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Masky ? by De-Haro

After the whole sticking your boyfriend on a roof and letting him freeze through half the night thing went down, you had begun to spend a lot more time with Slender and his gang. Like, A LOT more. So much more that sometimes instead of naturally heading to your house, you went to theres instead and wouldn't realize where you were going till either half way through or you were already there.

You had no issues going on at home as of now, but for some reason your feet just led you to the secret base deep within the forest. No matter how many times you told yourself you weren't going to go over you either forgot and ended up going anyway or remembered and got dragged there by Mask who unlike you HAD to go there. On the rare occasion you had made it home, ya' know, to your real house with your parents and brother, you felt like you had been missing something, and then you were like-

“Oh yea, no killers trying to take my fingers off with knives or perverts trying to steal my bra from my gym bag or man eaters trying to get a bite out of my kidneys.” Then you would slap yourself; was that really what you had gotten use to?

It had gotten so bad that when ever you had gone “missing” for a few days, your parents wouldn't even start freaking out and spamming your phone asking where you were, because you either return a few days later, or if you were gone longer then a week, they would send you a single text that was usually -

“At Masks,” and of course you replied with a “Yup,” and that was the end of it.

You weren't the only one to notice it either, all the base members noticed your presence around a lot more then usual, and had only questioned it once or twice, but since your answer was always a shrug or an “I don't know,” they had stopped asking and just accepted it. That was till you stopped coming, stopped coming to the point where not even Mask had seen you in a while and it had begun to worry everyone.

--- Creepy-pasta Gang P.O.V. ---

“I wonder when ________'s gonna come visit us again,” BEN hummed, patting Smiles head who had rested his head in the little elfs lap. The dog let out a whine of agreement, before letting out a huff, his sharp gaze locked on the front door just waiting for you to sneak in and give everyone a smile.

“Where do you think she is Mask?” Hoodie hummed to the boy who had positioned himself by the window, his head resting on his hands as he watched the tree tops, something he only did when he was thinking.

“I hate to say I have no clue,” the masked boy muttered, lowering his arms into a cross position where he proceeded to hide his face.

“Can't we use Smiles nose to help track her?” Jack spoke up, entering from the kitchen with some chips for everyone else and diced kidney for himself since no one had even gotten up from the living room all day, not even to go to the bathroom.

“Already tired it, it stopped at her house but we can't enter to search it with her parents and brother there, and since we can't kill them; you get the point.” Jeff huffed, twirling his knife on the surface of the coffee table.

It was a surprise to everyone when you stopped coming over, and no one had expected it to hit them as hard as it had. You had merged into there daily lives and given everyone something better to do with there time.

You would always fight with Jeff, giving him a reason to practice hand on hand combat, played video games with BEN improving his skill, giving Smile your company so he wasn't so lonely while the others were away, you had even taught Jack how to get blood stains out of furniture so he could eat on the couch and not get yelled at by Slender.

Speaking of the tall being, he had begun to miss you to, though you had barely spent any time around him, your aura definitely lightened the air in the house, and literally no work was getting done with you gone, because everyone was sulking in the living room waiting for you to burst through the door.

They would accept you pissed off at anyone of them at this point. Though most of them had come to the conclusion that it wasn't your presence they missed, it was the fact they didn't know if you were dead or alive, because you hadn't even been to your own house since you stopped coming to theres, and there wasn't many places for you to run off to.

Slender huffed, standing in the door way of the living room watching his house mates sulk. He wasn't sure just how much more of this he could take before he himself begun to sulk. Slenderman doesn't sulk.

“Would you all stop sulking, she'll turn up sooner or later, dead of alive,” he huffed, crossing his long arms honestly getting tired of just how depressed they were over a simple human girl, when they all couldn't stress enough just how human she was to start with.

“Please don't say things like that Slender,” Hoodie quickly spoke up almost instantly after the tall being said it, his red gaze looking to Mask who only proceeded to hide his head deeper and deeper into his arms and hoodie.

Every one then begun to talk amounts them self, the topic falter though always seeming to come back to you, everyone being included except for Mask who had refused to pull his head from his arms. Eventually though he got to his feet, making his way to the front door before calling over Smile.

“Where you going Mask?” Jeff huffed, leaning back into the couch where he had seated himself.

“Taking Smile for a walk,” he spoke, his voice blank and before anyone could ask anymore questions he made his way out the door, closing it quickly behind him just sparing Smiles tail as he followed.

“________, where are you?”

