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October 31, 2013
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Masky ? by De-Haro

You sighed as you skipped down the rocks to the path that you normally took to your camping sight along the river. After talking with Hoodie for a while longer, you had realized that your parents hadn't been informed about your whereabouts, and came to the conclusion they had to of been worried sick about you. So here you were, making your way back to your camp in order to search for your cell phone, which for all you knew could have been dead.

You didn't like to make your parents worry about you, it had taken you a week of convincing just to let you go camping alone, if they found out on the first day you had nearly died, they would never let you go again. Then again, they didn't need to know that little face, you could just say you fell down the rocky path you had to take to get here. That was believable, right?

With a hum you did a small hop skip and a jump till you were at the camp and the hell of having to dig through all your torn belongings begun. It had taken a while, but you finally found your phone in a mess of your tent which had fallen down after weeks of being unattended to. Sadly the screen was cracked, but the battery showed it was just about to die, time for one more text!

Quickly you scrolled through the phone, readying a text message to your mother before you begun to type,

____: Hey Mom, it's _____, I just want you to know I'm safe. I'm wish Mask and will try to be home as soon as I can.

Just as the little box telling you your message had been sent popped up the phone went black and you could only let out a long sigh.

“______,” You heard a voice call from just behind you, and before you could jump out of your skin to arms wrapped firmly around your waist and pulled you into something warm and firm.

“Y-you scared the crap out of me,” You stuttered, carefully lacing a set of your fingers through one of the boys visible hands.

“Sorry” He murmured, nuzzling the cold hard surface of his face into the crook of your neck. Now you were positive on who it was, and the coldness of his mask made a shiver run down your spine.

“S-so why are you here? I thought you were out with Slender or something,” You mumbled, leaning back further into the masked boys chest while you lightly ran your thumb over his fingers.

“I was, but then I came back and found you gone, so I came looking.” He explained simply before pulling away one of his hands, using it to pull his mask up just so his mouth was showing before he nuzzled back into the crook of your neck.

“I see,” You hummed, letting him rest his face in the crook of your neck a little longer before pulling away and turning to face him, much to his confusion.

“Did Hoodie already tell you my plans then?” You mumbled, almost satisfied to see he still looked rather confused, a slight twists frown on his face as he tried to figure out what you were talking about.

“No~ Why what are you plans?”

“Well...I wanted to meet Slender,” You mumbled, not expecting the reaction that came next.

You were almost positive if he were to have been drinking something he would have spit it out, and you watched as his knees seemed to give out under him for a second as he almost fell to the ground, luckily catching himself before fully falling. Why did everyone act like this? Seriously, he couldn't be all that bad.

“Are you crazy!?” He muttered, grabbing your wrist and pulling you close to him as if daring anyone to try and take you away.

“Do you know what he will do to you? He will most likely skin you, and then eat you before giving your kidneys to Jack.” He spoke, his voice deadly serious, so much to the point where it scared you just a little bit.

“Mask, I have to meet him. He can't be as bad as your all making him out to be, he could have easily killed me when I was half dead, but he didn't. If he truly wanted me dead, he could have done it even with your protests.” You huffed, trying to defend the tall creature even though you had no idea on his personality.

You watched as he opened his mouth multiple times only to close it, unable to come up a response to your defense much to your pleasure. Giving a smile, you leaned up slightly since you were still in his firm grasp and gave him a light peck on the lips, causing the part of his cheeks you could see to turn a light pink.

“You can come with me if you want,” You murmured, seeing as he was still unable to speak and you were getting tired of the quiet.

“I....I, uh...I just don'” He stuttered, his cheeks turning an even brighter pink as he tried to formulate words but failed. It had taken him a few tries before he finally cleared his throat and gave up on his attempts, causing you to giggle.

“How cute, cats got your tongue,” you cooed, your eyes rolling at his response.


“Where did all that confidence from this morning go? You had tried to French me!” You called, a laugh leaving you afterwards as you gently teased him.

You listened as he just let out a scoff and did what you assumed was an eye roll by the way his head slightly moved in a small circle. His grip around you only getting tighter as he pulled you as close as possible before lightly resting his chin on the top of your head, making you feel like a coffee table.

Now you knew the pain of every piece of furniture ever though you weren't complaining. He only let you rest like that for a few seconds before you felt him let out a deep chuckle, making him sound dark with bad intentions. You had no doubt in your mind he did, but all you could do was go stiff in his grasp till his chuckle died down.

“Whats so funny?” You huffed, puffing your cheeks lightly in a slight pout as you rested your head against his chest since he refused to loosen his grasp.

“Nothing,” He spoke rather casually, slowly releasing his grip on you before turning and making his way towards the rocky path you had come down to get where you were. You felt your cheeks puff up more, since you could tell he was doing it on purpose.

“Masky~” You whined, before trotting after him, only coming to a stop when you had a grip on his new sweatshirt sleeve, giving it a light tug causing him to come to a stop though he didn't look at you.

“Yes~?” He hummed, telling you you had his attention even though he wasn't looking your way, giving a small smirk to yourself, you decided to get the best of him.

“Jeff pushed me down the stairs earlier and then BEN tried to rape me.” You bluntly spoke, forcing your growing smile to vanish once he whipped his head towards you, anger evident in his body features.

