose Whispingcloud will fill in for us till we get back. We have him under oath, remember.” Your voice turned to a giggle as you nudged her and watched as Mousepaw smiled back.

“Oh yea! I forgot about that. He so owes us!” She purred, giving you a small nuzzle which earned a few odd looks from the people around you that you both ignored.

“Vee~ Germany I-a don't understand.” You heard another voice speak up which alone put a small smile on your face.

“Vell how am I suppose to know!” You heard the guy that defended you earlier snap at the bubbly man who just let out another weird Vee before he made his way over to you and sat in front of you.

“Vee~! Ciao bella, my name is Felic! May I ask what you meant by that, and who is Bramblestar?” He asked, but your eyes were just locked on his closed eyes and the odd curl he had on his head. You wanted to yank it, but you decide against it for now, and how was he even able to make his way over to you when he had his eyes closed.

“Well...” You trailed off, looking at Mousepaw who just shrugged, then you just sighed and went long all the basic rules of you home life. From what happen when you were born into the clan, till the day you either passed on defending your clan or you became and elder or leader. You were happy everyone seemed a little interested for the most part. Even if they didn't act like it.

“Ah OK....well...just one more question that you are here, who are you going to stay with? Not that you have to stay with anyone, I just thought it might be best since you don't really know this world all to well, you might need someone there to help you out.” You blinked hearing that. You didn't even consider the thought till now, but then again, you had assumed the lived the same as you till just now as well, if they didn't all live in the same area, then it was clear this world was no where near to clan life.

“Dude! They should like, totally come with me, I am the hero after all!” You heard a thundering voice announce causing you to wince slightly and after that, you just watched as everyone suggested you come with them, and then be cut off by someone else doing the same and were amazed to see a small fight break out among them, you were left alone with Felic, a man you go to know as Matthew, and a young man named Kiku who sat along the wall with you and your sister.

After watching for a while, you just dropped you head and sighed. What have me and Mousepaw gotten ourselves into now?

I really really really really REALLY like both the warriors Series by Erion Hunter and Hetalia so since I was working on art for warriors, and stories for Hetalia. I was like. Why not combin them? WOOP! - fist pumps to the air.- I honestly don't care if anyone likes this XD It was just kinda an experiment thing. I would love to explore this more, but I only will if people think I should ^^"


[1] : Mousepaw - Mousepaw is your sister in the story. In clan life the word 'paw' is added to a cats name to tell the clan, and the rest of the forest there rank among there clan, which is Apprentice. 

[2] : Starclan -  Starclan is the 'god' of the warrior series. It is where you go when you die if you follow the warrior code to the best of your extent. 

[3] : Two-legs - 'Two-legs' is what cats in the warrior series call humans. They are cats after all and live in a world where almost all animals walk on 4 legs, so walking on two is strange the them. 

[4-5] : Firestar - 'Firestar' is thelast leader of Thunderclan before Bramblestar. They are both actually cats from the series. 

Chapter 1: Your here
Chapter 2:…

Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:

Warriors: Erin Hunter

Story: :iconspartatheneon:
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Hetalian-Canada Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh, I love you right now! I've been wanting to read a hetalia and warriors story!
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Ahh WARRIORS!!  Spazattackplz Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1] 
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Warriors!!!!! I love  That book!!!! 
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I knew I was a few books behind in omen of the stars, but still, wwwwwwhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! He was my favorite character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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lol the origional series?
InkQueenPilus Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
No, the whole thing x3 I'v only read up to "The Power Of Three"
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The forth series is the best also the newest fifth
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Jaypaw: *my main Warriors OC* Yes, what is i-- OH STARCLAN, WHAT ARE YOU READING?
Me: Only the best crossover ever! YOU'RE DOING THIS.
Me: I can make you the easy way, or the hard way.
Jaypaw: Can I smack the annoying albino already? *calico ears twitch*
Me: Maybe soon~
Jaypaw: Thank Starclan, he's getting on my nerves. I dun like him.
(XD I actually love Prussia, but England's my favorite~)
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well it truly is amazing :) 
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