--- Your P.O.V. Ooooooo~ .o. ---

You sighed, making your way through a dark place. You didn't know where you were, you didn't know who or how you had gotten where you were, and for all you knew this could have been hell. Thats what you got for dating a murder, but you didn't regret your choice at all. In fact you were actually expecting him to save you, because he always seemed to in the end, no matter how things ended up going. It was like he had some sort of creepy sixth sense.

You had felt like you were walking for hours, and everything was deadly quiet so when a sudden sound of very distant but distinct whispering came along you let both hope and dread fill you. You hoped that whispering was someone who could help you, but in the end you knew it was more likely the other way around. Slowly and quietly you made your way forward, taking every precaution you had in your use as you went. You were NOT going to die here, not if you had a say in it.

As you crept on the whispering begun to fluctuate, and after a while you just came to a stop, the whispering following soon after. Where the hell had you been taken? Seriously, all you really remembered was walking home late from school and the suddenly a never ending blackness, one that you had yet to escape from.

“Do it, its the only way,” You jumped slightly, hearing a voice whisper directly into your ear, but when you turned to face whoever had spoken, you were only met with more darkness, never before had you felt so scared yet so level headed. It was an odd combination.

“Do what?” You huffed to the blackness, hoping that who ever had spoken to you was listening.

“Do it, do it, its the only way, do it or never escape.” You heard the voice whisper, though instead of your ear it was around you with no particular location. All you could do was sigh and as if on cue small little rainbow of colored dots begun to light along the ground almost like a path while one singular dot sat below you, a yellow dot with a wicked stitched smiley face on it, looking directly up at you.

“Follow the path, and do what you must to escape,” the voice hummed before fading away in the direction the path led. Since you didn't have much of a choice you sighed in defeat, following after the dots. After a while of walking you had noticed a couple of things.

1.) When you walked three dots forward, one spot faded away behind you, making you feel like you were in a board game.

2.) With every step you took forward on the path made for you, the stronger and stronger the sent of metallic iron became. It smelt so familiar, but you couldn't place a name for the smell.


3.) The whispering had begun again, though it sounded as if it was coming from farther down the path this time instead of anywhere near you.

Where the hell were you? You wanted to ask, but with the voice being so far off you felt like you would just be talking to yourself.

It took what felt like hours for you to finally come to the end of the path, and when your feet touched the very last dot on the path, a white door came out of no where right in front of you, causing you to stumble back a bit out of surprise.

“Cool door, now what?” You hummed after looking at the door for a while, you didn't dare touch it, with everything going on you were scared you were somehow going to get electrocuted or something if you touched the bright yellow knob that fit so well with the door, but not at all with the dots you stood on or the blackness that still surrounded everything.

“Do it, enter and do what you must to escape,” the voice whispered in the area around you before fading, leaving the air surprisingly light compared to how it had been just a few seconds before. It was as if what ever had lead you had finally gone, leaving you alone with a choice. Wonder around in the dark, or see what was behind the door.

Well, you had nothing to loose. In a fluid motion you had practiced many times before, you gripped the handle and gave it a turn, using very little force to push the door open only to see...

More darkness...

Was this some sort of sick joke? What type of door was this! 'Open me and I will not lead you somewhere new, but the same fucking place you were before and are now!' Must have taken a genius to come up with that shit, best fucking magic ever. Now you were just pissed off, who did this guy think he was? Pulling this crap on you, the only person to get away with that would be God, and that would be because you would be so damn surprised he was real and wouldn't have time to go off on him.

With a grumble you stormed through the door way, throwing your hands in the air and giving an “oh my god so fucking amazing” face before quickly turning it into a scowl, getting ready to snap at thin air, or the invisible being that could have possibly still been in the area.

Wow, way to go dip shit! You made a door, THAT GOES TO FUCKING NO WHERE!You growled, flailing your arms around in the air to get your point across at just how mad you were. Just as you open your mouth to start ranting you were interrupted by the door that slammed harshly shut behind you.

Quickly your natural response was to spin around, trying to catch who ever had closed the door, but you were only greeted with a sinister looking smiley face, painted onto the back of the white door. The sinister look instantly told you you were screwed, but you still felt alone, the air light and breathable.

Do it, do what you must to escape, its the only way,” with that your vision covered over as if you had suddenly gone blind. There was no more door, no more smiley face, and no more of you, since lifting a hand so it was right in front of your face only resulted in more darkness, that was when you started to panic.

O-oh my god, a-am I blind?!” You huffed, your voice rising slightly in panic before blinking rapidly a few times, luckily your vision turned, revealing a horrible site to you.

