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Masky ? by De-Haro

--- Few Months Later ---

You growled to yourself as you stormed through the forest, steam practically coming out of your ears as you made your way to the river side, where you would proceed to back track to the 'base'. Never before had you been so pissed off! Oh dare he do what he did!

Once you came to the river you ran down its coarse and up the rocky path till you were literally just going by your memory from months back. You were lucky you had even spotted the entrance let alone remembered where you were going or what it even looked like.

Without even knocking you stormed through the door startling BEN and Jeff who were sitting on the couch. In the room directly to the right. On instinct they both jumped to there feet, Jeff swinging knives and BEN floating off the ground, ready to attack if needed.

Once they realized it was you though the both lowered there weapons slightly, they both threw there weapons completely out the window when they caught your glare, which right now was as cold as all the ice in Antarctica. It was so intense that even Jeff's perminate smile turned upside down into “holy mother of god” frown. In an attempt to be a man he bravely stood his ground no matter how much his instincts told him to flee, unlike BEN who had already ducked behind the couch, fear you might start chucking things instantly hitting him like a ton of bricks.

“U-uh...Hi ______, hows it going?” The killer stuttered out, his eyes fighting between looking at you and looking at the ground. He knew it was a bad idea to look away considering you could attack him while he had his guard down, but it was bad to look at wild animals straight in the eye.

“How do you THINK its fucking going!” You snapped at him, causing him to flinch and almost instantly he was behind the couch with BEN, forgetting his pride in an attempt to save himself.

“J-jeez, what crawled up your- I mean whats wrong?” He quickly changed his sentence around once you had basically begun to seethe inaudible threats at him, and with they way you were now you would most likely carry out those threats if given the chance.

“Where's Tim!” You growled using his real name, your fits clenched so tight they were turning as pale as Slender's face. You watched as both the boys went wide eyed before ducking down further. All it took was Jeff pointing up stairs for you to let out a lion like growl.


You heard an “oh shit” from upstairs before what sounded like a fall and a bunch of bumping around before everything fell quiet. At that you felt your eyebrow twitch before you stormed over to the stairs and quickly climbed them, with each step you made coming up you heard more muffled panicking from the very end of the hall at the top of the stairs.

“What in the hells name did you do!” You heard Hoodie practically growl once you reached the top of the stairs, a small smirk formed on your face when you heard more bumping and then finally everything went quiet.

Just as you reached Hoodie's door and lifted a hand to knock the door swung open, bringing you face to face with the yellow hooded red featured boy who wore a look of calm on his face that had little to no facial features. That was till he saw your face, then panic instantly struck him.

“Where's. Tim,” You seethed, brining any and all walls the hooded boy had put up down to the ground, smashing them into tiny bite sized pieces.

At the sound of you using his official title you heard the boy squeak in fear from some where in the room, and in that instant you stormed pass the hooded boy who quickly stepped out of your way, not wanting to die like his friend. It didn't take you long to find him, and when you did you released hell.

You hadn't even noticed Hoodie had left the room till you felt yourself get ripped away from the boy by Slenderman, who had to of been fetched by the hooded boy, because you didn't think anyone else would have dare to get in your way at that point other then someone who hadn't seen your pure rage. All the tall creature knew was that you were pissed, and taking it out on his proxy.

“Why are you trying to kill my proxy,” the tall creature growled, that was when he turned you to face him and you basically hissed at him, your fists still clenched as tight as your body would allow them to go. You literately saw him sweat-drop.

“Because HE is an ASS! NOW PUT ME DOWN!” You snapped, your tone so harsh it could have made people like Freddy Cougar cower away in fear, but since he had to be the leader, all he could do was flinch and place you down like you had asked, or more so demanded of him.

The second your feet touched the ground you ripped yourself away from the tall creatures tentacles and stormed past the boys who had all crowed behind Slender, interested to see what was going on and just how bad you had beaten your boyfriend.

“Just remember! If thats what I do to my boyfriend then imagine what I would and could do to you!” You snapped at them, making it clear you still had some wrath in you and if any of them messed with you they would get the same treatment.

