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Masky ? by De-Haro

You sighed, swinging your feet from side to side as you sat in the hospital, waiting for a doctor to call your name so you could get up, be told your fine, and then get the hell out because you felt fine, to your memory you looked fine, and you were in no more pain other then a sore spot here or there.

You had tried to hard to convince your parents that you were fine, but in the end they had dragged you to the hospital anyway, and even tried to get you into the ER! Luckily for you the nurses saw you looked fine and directed you and your family to the waiting room since unlike others, you weren't gushing blood, you weren't in unbearable pain, and you still had all your limbs.

Now you just sat in the waiting room, your head in your hands as you listened to other peoples conversations or the dreaded ticking of the clock that sat on the wall just above you. You so desperately wanted to go home and wait for Mask to come and visit you, but of course that wasn't going to happen.

You flinched and gave a cringed as your brother curiously poked at the stitches that had now been uncovered. He had never seen them before, and with the little bits of dried blood coming up from in between the threads it did more then peak his interest, all he wanted to do was scratch at it. You had felt the same way, which was why it was covered up, but now you were using all your will power to not pick at it yourself and even more to get your brother to stop messing with it.

“So are you going to tell me where you go that?” You mother huffed, her hands on her hips as she tried to interrogate you for the seventh time that morning, didn't she ever give up? How were you suppose to tell her, “Yea, a monster came out of the woods and attacked me, but then Mask came to check on me and saved my ass so you should really be thanking him.”

Since you knew you would look like a nut if you said that, you had kept quiet and told them it was just an accident on the way to the campsite. Though that text message you had sent seemed to be back firing on you, because you had heard your mother whispering to your father about Masky and how he had 'most likely' hurt you. You wanted to snap at her for that one, but you knew better when she was only trying to protect you. She had never met Mask, so it only made since she would be wary of him.

“Mrs. ________” Your head shot up in sweet relief when you heard your name and saw the doctor standing in front of a slightly a jarred door. The second your eyes set on your target you were up and had darted over to him, your hands behind your back as you gave a greeting and a smile, giving him the “save me from them,” look.

All he did was give a blink before smiling and giving a small nod and asking the blissful question you had been waiting for.

“Would you like your parents to come along or come in alone?” The second he asked that you nearly shouted your answer, going for the choice. You mother blinked at you before shooting you the look that told you she was going to scold you later for your answer before she sat back down in her seat and motioned for you to go.

Once you were in the office you sat on the examination table and waited for the series of questions to begin. You easily went through them, having all the answers to the questions memorized by heart since this wasn't the first time you had done this. By the time it came to the examination part of the visit, you lifted off your first shirt leaving just your tank top before lifting that one up half way to show the whole proportion of the stitched scar.

You could tell by the look on the doctors face that he hadn't been expecting to see that along with all the bruises that lined your stomach but soon he composed himself, pushed along it a few times testing the pain level, and then went to scribble on his note pad.

“May I know how you got this, and who did it up?” He asked, turning back to you with a pen and pad in hand ready to take notes.

“Uh..well...” You hummed, leaning back slightly before telling him after getting him to agree to patient doctor confidentiality. Though you did cover some thing up, like instead of the rake that attacked you it was a cougar and instead of Slender and his friends healing you it was Mask's 'father' who use to be a doctor but retired.

After your story the man gave a nod and went on about how lucky you were that your friend had come to save you. Naturally you agreed and watched as he wrote you a prescription for pain killers in case the pain got to bad and sent you back out to your parents, while telling you to come back if anything changed.

Easily you agreed to that as well and slip past your parents who practically bounded to the doctor trying to pry answers out of him. During this time, instead of waiting for them you made your way out towards the car after checking out. You sighed in content as you felt the noon sun on your skin. Thats right, you had been sitting in that building for hours! Why were doctors visits always so long? You visit was literally only 20 minutes, but your wait was hours.