Blood everywhere, a dead boy handing from what you assumed was a ceiling, and the words “Do it” scribbled all over the place in the same blood you had assumed that had come from the poor girl dangling from the rope.

Wh-what the hell!”

“Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it,” the voice kept repeating over and over till the only thing you could do was let out a scream and cover your ears, kneeling down in a pool of blood that formed at your feet. You wanted it to shut up, but no matter how many times you tried to will it away it just kept on aging you on, the empty noose seeming to be the only thing standing out in the whole area.

It wanted you to kill yourself, and you had almost actually considered it till you remembered everything you would be loosing if you did so. Everything had a time limit, so all you had to do was out wait what ever was doing this to you, right? No, the second you sat down, pulling your knees to your chest to wait the room begun to swirl, and it felt like the ground under you was being ripped away.

Almost instantly you were on your feet, running to the only thing in the room that looked to be sturdy enough to hold your weight, the tree in the middle of everything. Luckily your guess was right, and that was the only thing that didn't seem to be falling. What were you suppose to do, there was no way you were killing yourself, there was no point in it, and if you did you would just be giving what ever it was what it wished for.

I'm not doing it you here!” You snapped over the voice that was still repeating the same words over and over, there was no way you were giving in. All you did after that was hug the tree in a death grip, tears rolling down your cheeks as the horror set in that you might not be leaving this with your life in tact.

After what seemed like hours the chanting came to a sudden stop and everything fell quiet, what had happen to make it stop? Did you finally out wait it, no, it couldn't be that, it almost seemed to easy, something wishing for your death by the noose wouldn't just give in because you were refusing to do as told, it was planning something.

Do it,” the voice muttered, this time dark and full of murderous intent causing a cold chill to run down your spine.

That was when you had begun to feel it, the intense pulling sensation in your limbs. Though you weren't being moved from the tree, it felt as if you were being stretched from your wrists and ankles. It felt nice at first, because you hadn't stretched in a while, but then it begun to hurt, so bad you let out a scream asking it to stop, only for that to result in it being intensified.

Only after your shoulder popped out of its socket, leaving your arm a wrangled mess did you hear something faint, far in the distance voice. It wasn't the one from before, but a faintly familiar one, one you hadn't heard in what felt like years, but still remembered because that person meant something to you, they were a friend. Hearing this voice you let out another pain filled screech, your already popped arm being tugged at still in an unmerciful way to draw pain from you.

Shadow Man!” The new voice practically roared, causing your ears to ring and your eyes to roll back as the water in your ear swished and swirled. At that point you wanted to get sick, but you knew better and quickly steadied yourself.

When you opened your eyes again you were in the forest, the brown and orange leaves decorating the ground and moss coating the lower layers of trees and roots in a protective blanket. You were back, back to the real world away from all that darkness, but your shoulder still hurt like hell, and the sudden light of the real world nearly blinded you, causing you to shield your eyes with your good arm.

When your vision finally came back to you, you were finally able to notice the once orange and brown leaves were stained red. Only when you looked up did you see your monster. The one who had tried to get you to hang yourself.

A pitch black shadow figure, white eyes pointed down in a glare like look, his pointed pitch black padora hat blending with his head, while where his feet were suppose to be was a black swirling mess of clouds, the only difference from his entire black figure being his eyes and the blood oozing from his side. Who was your savior?


You listened as the shadow creature let out a odd sound which you could only describe as a mix between a hiss, a moan and a static radio. You had no clue what it had said, but Jeff seemed to as his carved smile faltered and his eyes flashed dangerously, what he said next made you rethink everything you knew about the annoying killer.

“You are not allowed to touch her Shadow Man! She is with the Slender household!”

The creature let out another static filled hiss before whipping a black shadow at you, wrapped it around your leg and trying to pull you towards it, all you could do was squeak in pure fear as you were dragged slightly forward, though he didn't get you far as the killer sent his knife right threw the shadow, cutting it in half leaving the part around your ankle to fade into the air while the part connected to the creature begun to bleed a deep red mess.

“Leave, and flee while you can, because you can expect me to speak of this to Slenderman,” The killer threatened, pointing the tip of his blood stained knife at the creature which at the words 'Slenderman' turned that pointed glare upside down and made it into one of fear.

It didn't take long for the Shadow Man to turn into an actually dark shadow, forming to one of the trees before bouncing off, running along the trees, the leaves, and soon fading off into the distance leaving you alone with the killer that as of now you were questioning. He had always teased you about being weak and saying if you were in trouble he wouldn't save you, but here he was, saving you!

