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Masky ? by De-Haro

You went as stiff as a board as you heard whatever it was outside your tent sniff around, long blade like objects which you assumed were claws shadowing out along the side of your tent as it threw something of yours to the air before going back and ripping something else, sending what could have been a blood curdling sound threw the air.


            You had never been this terrified, all breath hitched in your throat, unable to move, speak, or even blink in fear that if you did any of the listed somehow the creature would know of your presence and do the same to you that it was your belongings.    


            How you wished someone was there to tell you everything was alright and that it was just a bear, but you didn't think even if God himself came down from the heavens and told you it was something as simple as a bear that you would believe him. There was no way that was a bear! In order for that to be a bear, you would have to cover it in aluminum, starve it, and then proceed to attach long pipes to its claws.


            After a while of ripping, the creature let out some sort of a snort before its shadow vanished from the tent side, leaving you in an eerie quiet. Not even the river dared to make a sound after that, as if it feared what was near by just as much as you did.


            Once a good 20 minutes had passed, and everything was quiet you slowly let your breath out, careful to make it as shallow and quiet as possible before loosening up enough to move around your tent.  Carefully you checked all the other sides for anymore possible shadows before slowly and hesitantly making your way towards the exit.


            Just as you were about to leave your tent, you froze. Why the hell were you going to investigate? You had no reason to, what you should have been doing was curling back up in your sleeping back and hiding like a kid till morning came around. Though your stupidity over won your logic in the end, and the second the crickets begun to chirp again and the river let its rhythmic song return you bolted from your tent and quickly looked around.


            Everything was quiet, though the aftermath of whatever had been there before was still left behind. The bag you had used to store your tent in for carrying was torn to shreds, your cooler was tossed up into the low branches of an over hanging tree, and extremely long claw marks ran there way through the dirt as if they had been dragged without a care.


            Yup, no way it was a fucking bear. Though you didn't want to except you were loosing your mind. 


            As you entered an internal war with yourself, you hadn't noticed the river run quiet once again or that the crickets had killed there song, not even wind blew through the tree tops. Everything had turned dead quiet in a matter of seconds and you hadn't noticed any of it till a extremely low growl came from the forest behind you.


            With a shriek you were tackled to the ground by what looked like a deformed version of what use to be a man. His eyes were huge and glowing as long claws tried to pierce your chest, cheek, where ever he could possibly draw blood from.


            You were strong enough to keep most of the claws from scratching you, but a few dug into the sides of your arms, causing you to let out a hiss of pain, a wail or two leaving you every now and again when one of them would make there way along your side.


            The sound of your clothing tearing apart was enough to give you the strength to kick the beast in the stomach and jump to your feet, your hands instinctively covering the worst wound on your side. Now that you had a better look at him, you could call the him and it. You were correct, it was nor a human or a bear, it was a monster. By your definition at least.


            Never before had you seen something so out of balance, and never before were you one to judge before getting to know someone, but this thing tired to kill you! Screw getting to know it, it could burn in hell for all you cared, which was probably here it had come from.


            You stumbled out of the way when the thing let out a curdling yowl of sorts before charging at you again, never before had you been so thankful for adrenaline. Best. Natural. Invention. Ever! With your new found speed you sped off down the side of the river, not even bothering to hold your side any longer as the pain ebbed away for the moment.


            Sadly for you the creature was in hot prosecute, and fear still coursed through your veins. Oh how you wished you brought a gun, a knife, anything! Wait... that was it! A knife! Quickly you reached to your back pockets and pulled out a small hunting knife you had brought to help cut traps, and a smile bloomed on your face.


            Never in a million years were you going to die at the claws of the thing on your heals, and with that in mind you quickly halted and spun around, stabbing the blade into the first area you found wither it was vital or not. You cringed as the creature let out a yowl of pain before taking a few steps back, and you did the same. Using the time to catch your breath while it quickly looked over its new wound.


            With wide glowing eyes it growled and bounded at you while you were bent over on your knees, pain returning to your side as your lungs fought to take in as much oxygen as possible. Letting out a groan of pain, you closed your eyes tightly and waited for the impact of claws on your head, face, back, where ever it had been aiming, but when the pain never came you opened your eyes.