After you had made your message clear, seeing all the guys flinch and hide behind the tall Slender you stormed down the stairs and out the front door where you proceeded home.

--- Creepy-pasta Gang P.O.V. ---

Once the guys had heard the front door slam shut, they all turned there heads directly towards Mask who was gripping his arm like it was a life line. Blood oozed from a cut on his head and his hoodie, pants, and main shirt were torn as if he had been attacked by a tiger. His mask was servilely cracked, and his phone wasn't doing to well either, considering he had had it in his pocket when you unleashed everything you had on him.

There was only one questions left, which they all asked in unison, some eager and some fearful to hear the answer.

“What the hell did you do!?”

--- Back to you XD ---

Once you had gotten back on the path that led to your house you turned the opposite direction and headed towards town, your hands shoved in your pockets as you muttered darkly to yourself. You were in desperate need of something sweet to calm your nerves, and a double scoop of chocolate ice-cream sounded like bliss.

You may have been wondering exactly what the poor boy could have possibly of done to piss off his sweet girlfriend, well that convince, blood lust filled, traitor of a guy-

You were pulled from your thoughts when you heard a bark sound from behind you. You were surprised to turn and see Smile bounding up the path after you, once you had come to a stop he halted a few feet away from you, giving you the most wary look you had ever seen come from a dog.

“It's OK Smile, I'm not pissed at you,” You hummed. As if those words were the key to the worlds issues the dog gave off his human smile and bounded forward, coming to a stop at your side till you begun your walk to town again.

The rest of the trip was quiet other then the panting of Smile or the jingle of his collar that sounded with each of his steps. Since the walk had been peaceful, your nerves had calmed significantly and to thank Smile for his company you bought him a small bowl of vanilla ice-cream, which he happily licked up. You felt like he needed it, he had come to town with you and endured all the looked that people gave him for his appearance.

The way back to your house was peaceful to, and once you had reached the steps, and turned to say good-bye to Smile you felt a pang of sadness hit you, you didn't want to loose his company just yet, so with a sigh you opened the door and made a gesture for him to come in, which he happily obliged to.

The both of you spent the rest of the day in your room just relaxing till you had decided it would be a good idea to get some fresh air. In a happy mood you made your way outside onto the porch, only for your happy mood to be stolen from you when you saw Mask sitting on your steps, a sling around one of his arms while his other supported his head, seemingly waiting for someone.

“Smile.” You grumbled, pure rage in your eyes. Your voice had alerted the boy to your presence and when he saw the look in your eyes any hope he had had fled from him. Smile looked up at you, cocking his head.

“Can you do me a favor?” You asked, causing the dog to bark in what you took as a “sure.”

“Get this prick off my property?” You hummed, your voice dark making your entire image just terrifying. You listened as the dog let out an amused huff before turning to Mask and giving a growl.

You watched as your boyfriend went stiff and before you knew it let out a yelp and darted around the house, Smile following closely after him. After a few rounds around the house, the boy finally came up with an idea to save his butt by literally jumping up the steps and onto the railing that lined your porch, where he proceeded to climb one of the posts up onto your roof where he sat himself high up from the dog who still barked up at him from the ground.

“Good boy Smile!” You cooed, skipping up to the dog and giving him a scratch between the ears before turning and looking up at Mask, who sat uncomfortably on your roof, looking at you and Smile like you were a couple of nuts.

“Seriously ______? I said I was sorry!”

Though you didn't exactly get him off the property, you still scared him up a tree so good job.” You smiled, thanking the dog, much to your boyfriends annoyance.


Now if you could do me one more favor, if its not to much trouble. Could you make sure that he stays up there?” You hummed, listening as the dog gave a bark and begun to wag his tail.


“What!” He cried, sending daggers at the dog who basically smirked back up at him.

“It suppose to rain tonight!” He cried, trying to make his way down the post only for Smile to chase him back up.

Get wet then,” you chirped, giving a giggle to yourself before making your way inside. You only came back out to bring Smile a make shift rain coat before vanishing back inside. Just because you boyfriend was an idiot didn't mean the dog had to suffer.

