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Masky ? by De-Haro

“Your up,” You heard a voice speak up sounding slightly surprised as you sat on the couch, playing video games with a young boy you had come to know as BEN and Jeff of course who had just jumped in not long ago.

With a smile you placed your controller down, not caring if you lost the round this time and jumped to your feet, tackling the masked boy with a cheer, happy to see him again. Your action seemed to surprise him as he stumbled back, gripping the wall to support himself before giving a very faint chuckle and hugging you briefly back.

“She's been up since breakfast, and kicking my ass at COD!” Jeff huffed, his face pull together in frustration as he died again at the hands of BEN, who was guarding your character while you were AFK. You let out a small snicker as you stuck your tongue out at the killer, purposely taunting him while you kept a latch on Masky, who was still trying to take everything in.

“Very mature _______.” Jeff huffed, shooting you a glare which you returned in a playful manor.

“This is no work, I ain't gotta be mature,” You stated, purposely messing up your grammar. You listened as BEN let out a laugh at your way of speech and the fact he had killed Jeff again, while the killer just grunted to let out some of his frustrations before dropping his controller in a way of rage quit.

You pulled your attention back to the boy you were holding to when you felt yourself get picked up, causing you to squeak. He had picked you up bridal style, and was proceeding out of the living room. You hadn't really noticed the situation till BEN let out a howl of sorts, more in a sexual manor then anything. All you could do was let your face light up.

“Where we going Masky~” You hummed, lacing your arms around his neck so you could have more of a hold and get comfortable in his hold, which he easily allowed you to do.

“It's great that your up, but you should really rest instead of bouncing around the house. Especially when your wounds haven't fully healed.

“Awe come on Masky~ It's so boring to rest,” you mumbled, letting a small pout form on your face.

All he did was let out a small chuckle before pushing the door to your room open and gently proceeded to place you on the bed. Now that you were both alone, and you had nothing distracting you, the heavy sent of metallic iron waifed through your senses and it was then that you noticed that his entire lower half, and some of his shirt, was drenched in a heavy colored blood.

“Mask, what were you doing while you were gone?” You mumbled, looking him straight in the face so he wouldn't quickly realize you had noticed.

“Training with Slender, it was part of the deal I had with him in order for you to stay here till you were better.” He explained, his eyes wondering down himself before he stiffened and proceeded to turn around so most of the blood was now out of your line of vision.

You could tell he wasn't comfortable with you seeing him drenched in blood, but you couldn't help but wonder exactly where the blood came from. You didn't think you wanted to know until a blue faced boy made his way in, his black clothing drenched in blood as well, though it seemed to be his own as the fluid oozed down from under his mask and dripped from his chin and clothing.

“Just came to get some gauze, I'm out in my room.” The boy huffed, quickly making his way over towards the drawers and digging through them till he found what he as looking for. He hadn't noticed you till he turned around to pull off his sweatshirt and apply the gauze.

“Oh, uh...S-sorry, I didn't know you had woke up, you were still asleep when we left,” The boy quickly shot out, shoving the bandage into his sweat shirt pocket before quickly shuffling towards the door.

Before he could leave you quickly jumped up and grabbed his sleeve, effectively stopping him so you could grab his wrist. The second you had a firm grip on him you made your way over to your bed where you sat him down and quickly snatched the gauze from his pocket.

“Shirt off.”


“You heard me,” you huffed, letting your face morph into one of slight annoyance. It wasn't like he didn't understand English, and you had a feeling you were going to get snapped at by Mask after this.

Without much more question, sensing your annoyance, he hesitantly pulled off his black sweatshirt and placed it next to him. Now that you could see the wounds clearly you went to work with the little medical skill you had and quickly went on disinfecting and bandaging him up. You could tell he was slightly surprised at your action, but didn't say anything about it and just let you do your thing.

“There, all done,”You hummed, finally pulling back from the boy you had learned was named Jack and giving off one of your winning smiles.