“WHAT!?” He snapped, you could almost see the steam coming out of his ears as he waited for you to go on.

“Yea see!” You mumbled, lifting up your shirt where there was a large bruise that had formed after your incident with a creature you had learned was named “The Rake.” Though Masky didn't know that.

You watched as the boy fell quiet for a few moments, worry slowly growing on you because you had thought you had broken him, but the second you had gotten ready to wave your hand in front of his face he went off. He paced back and forth, his hands in the air as he screeched the devil's book into the air, some of the words he had said you didn't even know were words let alone swears. You never knew he had such a colorful vocabulary.

“Masky.” You huffed, causing him to turn towards you. The second he did you darted up to him like a little mouse to cheese, grabbed the collar of his hoodie and yanked him down to your level where you proceeded in planting a firm and passionate kiss on the lips. You were just happy he hadn't pulled his mask back down just yet.

It only took a few moments of shock before he begun to kiss you back, leading you back till you were smushed between him and a tree. You stayed like that till his kisses begun to lead down the line of your jaw and thats when you ended it, causing him to let out a small groan/whine of disappointment before he finally seemed to remember what had happen before that.

“I was lieing, I was just making sure you were listening,” You giggled before running off up the path you had came and down the dirt lanes you had memorized on the way to your old camp so you could find your way back to base. It only took the masked boy a few seconds to catch up, though running meant he had pulled his mask back down.

You stayed ahead of him just enough so he wasn't able to bound forward and grab your wrist before you made it to the fallen over tree that was the entrance to there his out. Sadly thats when your game ended and you were caught.

As you came to a slowing halt so you didn't smash into the make shift door, you felt the boy chasing after you grab firmly to your wrist and shove you into the door causing you to squeak. It didn't take him long to re-lift his mask and begun assault on your neck, making sure to press his full body to yours so you couldn't escape like you had last time. All you could do was giggle. You couldn't help it, you were ticklish! It was just a thing. Luckily for you someone intervened by the time he had made his way to your collar bone, the only sad part was that the person to intervene was Jeff, who did nothing be shoot off comments.

“Jeez would you to get a room! I know you like her but this is a little far even for you Mask,” The killer snorted rather loudly, attracting the attention of Hoodie who you guessed was in the room over, along with BEN and Smile.

Hoodie looked off to the side, BEN burst into laughter and Smile gave a few bark while his tale wagged. All you could do was let your face turn red, though you couldn't hold back a smile, even if it was sheepish. Mask on the other hand was having none of it, and quickly jumped to his feet and proceeded to chase them around the house, leaving you with Hoodie for a while till you both got board of one another company and split paths.

It didn't take you long after that to remember why you were still here in the first place. You had to meet Slender, and if Mask was back, that meant the tall creature was to, right? You had to at least check. With that in mind you begun your search, going from door to door till you came to one with a scratchy circle with an X through it. Who else could it be?

Slowly you gave a knock, waiting for a reply from the other side. When you got none, you gave another harder knock before waiting, with no reply. All you could do was sigh and turn to leave, you didn't want to wait much longer to meet him, because that would mean you would have to spend longer from your already worried parents.

As you slowly walked down the hall, trying to find your way back to the kitchen you didn't sense the person in front of you, and by the time you had noticed them it was to late, you had collided with them, causing you to stumble back and fall.

“S-sorry, I wasn't paying attention,” You mumbled your natural response. It wasn't till you looked up to see a pale face looking down at you did you take in a breath and quickly jump to your feet.

“S-Slender!” You murmured, taking a second to think things through before you threw out a hand for him to shake. You could tell he was giving you an odd look just from his body language but slowly he lifted one of his own long hands and shook your hand and gave a nod.

“I was..just... uh...well now I look stupid, I had it all planned out and now I forgot it.” You gave off one of your nervous laughs before you took your retreating hand and used it to rub the back of your head. You listened as the creature gave a hum and waited patiently as you cleared your throat and looked at your feet.

“I just wanted to say, thank you for saving me. I know your not very fond of humans, but thank you for making me an exception, even if it is this once.” You mumbled, giving a nod as you finished, approving yourself for not stuttering and making an even bigger fool of yourself.

You watched as the creature just stared at you for a long moment before he lifted one of his hands, placed it gently on the top of your head and gave a nod before speaking a simple-

“Welcome,” After he had hummed that, he removed his hand and made his long strides down to his office before closing himself inside.

As you watched him leave, you let a smile grow on your face and skipped down the halls till you found the kitchen. The day was going better then expected, other then the fact you now had to worry about Mask raping you in the night.

Today was a good day! Well, considering you lasted a day, in a house full of killers.

I'm sorry I uploaded this so late, but I got stuck making dinner, doing dishs, school and of course dealing with Holloween! Another long day gone by and its already way past the time I normally sleep.

One more chapter till the epilouge, and I can't decide if I should hold all epilouges till I run out of characters I wanna write about, or just do it all in one go, becuase I still have to upload the Slender one XD I just haven't gotten any good ideas for it which is why its taking so long.

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…
Part 5:…
Part 6:…
Part 7:…
Part 8: Your Here
Part 9:…

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (c) :iconcreepypasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:
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