            When you saw a yellow hooded, black pants boy; knife in hand while he used his arms to block the creatures claws from you, your eyes grew into the size of saucers and you felt your adrenaline return just enough for you to find your way to your feet, your hand gripping your side as if it was a life line.


            “________, get back to the camp, now!” Mask shouted, a grunt leaving him as he pushed the beast back and readied his knife, a pleading look in his eyes while he quietly asked you to not be difficult and leave. All you could do was stare for a second before nodding and making a dash for your camp, the least you could do was find the first aid kit and get it ready.



            “You come back to me you here that!”  You shouted over your shoulder as you went before vanishing into the darkness.


            The second you got to camp you let out a pain filled groan and the grip on your side got tighter, blood oozed through your clenched fingers, and you would have puked if not for the situation. You had to be strong and find the safety kit.


            Once you had taken a breath, and readied yourself, you let go of your side and rummaged through what was left of your bag, before using a rock to knock your cooler down from the tree. When you realized you weren’t going to find it, you nearly wanted to take a rock and beat the creatures head in, but you knew that wasn't going to solve anything.


            “Your really hurt.” You heard a voice mutter behind you causing you to jump and spin around, your nerves still worked up from the monster that tried to kill you.


            “Shh its OK, its just me.” The masked boy hummed, taking your cheeks in his palms lightly before pulling himself forward and resting his forehead on yours. Even though the action was calming, you couldn't help but let your cheeks turn a light pink.


            The second you realized he had saved you, tears welled up in your eyes and you used the last of the strength you had left in you to hurdle yourself at him, hiding your head in your chest as you went on and on about things not even you could understand. He didn't say anything about it though, and just let you cry as if he had done it before. Once you were done venting, you pulled back to get a better look at him.


            Part of his hoodie was drenched in blood, the blade you had seen with him earlier resting in the loop of his pants while fresh blood dripped from the blade, even though he had just saved you, you couldn't help but let a shiver run through you as you remembered what you had read on the website, and that small part of you that had been keeping you from him for a month forced you back, shrinking away from his welcoming form.


            “W-whats wrong, ______?” He mumbled, leaning forward to take your hand to comfort you only for you to pull away, much to both your disappointments.


            “Is it true?” You asked blankly, catching him off guard.


            “Is what true?”


            “Ya know...that've...” All you could do after that was give a head nod to the knife that was still dripping, as he followed you gaze, it took him a second to connect the dots before he stiffened and finally seemed to lean away form you for once. Everything after that was quiet for a few moments before he finally broke the air.


            “How did you....find out about that?” He mumbled, his voice surprisingly blank and serious, though you answered him truthfully.


            “I was going through some stories on my computer when I stumbled across a website labeled, “Creepy-pasta.” You explained, your gaze locking on his form as you watched him closely. You noticed how he cringed away from your words and looked to the ground, letting everything fall quiet again till you spoke once more.


            “Are you going to kill me now that I know? Ya' know, about you and your friends.” You mumbled, your words blank as if you had already accepted your fate which caused the boy to wince back more.


     After a few seconds of dead air between you both once again, he quickly yanked his knife from his pants and stabbed it into the wood next to the tree you had been supporting yourself on, causing you to almost leap out of your skin the second the blade thumped against the wood. Before you could turn you head to look at the tree, you were face to face with the masked boy, now that you were closer you could see all the pain the resonated in his eyes, and not from any wounds, but your words. Suddenly you felt guilty, how could you accuse your friend of something like that?


            “______, I would never, EVER use this to hurt you…” He mumbled, his voice almost sounding like a croak. You felt another sab of guilt rush through you as you watched him remove the knife that had wedged itself in the tree and tossed it aside, somewhere among the bushes you couldn’t pinpoint.


            After that you both just shared a quiet conversation through body language and eye contact, you hadn’t even realized your wound again till a sharp pain racked your body, effectively crushing your conversation with him as you let out a hiss and gripped at the wound, which was still lightly bleeding.


“Here…” He murmured, pulling back enough so he could use both his arms to grab the bottom of his sweatshirt to pull it over his head. Using it as a bandage he tore it into small bits and went on wrapping your wounds.