“U-uh...thanks,” He mumbled, his cheeks turning a light pink against his ash black skin. You only knew this because you had made him take his mask off. If you could, you were going to get a name to go with every face, especially if they wore a mask.

Giving a nod you watched from the corner of you eye as he slipped his sweatshirt back on before hopping off the bed and making his way to the door. You both shared one last nod before he left, leaving you alone with Mask, making the room almost eerily quiet.

“How did you know how do that?” Mask mumbled once you had turned around. You felt yourself go stiff as you looked him over. A dark aura had settled over him, and you weren't sure if you should trust him and stick around, or run screaming for the hills in search of Jeff or Hoodie for help.

Remembering what Hoodie had told you eariler, you swallowed all your fear and put on a small smile. You could do this! Once you had taken a breath you made your way over towards him while answering his question.

“When you go camping like I do, you learn how to use at least basic medical supplies,” You mumbled, your smile growing as you came face to face with him.

You were happy that the closer you got, the less and less the aura existed, though even with you as close as you were, it was still there, desperately latching to him. In an attempt to dissipate it completely you stood on your tippy toes, lightly grabbing his chin and turning his head so you could proceed to place a gentle kiss on his cheek.

The second you did that the aura vanished and you smiled, giving him one more light kiss on the cover of his mask before taking a step back. Before you could even blink you let out a huff as you were pushed into the wall, your wrists pinned at your head gently but firmly.

When you allowed yourself to open your eyes, you were face to face with with Masky, though your eyes were only locked on that intense gaze of his, you hadn't realized he had lifted his mask off over his head till you had opened your eye . You felt your cheeks heat up lightly as you both just stared at one another. You had no words, what were you suppose to say at a time like this? Though the look he gave you almost urged you on to speak, so you did.

“I, uh... n-nice... weather we're having, hmm?” You mumbled, your voice no higher then a whisper as you mentally face palmed. You watched as his eyes begun to dance with amusement and a small smile formed on his lips before he let out a chuckle.

OK, you could understood why he had laughed at that, BUT IT WAS HIS FAULT! He made you stupid with that gaze, if he hadn't urged you on like he had, you wouldn't of said anything at all. Now you had made a stupid comment and looked like an idiot. How were you to come back from that?

“I suppose,” He spoke quietly through his chuckle, the grip around your wrists getting tighter as he leaned forward. All you could to do keep your eyes from crossing was lean back further, though by that time you were completely flat against the wall.

You both spent a few more seconds like that just looking at one another, you trying to read his eyes while he masterfully kept all thoughts from his gaze, making it terribly difficult for you to read him.

“I think, this, is long over due,” he hummed after a while since you weren't planning on saying anything anytime soon.

Just as you were about to open your mouth to ask what he meant, he pressed his lips to yours, causing your eyes to go as wide as saucers before you relaxed and finally found the courage to kiss him back. The kiss was forceful yet gentle, making it impossible for you to tell when he would pull back, but you honestly weren't in a hurry.

After a few seconds, he finally released your wrists in favor of your waist, and you gladly let him press you against him as you laced your arms around his neck, hiding your fingers in his mess of hair. This went on for a little while longer before he pulled back, shooting you a devious smile before making his way to the door.

“Slender wanted me for something, I'll be back, but till then, please rest.” With that he gave you a wink and then swiftly pulled his mask over his face again before leaving you alone.

Once he had left your face exploded into a bright red mess causing you to naturally dip your head to the floor as you played with the fringe of your shirt and the loose strands of hair that fell forwards. You had no words, yet again, you just couldn't seem o formulate any. They were all stuck running through your head screaming at you, all coming back to the same line.


You just sat on the cold tile floor till it begun to numb your legs, only then did you shuffle to your feet, where you proceeded to climb into bed where you could hide your mess of a face in bed.

No. Words.

You weren't interrupted again till you heard the door creek open, and you hadn't even looked up till you heard Jeff ask if you were awake. When you looked up, you could only assume you were still pink, for the way the killers normal look formed into a smirk before he burst into laugher.

