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Masky ? by De-Haro

 You hummed happily as you walked into class, not at all to see Masky as far away from your regular seat as he could get. With a smile you bounced over towards him and sat at his side, much to his, what you could assume, was displeasure.

“Why.” He grunted in his bland yet sweet voice, his words having more then one meaning behind them as he picked up a book for in between classes and begun to read, quietly telling you he didn't care what you had to say.

“Well I get lonely sitting all by myself over there! Besides I thought we were friends.” You said in a rather matter- o – fact way causing the boy to quickly turn his gaze on you as he went slightly stiff.

“W-we're friends?” He stuttered as if he had never had friends before, which you knew was near to impossible.

“Well duh Mask, geez, I think that band around your head is cutting off oxygen to your brain.” You muttered, quickly reaching forward in a curious attempt to take off his mask to see his face. Sadly he was to quickly and almost instantly flew back away from your touch and only gave off what could have been a glare.

“Curiosity killed the cat...” He grumbled almost as if it was a warning before slowly making his way back to the table, his eyes darting between you and his book to make sure you weren’t trying to take the mask from his face again – which you didn't.

All you could do was give him a wide-eyed surprised look before you narrowed your eyes and looked over him with so much suspicion in your eyes it looked as if you were trying to solve a murder on CSI : Miami. You kept up this pattern till the teacher walked in and called for everyone's attention, signaling the end of your investigation...

Till later, that was.

--- Small Time-skip ---

A few weeks had passed, and you had only done your best to get closer to the masked boy and your attempts seemed to be working, for he had started to tell you things you had a strong feeling he had never told others.

Like how he was an “apprentice” of sorts under a tall man with a suit, though when you asked for his name, he kept it very discreet or changed the subject, so you dropped it, not wanting to ruin the small gate you had opened.

Or the reason he covered his face was because of “terrible burns” he suffered from the past, and that's why he never removed his mask, which was something you could understand and respect, though you did wish to one day see, at least once, what his true face looked like, burned or not.

In your eyes you were both developing a great friendship, and you could have even gone as far as to call him your best friend by after only 2 weeks of knowing him, because you found yourself naturally telling him about your past and your problems without even realizing it. You hadn't realized it till another friend had asked what you both were talking about so much, and you couldn't bring yourself to say anything more then a simple- “Nothing.”

“Hey Masky!” You chirped happily as you pounced on the young man, drooping your arms over his shoulders and around his neck while your legs wrapped themselves tightly around his waist to prevent you from falling.

He had hated you doing such things at first, but after you doing it so many times he had just given up on telling you not to, and just accepted it.

“Yes ______, what is it?” He hummed, giving a small glance over his shoulder to show you that you had his attention while he came to a halt in the annual trip he took to retrieve lunch, his hands gripping your legs to keep them from accidentally unlacing from around him, not wanting you to fall.

“I have to stay after school today to do some make up work, and I won't be able to leave till after the buses leave. I was wondering if you could walk me home?” You asked, putting on your best puppy dog face to try and win over your masked friend.

It had taken him a few seconds to process the question you had asked before he could answer, the whole time his eyes trained on you intently from under his mask.

“W-why do I have to walk you home?” He muttered, cringing slightly at his stutter while he averted his gaze from yours which had become full off amusement at his words.

“Because theirs no one else, and your the only one who might be able to stay after today!” You cried lacing your arms tighter around his neck as you nuzzled your face into his neck after you were able to work your way around the hoodie that was draped over his head.

You felt his neck go warm at your actions, and it only made you want to see what was under his mask more, though you restrained yourself from looking, not wanting to break your friends trust in you.

“I-If I can get my “boss” to allow me some free time, then I don't mind.” He muttered, turning his gaze even further from you till it rested on the complete opposite side you were at which only caused you to roll your eyes and giggle before letting out a cheer.

After you had finished your little cheer and stabilize yourself once again on the boys back, he gently crouched down while unwrapping your legs from around his waist and carefully placed your feet on the ground. As if on instinct you detached yourself from his neck and watched as he walked off towards the schools front doors, pulling out his cell on the way.

You didn't even have to call after him to know what he was doing, so with a smile you gave a nod to yourself before bouncing into the cafeteria line and grabbing a lunch for the both of you, you getting what ever you fancied, while you grabbed the masked boys usual.