--- Creepy-Pasta Gang P.O.V. ---

The four watched from the near by bushes as there friend was chase around the house and then up onto the roof by none other the Smile himself, talk about treachery. Though they had to admit it was amusing to watch.

Damn _______'s cold,” Jeff huffed, his already wide eyes looking on in amazement at just how cold you were. The day just before you were all over the poor guy who now had to stay on the roof for the night. Now you were treating him like crap for reasons none of them knew, considering he had run out of the base before they could interrogate him any further.

Yea, I wonder what he did to get her that pissed off,” BEN mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck as he thought of things that would get you that upset, it must have been bad.

Maybe he cheated?” Hoodie spoke up, counting on his fingers the possibility’s of what could have happen.

Nah, Mask's stupid, but not THAT stupid,” Jeff muttered, shooting Hoodie a look that asked him just how he had come up with that possibility.

All the hooded boy did was shrug before turning back to the house where Mask still sat on the roof, letting out a rather loud groan as the first drops of rain begun to fall.

Lets get back, its Mask's mess not ours,” Slender mumbled or more so demanded as he shuffled his way back towards the forest, everyone following after him either laughing or sending the boy on the roof good luck glances.

--- Your P.O.V. ---

You were awoken by a loud crack of thunder, startling you out of your dream. Almost instantly after you bolted up when you glanced at the clock, 3 am. That was also the time you had remembered what you had done to your boyfriend causing both joy and guilt to hit you. Without even thinking twice you jumped out of bed, running down the stairs and out into the porch where you saw Smile, laying where you had left him.

Oh. My. God,” you huffed, your voice only a breath. At your words smile looked up from his laying position in the rain and his tail begun to wag. Almost instantly you motioned him over which he obeyed, trotting his way over.

Once he had gotten over to you you pulled off his make shift rain coat to find it had worked, and everywhere excepts for his face was warm and dry. That made you feel a little better, but when you felt his face where the rain had hit it was ice cold, causing dread to shoot through you.

Smile, where's Mask?” You mumbled, your eyes wide. When the dog pointed towards the area above you tears rolled down your cheeks as you covered your mouth, the only thing going through your head being -

“Oh my god I killed my boyfriend!”

Without any hesitation you darted back upstairs, flinging open your window and climbing out. Once you were sure you had your footing you lept out, gripping the gutter just above your window with such force you thought you were going to break it, and with all the strength you had, you hoisted yourself up onto the roof, making sure to bring a blanket and umbrella with you.

Once you had found your footing on the slippery roof, you quickly scurried to the front of the house, where you saw Mask, sprawled out on the roof with his hands under his head allowing the rain to hit his mask. You would have thought it was fine if it weren't for his clothes literally sticking to him, and you couldn't see his stomach rising.

“Oh my fucking god I turned my boyfriend into an icicle.” You let out in a single breath before darted over to him, careful to not loose your footing.

M-mask, Mask,” You hummed, giving him a light shake. When he didn't respond you broke into tears, holding your hands to your face in an attempt to hide your tears.

You flinched when you felt an icy cold hand run along the top of your fingers, pulling your hands to your face to allow your eyes to meet with bright blue. The second you saw his eyes soften you tackled him, crying into his chest.

“You idiot! I thought you were dead! Why are you still up here, do you know what time it is!” You snapped, tears still spilling from your eyes as your hug got tighter, scared that if you let him go he would vanish. You honestly hadn't expected him to stay up there all night, thats why you had left your window unlocked.

What? Y-you were the one who m-made me stay up here!” He huffed, starting to shiver now as your heat transferred to him, he was literally ice cold.

“Idiot,” you huffed, your voice cracking from emotion as you quickly set up the umbrella and wrapped him in the blanket, snuggling against him in order to try and transfer more of your heat to him.

Tell me when your warm enough to stand and go inside...” You mumbled, burring your face in your arms as you brought your knees to your chest, leaning against his side lightly as you listened to the rain fall.

You felt him look at you for a while before you were pulled into his lap where he let you rest your head on his chest, causing your face to begun to burn from the cold, though you didn't fight against him. You deserved to be cold for what you had done.