“What do you want!” You cried, your face turning even more red at the embarrassing fact you were getting laughed at.

Without even saying anything he tossed you a small bag filled with chocolates while he tried to calm himself down.

“Uh.. thanks?” You murmured, now more confused then embarrassed. Seeing your look he quickly calmed down and shot you a small glare.

“Mask wanted me to give them to you, he would have himself, but he got dragged off by Slender.” The killed explained before making his way back towards the door. When you had heard they were from Mask, your face went red again and you let out a groan of embarrassment.

You listened as the killer burst into laughter, holding his stomach at your reaction.

“Ugh! Men,” you snapped, jumping to your feet and storming past him and into the hall way, trying to cover your embarrassment over with anger. While you walked down the hall way, you were bothered by Jeff who didn't stop shooting off questions.

“So, what did he do to get you so flustered?”

“None of your business Jeff.”

“Did he grope you.”


“Did you read something he wrote to someone else?”


“Did he...ya' know...”

After that you took a second to consider what he was suggesting before your eyes went wide and you shot him the 'are you serious' look, only causing him to laugh and give a few vigorous nods.

“NO! No, he didn't! Why are you suddenly so interested anyway?” You huffed, finally coming to the kitchen where you were happy and sad to find Hoodie and Jack. You hoped they would save you from the killer, and not get involved, though with the way things were going you were having doubts.

Hoodie, Jack, please!” You cried, running over to them and sitting between them both to prevent the killer from sitting next to you and asking questions.

The two boys looked between you and Jeff a few times before Jack sighed and got to his feet, quickly grabbing Jeff's arm and escorting him from the kitchen while you hid behind Hoodie till he was gone. After it was only you and Hoodie, he gave you a look quietly asking you to spill what was on your mind. Though you were against telling Jeff, you had an odd feeling you could trust Hoodie.

“Jeff was just bugging me about why I was so flustered, thats all.” You mumbled, looking at the table. With a sigh the boy got to his feet, made his way over towards the counter, grabbed a coffee cup and poured you a drink before setting it in front of you and motioning for you to go on.

After a long time spilling everything from the time playing video games with the guys up till now, Hoodie listened intently, and when you finished gave a nod before setting his cup of coffee on the table and giving you a side glance.

“Reason enough to be flustered, but what are you going to do now? Mask isn't one to usually show personal affection, so I can't be of much help telling you what might be the next best step.” The boy mumbled. All you could do was face desk the table and let out a frustrated groan.

“Thats of no help Hoodie.”

“I know.”

So...when is Mask suppose to be back with Slender?” You asked, your voice a muffled mumble as you ran your fingers along the smooth edge of your cup, letting it relax you enough to think.

“About thirty minutes if there on scheduled, why?”

“I want to meet Slender.” You huffed, getting to your feet while your hands rested on the table.

You watched slightly surprised as the boy almost spit out all his coffee and nearly fell out of his seat. You hadn't been expecting that reaction, Slender was the one who healed you, right? So he couldn't be all that bad. Then again he had wanted to let you die if you remembered things correctly.

Both you and him had a short stare down before he sighed in defeat and looked at the table before giving a small nod. You smiled and sat, taking a sip from your coffee while you wondered about how Slender's personality was. By the reaction of Hoodie, you could take a guess, but only you could make the judgment if he was OK in your book or not.

Yup, you were going to meet Slenderman.

Another long day of writing, cleaning, school and painting, but eh. That's the life it is to be a Sparta. My only issues with writing are that I get distracted so easily, I have the attention span of a goldfish, and it takes its toll. I also tend to write these ALL DAY, which means when ever I get free time, there I am, writing.

Only 2 more chapters to this series left before the Epilouge! I'm both sad and excited, but you can expect them to be good just like always ;)

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…
Part 5:…
Part 6:…
Part 8:…

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (c) :iconcreepypasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:
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