By the time he had come back, you had settled at your usual table and already dug into your lunch. It was almost impossible for you to tell what he was thinking with his mask on, so you patiently waited with your eyes trained on him, eager to hear his “bosses” answer.

“He said I could, as long as I was back base by sunset.” He muttered, quickly taking a bite out of his food while you let out a “hip-hip-hooray” of a cheer.

“Wait, base?” You mused, looking at him with a slightly confused and curious look on his face.

“It's what he likes to call the house...” He muttered through his chewing, which was something he had only started doing recently. You didn't mind though, it was just another way of him opening up, and you couldn't be happier.

“Your so weird Mask,” you giggled before finishing up the remainder of your food before quickly getting up and dumping the trap in the trashcan.

“Look who's talking,” he huffed once you had returned, quickly finishing off his drink.

“Hey!” You cried, earning a chuckle from him before he quieted down to finish his food, while you made idle conversation, not being one for quiet.

--- Another Small Time-skip ---

You hummed to yourself as you walked along the dirt path that led to your house among the country side just a few miles away from your school, and by the time you had gotten out of school, and made it to where you were now, the sun was just about meet the horizon, much to the masked boys dismay.

You had noticed the change in his walking when the sun had started to get close with the horizon. He had begun to fidget a lot more then he tended to, and his gaze kept locking with the sun. You had to keep telling him if he keep looking at the sun like that, he would go blind. You had no idea what was wrong till you remembered what he had told you, he had to be home by sunset.

His “boss” couldn't be that strict...could he?

“M-masky, if you want you can head home, I can take it from here.” You muttered, clearly not OK with the idea of him leaving you.

The way to your house was still a good half a mile away, and at the pace you both were going, you wouldn't be back till the sun was at least half way below the horizon, or maybe even completely gone with all his odd fidgety walking.

“No, it's OK.” He spoke, almost gulping as his eyes shot towards the forest line on the far side of the dirt path you were both on.

You couldn't understand why he looked at it with such fear, the worst thing to come out of there was a brown bear on occasion during the spring, and it was fall now so there was nothing to worry about. What could have struck to much fear into him that it made him almost literally shake?

“Masky, go home. I can walk the rest of the way home on my own. If the head of your house hold is that intimidating that you are almost literally shaking in you skin, you should get home before I get you into trouble.” You made sure to keep your voice serious and your stance strong, though your eyes were giving away all most all the fear you would be left in if he were to leave you, so you tilted your head down, not wanting to place guilt on him if he did decide to leave.

“I promised I would walk you home, and that's that. I can handle my superiors, besides, its not my “boss” I'm worried about right now.” He muttered the last part under his breath before suddenly hoisting you up onto his back.

Once you were securely attached to his back, he took off down the road at a speed you didn't even know he could go let alone with you on his back. It was like he was sprinting full speed with nothing holding him back, and all you could do to keep the wind from smacking your face was to hide your face in the crook of his neck.

Before you had time to realized what was going on, he had come to a stop, and had begun to gently place you down on your feet like he had done before in the cafeteria. Gently you felt as he detached your arms from his neck before placing them at your side.

“Here we are ______, this is your home right?” He hummed. Blinking your eyes you looked up to see your house, and all you could do was give a nod before opening your mouth to question how he had done that, though he beat you to it.

“I use to take track, so it was nothing. I'm sorry for being in such a rush, but I really must go.” He explained before giving you a nod in good-bye and taking off down the road at the same speed he had come up it.

All you had time to do was take a big breath and yell your good-bye before sighing and making your way inside where you were greeted by your parents who had been watching from the window with a curious look in there eyes.

You made sure that before they could start boom there question on you, that you had darted up the stairs two at a time before entering your room and closing your door behind you. All you wanted to do now was sleep, sweet sweet sleep, so that's what you did.

Plopping on your bed, you through off your shoes and back pack before plopping in your bed, not even bothering to change out of your normal clothing before passing out, letting darkness envelope you before your thoughts had time to disturb.  

Part 2 :D yea! I'm happy you guys are as excited about this series as you were the last one x3 I will try to do as good on this one as I did on the Slender x Reader one =3 

What is watching from the woods, ooooooo~ Masky is hiding something x3 (I'm pretty sure we have all figured it out already XD) but lets just see where it goes. 

Part 2: Your Here

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Masky (c) :iconmarblehornet: or :iconcreepypasta: 
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