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November 1, 2013
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Masky ? by De-Haro

You let out a squeak as you bounded up out of bed, never before had you been so scared of thunder and lighting, you normally didn't really mind it, but tonights sounded like a war going on outside. The base being located some where among a mass of underground tunnels didn't help, it just caused the sound to bounce around, making it even worse.

As another streak of lightening lit up the sky outside your window, you went stiff and curled up, preparing for the loud boom to follow. The thunder out did you though, and was so loud you could have sworn you thought you had gone deaf till you heard Smile let out a whimper from the living room where he had most likely fallen asleep. You listened as the dog bounded down the hall past your door and entered what you assumed to be Jeff's room from the way the killer let out a rather loud gruff grumble, quietly cursing the dog before giving a sigh and going back to sleep.

It was nice to know you weren't the only one who was scared, but now you had no one to cuddle with! There was no way you were going into Jeff's room to get smile, and quickly decided to just lie down and get some sleep. With every crack of lighting even louder thunder came and sooner or later it got to the point where tears pricked your eyes.

You weren't going to get any sleep like this. There was no way.

All it took was one more crash from outside though for you to jump out of bed, and make a bee line down the hall and into the room at the very end of the hallway where you knew you might find some salvation. Without any second thoughts you bounded into the room, quietly opening the door before jumping into the bed, causing its occupant to let out a grunt as you half landed on them.

“What the hell?” The boy grumbled, pulling his head out of his covers. You were slightly surprised to see he wasn't wearing his mask, but then again you could understand how that would be uncomfortable.

“I-I got scared.. of the- Eh!” You were cut off by another loud boom from outside. All you could do to protect yourself from the sound was cover your ears and cringe slightly in an attempt to hide, though you couldn't do much sitting on a bed built for one person.

After the thunder finally died down, you uncovered your ears and went on, tears pricking your eyes as you tried to put a cap on your emotions. Before you could even open you mouth to go on with your explanation, the boy let out a sigh; shifting slightly and lifting his covers motioning for you to slid in next to him.

All you could do was give a small smile before shuffling under the covers where you almost instantly buried your face into his chest, gripping his shirt with your hands as another boom sounded through out the house. After a while, you felt his arm wrap around you and pull you to him as he buried his face into the top of your head.

“T-thank you,” you mumbled, letting yourself relax. The next boom only caused you to flinch slightly, though you felt much safer now then you did before.

“Mhm, sleep well, _______.” He mumbled, planting a light kiss on your head before shifting slightly so he was comfortable; it didn't take him long after that to fall back asleep.

“You to,” you hummed quietly before taking a small breath and closing your eyes, allowing his heart beat to relax you. Soon you to had fallen asleep, finally allowing you to drown out the storm outside.


You were woken the next morning to the sound of a shower running, though you weren't positive who would be taking a shower at 5 am on a Saturday morning, or at least thats what you got from the calendar in the kitchen and the clock on the bedside table. With new found curiosity you sat up giving a stretch causing your shoulders to pop and your whole body to groan in pleasure at releasing the tension in your muscles.

Just as you swung your feet over the edge of the bed and placed them gently on the floor you heard the shower turn off and after a few seconds one of the side doors opened revealing a soaking went Mask in nothing but a pair of loose jean you didn't even know he owned let alone wore. The instant you saw him smirk you shot your gaze in the other direction, your face exploding into a red mess. You would have had a nose bleed if you didn't know any better.

“I take it you like what you see,” he hummed as he made his way over to his dresser. You could tell he was doing it on purpose, as if daring you to disagree with him, but even though you didn't your natural response was a scoff and an eye roll, causing him to just raise an eye brow at you before making his way over.

“You face tells me otherwise,” he mumbled once he was in front of you, slowly dropping the towel he had been using to dry his hair on the bed next to you before leaning forward and resting his hands on either side of you, a heavy smirk on his face.

Even though you were blushing like you had a fever of 105 you still defended against his words by forcing yourself to look away and turn your head in the other direction, letting out a 'humph' basically saying 'as if.' You listened as he let out a chuckle before gently kissing your collar bone and backing up, going back to getting ready for the day.

