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Masky ? by De-Haro

 You mumbled to yourself as you sat yourself on a reasonable sized rock and locked eyes with the forest line about a half a mile away from the road. How long did it take for one guy to pee? Well, that was what you assumed he was doing, because he had absolutely no other reason to go into the woods like he had. You let out a low growl to yourself as you thought through what had occurred that could have caused the current situation.

When both of you had jumped off the bus and watched it drive off down the road, Mask came to a halt just before you were about to turn around and make your way down the road and turned his gaze on the forest line just off to the side of you both.

Before you could even question what was wrong he turned back to you and told you to stay on the path till he was back before darting off into the forest line, leaving you alone on the dirt path with no explanation. Now you had no other choice then to wait.

You were actually starting to get worried, because all of that had happen over at least 20 minutes ago, and you hadn’t seen or heard anything from the forest since he had vanished among the foliage. Just because bears weren’t an issue in the fall didn't mean wolves and cougars weren’t, and you could do nothing but fear the worst for your friend till he returned.

That was until your fears were possibly confirmed when you heard a rather loud yelp from the trees, causing you to almost instantly jump up and flee towards the woods, your bag left behind to help increase your speed. No animal was going to eat your friend, not while you were around at least, they would have to kill you first, and with that you lept over the bushes that surrounded the base of the trees and made your way towards the area that your mind had decided the sound was coming from.

The sound of “oofs” echoing through the forest helped to lead you towards where you assumed your friend was, but when you came to the boarder of a small clearing with five guys in the middle doing to you what seemed like brawling you felt a shiver run down your spine.

In the center of what you could easily call a ring was a pale boy with knives shining brightly in his hands, the most hellish smirk planted, or what you could soon tell might have been carved into his face along with a blue masked boy, also holding a knife as they did what you could assume was beat, or at least try to beat on a boy in a yellow sweat shirt that matched Mask's.

You would have though it was him, and was getting ready to leap to his rescue till you spotted your friend sitting on tree's stump, watching the fight while a tall man in a suit stood next to him, watching with a faceless stare. What the hell had you walked into?!

Before you even had time to think about what might have been going on, you tuned into the conversation the had begun to start, listening intently in hopes of finding some answers to what was going on before you.

“Hoodie, stay light on your feet, otherwise you won't be able to dodge there attacks.” The tall being rumbled to the one in the almost identical yellow hoodie that Mask sported, giving you a name and a blacked out face to match it with.

“Yes, Slender.” The boy in the ring spoke up before his fighting continued with the pale kid and the boy with the blue face and almost midnight black skin.

“Slender, I don't think I can stay much longer, I left a friend of mine on the path when you called me, and she might come looking soon If I don't return.” You listened as Masky hummed, but before the tall being you had placed with the name “Slender” could answer the pale kid spoke up.

“Well if your so eager to go meet up with your girlfriend then take Hood's place and fight us.” He sneered, turning his knives on your friend which made your blood almost boil, though you couldn't stop your face from turning red at his comment. You could tell Masky had the same reaction by the way he had begun to stutter.

“S-she is not my girlfriend Jeff!” The boy snapped, his fists clenching at his sides as he leaned forward from his seat.

“And it better stay that way, Mask. If you wish to meet up with your friend then beat Jeff in a one and one, then you may leave.” Slender spoke, his voice serious as he turned his gaze towards the center of the ring.

You couldn't believe your ears, there was no way you were letting your friend fight a maniac like him! Though no matter how many times you told yourself to get up and run to his aid, your fear over the others there was more powerful then your urge to protect your friend, so all you could do was watch as he bounced to his feet and make his way towards “Jeff”.

You couldn't watch the fight, you had quickly turned and shuffled away, careful not to make any noise as you made your way back down the path you had taken to get to the clearing in the first place. Slowly you let out a sigh, letting your feet drag along the dirt as you walked, your hands in your pockets as the sound of the current fight dwindled into the background while your thoughts took over.

How were you suppose to talk to him normally after that? You had a hard time believing that he was even apart of something so aggressive let alone deadly. That was when your mind started to shoot off ideas.

What if he was being forced to do what he was, what if he was in debt and the only way he could pay it off was by joining what you could only, as of now call, fight club. What if he was training to join the CSI! As your head fired off all your odd possibility’s, you hadn't even heard the foot steps come up behind you as a hand gently placed itself on your shoulder.

“______! What are you doing out here? I told you to wait on the path...” The voice didn't sound at all please, and you could instantly tell who it was by the question they had asked.

For some reason, you couldn't help but let anger fill you. How dare he be mad at you when he was hiding something so dark as that from you!

“ jerk!” You snapped, letting your mind take over your emotions as you spun around on your heals to shoot him a glare. You could tell you had taken him by surprise by the way he jumped.

“W-what did I do?” He asked, his voice raising slightly only to match your volume, no anger held in his voice what so ever, only confusion.

You felt yourself open your mouth to yell again only to quickly close it. You couldn't tell him you saw what he had done in that clearing, you feared that his friends may have been listening near by, and if he found out you knew, then he would be forced to hurt you by Slender and the others for knowing.

“ dare you make me worry like that! I though you had gotten attacked by a mountain lion or something!” You shouted, tears starting to form in your eyes as your emotions went into slightly over drive. You watched through blurry eyes as his eyes went wide from under his mask before going soft as he let out a sigh.