(Shadow Man is a character I made up, though there might be look alike idk DX As of now I just made him up, I might draw a picture of my version later)

“Idiot,” the killer sneered before turning to your, a glare hard on his face though it instantly begun to soften as he saw you.

You couldn't see yourself, but through his eyes you were a complete and utter mess. You hair was matted with blood from the black area you had been brought to, your hands and arms were covered in small cuts that you had gained from gripping the tree in a death grip, and the area around your wrists and ankles were a deep purple gray from the invisible force that had been pulling at you. He didn't even have to bring up your arm, that still hung loosely at your side as you gripped it with your good arm, doing your best to keep it from moving.

“Jeez,” you heard him huff, sending him a confused look as you watched him walk over to you, gently taking your form in his arms before lifting you carefully, making sure to rest your arm carefully over your stomach so it didn't flop around while he walked.

“Your lucky I left to look for Mask,” was all he muttered, unable to bring his gaze directly on you as he walked on.

“Wheres Mask?” You huffed, wincing slightly as he did a small jump off a rock to keep to what ever invisible path he had made, since you were literally in the middle of no where, at least to you. You hadn't been in the part of the forest you were in before.

“He took Smile out for a walk, but since we all know he usually does that when he needs to blow off steam, I was sent to make sure he didn't do anything stupid.” The pale boy explained as he walked, finally able to bring his gaze forward to focus on where he was going instead of looking off to the side to avoid looking at you.

“ far are we from the base?” You mumbled, finally bringing yourself to rest your head lightly on the boys chest, not liking the way your head was bobbing before hand. He walked as gracefully a cow on ice. In a few words it was uncomfortable for him to carry you the way he was, but with your arm it was the most efficient.

“About a mile or two.” He answered simply, sending you a glance when you rested on him but not saying anything about it as he went back to watching where he was going.

You kept asking questions like this. How long had you been with the Shadow man; three long weeks. It had only felt like a could hours to you, maybe a day at max. Where did your parents think you were; he had no clue though they seemed worried. What was the Shadow Man; that one had seemed to stump him, but sooner or later he told you it was a long story and he would explain it later. After that you were quiet, no more questions bothering to pop into your mind.

--- Creepy-Pasta Gang P.O.V. ---

When Jeff kicked the door down everyone nearly jumped out of there skin, no one had been loud all day, so the loud bang definitely had an affect. Everyone jumped up and ran over to him when they saw what was in his arms, the limp body of a human girl. That alone cause everyone to go pale, but once it was made clear she or more specifically you were alive everyone let out a breath.

“W-where were you _________! You had us worried sick!” BEN snapped, his turning red in anger though you could tell he wasn't really all that pissed off, just upset that you had worried them.

“Almost getting killed, now If you would give me some space,” you grunted, using your good arm to push the boy back since he had seriously invaded your personal space.

“What do you mean almost getting killed?” BEN shrieked, failing his arms around as he tried to express his anger with you though to you it looked like a little kid throwing a tantrum.

“She had a run in with the Shadow Man, which I need to talk with you about Slenderman,” Jeff cut in, sensing just how irritated you were.

Pain made you snappy and irritable, so a whining BEN was the last thing you needed, plus you had felt a head ache coming from the huge amount of sudden sunlight and all the loud noise that came with being back with the guys.

You watched from the corner of your eye as the tall being gave a nod to the killer before turning his attention back to you, an like crease forming in his face? Wait, when did Slenderman ever smile? He also seemed more relaxed then when you had been brought in, what had done that?

“Wait...were you guys...worried about me?” You hummed rather dumbfounded, when all of them gave you the “are you serious” look you let a small sheepish smile form on your face.

“YES YOU IDIOT!” They all shrieked at the same time, increasing the pounding in your head significantly.

“Wait, but you guys are always calling me a weak human, and you said that if I was ever in trouble you would never save me, but you did!” You huffed, pointing a finger at Jeff as you got all defensive about the situation.

All of them except for Hoodie and Slender gave a sheepish smile before looking anywhere except you, which was hard considering there living room was a pretty bland place by your standards. You were a little stunned when someone actually spoke up, you had expected them to all avoid conversation till Slender said something.

“True enough, but your our weak human, so no one gets to mess with you except us.” Your gaze shot towards Jack with a wide eyed expression, you hadn't been expecting him to say that of all things, and you were honestly a little touched when you saw everyone give a nod to two, though you weren't so sure you liked being called weak.

“Awe guys~ Your all going soft~” You teased, giving a laugh as all of them either shot you glares or did the equivalent of a sweat-drop.