(That was just for you fan-girls/bros XD I know you guys and girls love that chiz.)

It had taken you a good 20 minutes before you could regain yourself after that, and once you were finally able to think straight, you finally begun to ask your questions.

“So why are you up so early on a Saturday anyway? Doesn't Slender ever give you a break?” You huffed, a little upset that this would most likely be the only time you would get to see him all day.

“Well, not really, being a proxy is a full time job weither I like it or not. I'm up so early because today is the day you sadly have to return home. Even if I don't want you to Slender thinks it best you get home before your parents send out a search party.” He muttered, clearly not happy that you were leaving.

At the sound of you having to leave you felt a pang of sadness fill you, never before had you felt so sad about anything before. You didn't really want to leave, you had become accustom to living with Mask and his friends. You honestly weren't sure if you could readjust to your old life. Sensing your dispirit he quickly made his way over to you and planted a gentle kiss on your forehead.

“Don't look so down, I'll still come and visit, and I'm sure with some convincing I can talk Slender into letting you come over to hang out again.” He mumbled in an attempt to cheer you up, which it did.

You gave a bright smile at the though of that, jumping to your feet startling the boy had been leaning slightly over you just seconds before causing him to stumble back.

“Do you really think I can!” You chirped, giving him a hopeful look, and giving him part of your puppy eyes as if it would make him say yes when he already had.

When he smiled and gave a nod of his head you let out an excited squeak and pounced him, interlacing him in your death hug till he had begun to turn blue. Once you had let go, he flopped over and begun to gasp for air while you giggled, rubbing the back of your head sheepishly as you waited for him to get enough air in his lungs.

After that it didn't take long for you to skip into the kitchen and grab a bagel before making your way towards the front door where both you and Mask left for the forest, his destination positioning you both towards your parents house.

--- Small Time-skip ---

“_-_____, s-stop that!” He huffed, squirming around as he walked, desperately trying to remove your hands from the small area under his chin.

“But why! Your so adorable,” You cooed, still lightly running your fingers on the sensitive spot under his chin.

“N-no I'm n-not, s-stop or you'll have to walk yourself,” he threatened, suppressing his laugher as he tried to sound serious. All you could do was let out a fake gasp as you tightened your grip around his neck, forcing yourself forward till you could place a kiss on the cold hard surface of his mask.

You may be curious as to what was going on, well I will gladly fill you in. On the grand trip towards _______'s house, legs got tired, people got carried, and somewhere along the way ______ found a certain boys ticklish spot, and since then has refused to leave it alone. Back to you Tom.

(I had to XD don't judge meh!)

With a sigh you gave in to your guys demands, finally leaving the small area under his chin alone for the time being. Once you had finally left him alone the air fell peacefully quiet, leaving you both to listen to the birds and what ever else may have been going on around the both of you. That was till your mind begun to fill with questions, and your mouth opened to ask them catching both of you by surprise.

“Hey Masky~ Are we a couple?” The second that sprung free from your mouth you felt your face go red in embarrassment. It was more then easy to assume you both were right? So what in your mind possessed you to ask such a thing?

“Wha- well, I...mmm...” The boy holding you mumbled, not sure how to respond to the question either. Eventually he had slowly come to a stop, his gaze facing the ground as he tried to think. After a while of now awkward quiet, you decided to make things a little easier for him.

“Well, if some other guy kissed me, what would you do?” You mumbled, giving a few bounces in your spot on his back to pull him from his thoughts so you wouldn't have to repeat yourself.

“Kill him; well, not – you know what I mean,” He mumbled, glancing off to the side to try and hide his face even though it was already hidden under his mask.

“What if another girl asked you out? What would be you first reaction?” You hummed, resting your head on his shoulder as you waited for an answer.

“Holy crap, a girl is asking me out.” He hummed, letting out a chuckle afterwards as you let out a scoff and rolled your eyes, slightly amused with his answer.

“Well, after that, I suppose I would have to tell her-” He cut himself off, his eyes behind his mask going wide as his whole face turned bright red, causing even his neck to warm up slightly.