            “Mask you don’t…” You trailed off once he pressed on the cut you had held in your hands, you couldn’t do anything but shut up and try not to groan.


            “It’s the least I can do considering everything I have been hiding room you, besides, I already ripped it so might as well not let it go to waist.” He sighed, tending to the worse of your cuts before leaving what was left of his sweatshirt to off to the side.




            “Hey Masky,” you called to gain his attention, and once he had looked at you, you leaned forward and lightly took the edges of his mask causing him to pull back quickly so you couldn’t pull it off.


            “_______...” He grumbled his warning, giving you a light glare that didn’t last long when he saw the look on your face.


            “You’re bleeding…” You trailed off, your eyes locking on a trail of blood that was running down from under; stopping at the edge of his chin before dripping down onto the ground.


            “It’s just a small cut, it’s not that big of a deal,” he hummed as he tried to convince you to just leave it be.



            “Mask….” You trailed off, giving him a look which made his stance go from tense to relaxed. It took a few seconds, but soon he let a sigh escape his lips before he leaned forward slightly, tilting his head down so that when his mask was removed, it would be harder for you to see his face.


            Lightly you took the edges of his mask again, carefully pulling from his face as the band that held it to him came loose and fell down, releasing its hold on its owner. Carefully you placed the mask face up on the ground, giving it a small glance before turning back to your friend, who still carefully hid most of his face behind his bangs. 


            “You can trust me…” You murmured, causing him to flinch slightly as if your words had startled him. After a few seconds of watching him, you took a piece of cloth from his ruined sweatshirt and lightly grabbed the edge of his chin.


            He cringed away from your touch, you waited till he relaxed enough before tilting his head up enough so you could see his face, and see the wound that scared his cheek. You felt a light blush form on your cheeks at the intensity of his gaze, which you hadn’t felt with half of it hidden way; though soon you shook it away and got to work.


            Carefully you pressed the cloth to his cheek, causing him to wince away slightly before relaxing and letting out a sigh, unable to look at you directly like he could have if his mask was on. All you could do was smile and give a giggle at his sudden change of attitude.


            While you tended to his cheek, you took the opportunity to take in his full face before he hid it away again behind his usual attire. Brown hair, which you had seen before, sported the top of his head in a messy but organized manor, below that was stunning blue eyes and for the most part average features for a guy you age, but if you had to judge, he wasn’t bad looking at all, so you didn’t know why he hid. You could even go as far as to call him kind of cute.


            “Masky, why do you hide under your mask?” You mumbled, finishing up the last of the make shift bandage you had been making to stop the bleeding on his face. You watched as his blue eyes locked on you again with the same intense stare as before, though this time it didn’t get to you.



            “I’m more confident when others can’t see who I truly am.” He answered simply, though by the way he had said it you could tell he didn’t want to go any further into it, so you left it at that.


            At least now you had a face to put to his name.
I posted a part yeasterday before I left, I finsihed part 5 while I was at her house so I figured why not post it a day early XD I don't think it came out very good, because I wans't sure how to work it like I normally do .o. but It's good enough XD im to lazy to fix any of it anyway, so you will just have to deal with it. 

- flips a table - RAKE! HOW DARE YOU TRY TO KILL READER-CHAN! D: She just wanted snuggles, and you try to fucking kill her?! What is wrong with you bro?

Part 5: Your here
Part 6:…

Story (C) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (C) :iconcreepypasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:
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WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning! Once there was a little girl called Clarissa, she was ten-years-old and she lived in a mental hospital, because she killed her mom and her dad. She got so bad she went to kill all the staff in the hospital so the More-government decided that best idea was to get rid of her so they set up a special room to kill her, as humane as possible but it went wrong the machine they were using went wrong. And she sat there in agony for hours until she died. Now every week on the day of her death she returns to the person that reads this letter, on a Monday night at 12:00 a.m. She creeps into your room and kills you slowly, by cutting you and watching you bleed to death. Now send this to ten other pictures on this one site, and she will haunt someone else who doesn't. This isn't fake. apparently, if you copy and paste this to ten comments in the next ten minutes you will have the best day of your life tomorrow.You will either get kissed or asked out, if you break this chain u will see a little dead girl in you
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