“Not all of us are going soft! Just BEN and Jack,” Jeff huffed, crossing his arms over his chest as he said so.

There went the calm, almost instantly BEN jumped up defending himself, calling someone else weak, and before you knew it there was a brawl in the living room all around you. So what did you do? Lied down on the couch you had been placed on, got comfortable, and got a well deserved rest.

--- Small Time-Skip ---

When you awoke, it was to the sound of the light pitier patter of rain on the window and the beating of something smooth and steady. You had no clue what that was till you lifted your head, finding yourself resting on Mask's chest, in the room you had begun to call your own since you were first brought in for healing.

You looked on at him with a gentle gaze for a while, quietly trying to determine if you should call out to him to see if he was awake, or just lay back down and enjoy his heat while you could. His mask was still on his face, which gave you reason to believe he was awake, but then again he hadn't responded to you lifting your head off his chest so you had come to the conclusion he might have just fallen asleep with it on. In times like these it sucked he didn't snore, because now it was impossible to tell if he was awake or not.

With a light sigh you just gave up, snuggling back down into the covers and resting your head on his chest, not wanting to wake him if he was asleep, and if he was awake not wanting to bother him. If he hadn't said anything he must not have wanted to talk, so you just listened to his heart beat as he thumped gently in his chest and let the light rain fall outside add to the rhythmic lullaby.

You weren't interrupted from your listening session till you felt a hand lightly comb through your hair. You tried to stay as peacefully still as possible at that point, enjoying the feeling of his hands running through your still slightly matted hair. You feared if you gave away that you were still awake he would stop, but soon you naturally found yourself letting out a light sigh. You nearly cursed yourself when he came to a halt in his motions and you saw from the corner of your eye as he tilted his head slightly down to gaze at you.

“Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you,” he mumbled, his voice no higher then a whisper as he moved his hand to your cheek, pushing away stay strands of hair that got in the way of your complexion.

“You didn't, I woke up a little while ago, I just didn't want you to stop running your fingers through my hair,” you hummed, giving a small smile to yourself at your childishness. You let out a happy hum as he begun the process of combing your hair with his fingers again, though this time you leaned into his touch since you were no longer hiding your state of mind.

“How long have you been up,” you hummed after a while, keeping your voice quiet as if there were someone else who could over hear your conversation even though it was only the two of you in the room.

“I haven't slept yet.” This made you look up at him, your eyes hinting worry at him. It didn't take you long to sit up and rest on your knees, looking at him with a look a mother would give her child for sneaking a cookie before dinner.

“Mask-” You had begun only for him to cut you off, his voice a heaving sigh as if he could tell what was about to come out of your mouth.

“I know I know, I just couldn't sleep is all. I couldn't stop could have easily been killed, I should have been there to protect you...” He huffed, one of the fists at his side clenching the sheet under him slightly, almost giving away the frustrated look that must have been on his face.

All you could do after he said that was give a sigh, slowly making your way up to him till you sat up by his head, looking down at him with the soft look you had had early. Easily you lightly gripped the edge of his mask, carefully lifting it off his face. He didn't even try to pull away this time, and by the time you had placed the mask on the side table and leaned back to look at him he had already pulled the had that had had a grip on the sheets under his head. You could easily tell he was beat, and you were surprised he hadn't fallen asleep before hand.

“Sleep, I'm here now. Get some rest,” you mumbled, keeping your voice as smooth as you possibly could while you gently lifted a hand over his eyes, pulling the lips down and lightly kissing the area just above his nose.

It didn't take long before his body went into a new form of relaxation and his breathing slowed, telling you he had finally fallen asleep. Honestly with this boy, staying up all night, though you had to admit his reasoning was sweet. After you had made sure he was asleep you slowly crawled back down, snuggled under the covers and rested you head on his chest before drifting into sleep as well, not wanting to break your promise.

This is the last chapter before the Epilouge which if I get things done correctly should be up tomorrow along with the first chapter of my newset series. (Again if I get things done like im suppose to XD )

I'm so glad you guys enjoyed this series! I had just as much fun writing it and reading your guys' comments as you guys' did reading it. I think thats a good way to tell me it was a good seires, and I might actually come back to this one if I run out of things to write or come up with more ideas and make a sequl out of it, but if I do so, what should it be called? Should I just keep going with the normal title and uping the numbers or give it a whole new name? x3

You guys are CRAZY! I was told by a freind that you guys got this seires up into the populars on the front page! So thank you so much for that.

Part 10:…
Part 11:…
Part 12: YOUR HERE

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (c) :iconcreepypasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:
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