“Tell her what?” You mumbled, raising and eyebrow at his sudden lack of words. You wanted to know, you so desperately wanted to know.

“ you want to be, my, ya' know... girlfriend?” He hummed as his feet begun to move again, giving him a reason to keep his eyes forward and not look at you. All you could do was giggle at his behavior.

“Perhaps,” You hummed, turning so you could look at him from the corner of your eye once he turned to look at you, though you couldn't keep a smile from your face. You both kept this up for a little while longer before you gave another laugh and leaned forward to kiss the hard surface of his mask.

“Yes, I would love to,” You mumbled, resting your head on his shoulder again before closing your eyes and giving a smile, using his neck to keep your face warm in the cool morning air.

After that the walk back to your parents was peaceful, and neither of you could bring yourselves to say anything,though neither of your really cared. By the time Mask had come to a stop and had begun to gently place you down it was almost seven o'clock in the morning, and you suddenly felt the pang of sadness come over you again as he gently placed you down on the ground at the edge of the forest.

“I'll try to come and visit as soon as I can, but till then try to avoid the forest. Just because the people back at the base are now friendly to you, doesn't mean everyone else who lives in the area will be.” He warned, taking your cheeks lightly in his hands before lifting his mask and planting a gentle kiss on your forehead.

“T-there are others?” You mumbled your eyes going slightly wide at this, who else could live in the forest around your house?

All he did was give a slightly nod before turning and darting off into the forest where you both had just come from, leaving you to quickly dart down the hill side and towards you house where once you were on the porch proceeded to give a few rapid knocks, eager to be in your parents warmth again after so long.

The first to open the door was your mother, who after she realized exactly who you were begun to cry loudly before pulling you into a death hug as if she fears letting you go would mean instant death to everyone she cared about.

“My baby! My sweet sweet baby!” She bawled, her grasp on you loosening as she pulled back and begun to look you over for scratches as if with any evidence she found she could track down and kill who ever had kept you away so long.

Your mothers cries attracted your father who must have been upstairs at the time by the way foot steps came thundering down the stairs. When you and your father had made eye contact he made his way over like a rocket and crushed you in a hug like your mother had, carefully leaving room for your mother to hug you from behind as they effectively smushed you between them.

Only when you begun gasping for air did they release you, only for there making of room to be filled by your younger brother, who had literally burst into tears as if he had seen you die right in front of him the second he saw you.

“______. I. Thought. You. Had. Died~” You Brother wailed, gripping onto you as if you were a life line. His little cry nearly broke your heart, and you felt like crap for staying away as long as you had.

Quickly with your motherly instincts kicking in you scooped up your little brother and held him close to you, bouncing him and humming to him in an attempt to calm him. Sooner or later he had calmed down, and you gave him a smile, whipping the tears from his eyes and shooting him one of your winning smiles.

“I'm sorry for worrying you Dillon, I really didn't mean to worry anyone, but how about I make it up to you by treating you to ice-cream later?” You hummed, pulling a couple dollars out of your back pocket that was sure to buy him a double scoop of ice cream since you and the shops owner for friends.

You giggled as he let out a cheer and jumped up and down, latching possessively onto your leg and trying to drag you out the door and towards the shop in town.

“Not now silly, its still to early! You have to eat breakfast first.” You hummed, bending down and ruffling his hair while he let out a whine of disappointment. Sadly for you when you bent down you guessed your shirt rode up on your back, showing your bandaging off to your parents who were standing right behind you.

Talk about bad luck.

I think I'm actually going to contiue this series for a little longer. =3 On one hand I'm eager to get on with a new story, but on the other I really like writing this one for you guys XD I can't say how many more chapters there will be, since I normally stop at 10, but I hope each one is as awesome as the last! ^^

BACK TO YOU TOM! - points to reader reading this- O.O go on, go on Tom, say it, say something. Wait, your names not Tom? WELL NOW IT IS! go on Tom, say it. Saaaaaaaay IIIIIIt.

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Part 10:…

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (c) :iconcreepypasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:
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