You both sat there for what you could assume was an hour at least, neither of you saying anything or even moving to get more comfortable till you heard Smile let out a worried bark from below. You had been up there for a long time, and it made since he would get worried.

“We should go inside,” the boy under you whispered, running his hands through your slightly damp hair. With a nod you got to your feet and begun to shuffle back towards your window where you grabbed the gutters and swung down, landing on the sill. You were lucky your shoes had caught correctly, otherwise it would have been a long fall.

After you were safely inside Mask followed quickly after, his movements more fluid then yours from years of practice. While he closed the window you scurried off to your parents room to grab some of your fathers spare clothing, for once you were happy they had left you home alone, business trips had never been so useful. When you came back to your room, you found him sitting soundly on the floor, wrapped in a towel you had hung on the back of your door.

“Here,” you mumbled, handing him the clothing, a look of pure guilt writing on your features. You watched as he took them and gave a nod, making his way towards your door where he came to a stop just as he was about to open it.

“If you want, you can take a shower, you could use one,” You hummed, your voice extremely quiet as if you feared speaking any louder. You watched as he gave a nod, and then made his way down the hall followed by Smile who had made his way upstairs after seeing you both jump into the house through your window.

With that all you could bring yourself to do was change into a new pair of pj's since your current ones were wet and then climb back into bed, laying there till you heard the shower turn off and eventually foot steps making there way carefully down the hall till they stopped at your door.

“Climb in.” You mumbled, not even having to look over to see who it was to tell them that.

After the days events the last thing he was going to do was disobey so he quickly shuffled over and crawled in next to you, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close. Even after a shower his skin was still chilled, and slightly paler then usual only causing you to fill with more and more guilt till you couldn't stay quiet anymore.

“I'm, so sorry...” You said in a hushed voice, burring your head into his chest, letting out a sigh so your breath could warm him slightly. After your apologies you hadn't been expecting him to kiss your forehead, but thats exactly what he did.

“It's fine, consider us even now,” he hummed, a small smile forming on his face as he sat up to take his mask off, placing it gently on the bedside table before curling back up with you.

“Get some rest, we'll talk about it in the morning.”

OK, officially best boyfriend ever! You beat the crap out of him, broke his mask, which you could easily call his most prized possession, and then stuck him on a roof for who knows how long in icy cold rain. You had expected him to break up with you after all that, but apparently he was kinder then you had originally thought.

You knew you had gone to far, letting him stay on a roof for hours in cold rain, when all he had done was ruin your only copy of a book you had been writing.

(Note that it took you about 2 years to write said book, and just as you finished it it got ruined.)

As you might be able to tell I really enjoyed wrting this XD It was even more entertaining for me when I had my mother read the part where he gets chased up on the roof and gets stuck there and I asked her if it was to extream for a punishment and she was like "Nah, its great."

Now you know where I get it from.

Part 10:…
Part 11: YOU BE HERE
Part 12:…

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (c) :iconcreepypasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:
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narwhallovesart Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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So bad*ss
NekoMinecrafter Featured By Owner May 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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tokoroth-of-chaos Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015
Seriously, I've been working on a book in my spare time for like 3 years, if someone wrecked the only copy I'd flip my shit. And I think I'd be justified in doing so. 
But yeah, maybe a little cruel. :)
HoloTheWolfGaming Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
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It's a huge deal... it takes me months to finish requests on fanfictions... 2 year old book I wrote, he'd be lucky to not be buried alive... Or ripped limb from limb... XD
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What did masky do?
Damn I sound so cold for this, that's even low for me. 
Besides I love Masky I would never do that, unless he tried raping or fucking me, without my permission, then I'd beat his fucking ass.
But making him stay in icy cold rain, Hell No!!
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EllamentraMagic Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Me to let me tell you this one time my sister got paint all over the 13 season story I'm writing and I went all ape shit I almost went completly Jeff the killer on her ass.
Then my dad locked up all the knives and bobby pins(I know how to pick a lock) so I couldn't kill her but I did give her a black eye.
My sister is 9 she should know better.
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