“I'm sorry for worrying you _______, I didn't mean to leave you waiting on the path that long.” He muttered quietly before taking a step forward and pulling you into a reasonably tight hug.

OK, you couldn't stay mad at him anymore, not with that! Who could? It was like staying mad at a puppy when it accidentally peed on the carpet. Slowly you let yourself relax in his embrace and soon enough let out a small sigh before returned his hug, hiding your face in his neck to try and get your emotions under control again.

It had taken you a while to calm down, and as if on cue you both released your grips on one another and pulled away from one another, leaving a small space between you as you went to work on drying your eyes with your hands.

“I'm sorry for yelling...” You muttered, your voice still a little hoarse from your emotion overload.

“It's fine, I shouldn't have worried you...” He hummed, giving you a smile from under his mask before for lightly grabbing your hand and leading you off to the side and back towards the path. His pace quickened when you heard a light snicker from behind you, but you feared if you turned to see who was there, you would fall on your face.

--- Masky P.O.V. ---

I was surprised when I saw tears well up in your eyes, I had never seen you cry before, or even come close, so even though I didn't see anything I had done wrong, I still felt guilty as hell for bringing you to the brink of tears. What an ass I was. It was times like these I was happy I had my mask, that way others wouldn't be able to see just how much that had hit me.

Before I could even contemplate my actions, I muttered out an apologize and had pulled you into a hug. The second I felt my grip lock around you, my knees tried to buckle, I could feel Slender digging his gaze into me just for hugging you, a human girl. As a proxy I wasn't allowed to keep human friends for very long before Jeff found and killed them, or I was forbidden from seeing them again.

“Please ________, don't ever come after me again like that, I don't want to loose you to.” I tried my hardest to mutter out, but I couldn't bring the words out of my mouth with the sharp eyes of Slenderman digging into my back like they were.

Before I knew it we had released one another, said one more apology and then headed down the path back to the main road, me leading you by the hand. I was more then eager to get out of the forest now, I couldn't stand the stare of Slender in my back anymore. The fact I couldn't tell him to knock it off just made it worse.

My blood ran cold when I heard Jeff snicker behind us, and I nearly took off in a full sprint towards the main path in order to keep you facing forward and to keep me from confirming my fears. I wasn't going to let them take anymore of my friend away from me. I would do no matter what it took to keep you safe, even if it meant dieing at the hands of Slender in the process.

Once we had finally made it back to the path, I watched as you quickly took your bag in your hands, before you could sling it over your shoulder I gently took it from you and slung it over my own shoulder to carry it.

“You don't have to do that Masky.” She murmured, her eyes slightly wide in amazement at my action, but for what reason I couldn't figure out.

“It's the least I could do for upsetting you, so I insist.” Was all I could mutter before making my way up the path towards your house. I had no idea what had gotten into me, I have only apologized to a handful of people, I have only ever hugged creepy-pasta members, and I had only ever carried bags for Slender, and that was because I was forced to.

The rest of the walk to your house was spent in silence, which was unusual since you normally begun to talk about anything after I had kept quiet for more then three minutes. My mind had started to wonder thanks to the quiet atmosphere, and my thoughts always came back to you. Had you seen something in the woods to startle you or something? No you would have told him about it by now, so why were you being so quiet?

My thoughts were interrupted when you came a halt in front of your house and shot me a smile before gently taking your bag from me.

--- Reader P.O.V. ---

The walk home was a quiet one, and to be honest it was driving you nuts. The only thing keeping you from speaking was what had happen among the trees. The one thing on this earth you were positive your friend didn't want you to see, all because you had to jump to conclusions about his safety.

When you had come to your house, you smiled. Finally you might be able to escape the dead air, even if it was by saying a simple good-bye. Coming to a stop you turned to the masked boy and smiled before gently lacing your fingers around your backpack strap and placing it on your shoulder, preparing to take it inside.

“Thank you for walking me home and carrying my bag Masky, it was very sweet of you.” You hummed, a blush trying to fight its way onto your cheeks as you thought about it, though you strongly held it back.

“O-oh, yea of course, anytime ______.” He murmured, seeming to pull himself out of his thoughts before giving a nod and turning to leave. All you could do was watch as he slowly made his way down the road, his head tilted down as he begun to think again.

You would have done the same to go inside, but your feet were telling you otherwise. Once he had gotten a short distance away, you took off full speed after him before lightly pulling him back by the shoulder, much to his surprise, and giving the pale painted surface of his mask a gentle kiss before giving a nod to him and trotting back to your house, finally able to enter without hesitation.

Squeaked squeak squeak x3 

I would actually like to know your guys opinon for the next part .o. Should reader break down and tell him in secret what she saw in the woods, or hold it in and not tell him till something big happens? 

I, personally, am leaning towards the second one, but its not just my story, its your too! So tell me what you think I should do =3 I like to hear what you guys think. 

Part 3: You here

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (c) :iconcreepypasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:
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I can't wait for the next part!
And, I agree with you. If (reader) keeps the secret inside, it'll probably drive him/her crazy with guilt for not telling Masky, and it could help leave the readers wanting to have more of the story because of the possibilities with how Masky'll take it. |D
Love this story!~ :heart:
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