It took you another good 20 minutes to wait for your parents and by the time you had gotten home it was the late after noon. You had never been so tired in your life, and for once you felt your side giving you trouble. So much trouble in fact that by the time you had to get out of the car, all it took was the brush of the seat belt on your side to bring you down in a groaning mess.

“_____, you OK?” You heard your brother call as he scooted out of his car seat and scurried over to your assistance, a look of worry striking his innocent face. With his look you quickly sucked it up, taking in a sharp breath before steadily getting to your feet, a hand carefully placed over your side to protect it.

“Yea, I'm fine Dillon, just a little tired and sore is all,” you hummed, and as if on instinct you let out a yawn, a hand running over your eyes to wipe away the small tears that had formed.

“Lets get you inside then, you can take a few of your pain killers and then take a nap before dinner.” You mother hummed, making her way over to you where she took your free hand carefully in hers and steadily lead you towards the house. Walking up the few steps to get to the front door was hell.

All this made the moment you laid down into bed even sweeter, with a sigh of relief you snuggled into your sheets and quickly fell asleep. You weren't awoken again till you head a tapping at your window at around midnight. It wasn't very loud, but given the head ache you had woken up with it was as if it was echoing around your room on max volume.

With a huff you shuffled out of bed and over to the window, getting ready to snap at who ever was making so much noise but when you came face to face with a black tentacle you blinked, forgetting your head ache. When you looked down, your eyes went wide to see none other then Slenderman, who was about half way up your house in head height.

“What is it Slendy?” You hummed, trying to rub some of the sleep out of your eyes only to make your headache worse. You looked as he motioned his hand towards the edge of the forest, and for the first time in your life you agreed to being possibly kidnapped.

With a sigh you crawled into your window to where you were sitting on the edge of the sill, your legs dangle out and motioned for him to carry you down since there was no way your were going to jump out of a second story building with a headache in nothing but pj's. Once you were gently placed on the ground, you followed the tall being to the edge of the forest where you were met with an ear splitting whisper, or at least what was an ear splitting whisper to you form BEN who quickly latched to you like a spider monkey.

“Shhh,” you mumbled, covering over your ears for a second as Smiley begun to bark. Sadly for you his barks sounded like his loudest screeched into a microphone.

“What's wrong kid?” You heard Jeff speak up, you were surprised to see him, but with a sigh you quickly answered his question by rubbing your temples in a pain filled motion.

“Here,” You heard Hoodie speak up, you watched from the corner of your eye as he made his way over, tightly tieing a cool rag around your head before stepping back. At that the pain dialed down significantly.

“T-thanks,” you mumbled, pressing a hand to the rag to increase the pressure. You saw as he gave a nod and retreated to the back of he group. As you looked over the faces, you didn't see one in particular, and just as you were about to open your mouth to ask you were interrupted.

“Mask had to stay back at base to watch it while we're out here, he will be by later once we get back.” Jeff quickly explained, rolling his hands as he spoke.

After that you spent a good half an hour talking with the guys before saying good-bye. You followed the tall being back towards your house through the field and just as you were placed on your window sill and the tall being was just about to leave you called out to him.

“Thanks for letting me say good-bye to everyone, but may I ask a question?” You watched as he looked over his shoulder, giving a sure but brief nod as he waited for you to go on with your question.

“What other people live among the forest other then you and the guys?” You mumbled, swinging your legs back and forth slightly as you waited for an answer.

The creature took a moment to consider your question but just as he was about to open his mouth to answer you heard a knocking on your door not only startling you but the creature below you as well. Without hesitation you swung your legs back into your room and pretended to just be looking out at the sky. The second you turned your gaze back in the outside world Slender had already vanished, truly leaving you alone with whoever was behind to door.

“Come in,” You mumbled, turning so you were facing the door in order to see who was bothering you so late at night. Blinking you watched your door open quickly as little brother scampered over to you and crawled up into your lap, gripping your night shirt as if it were the most important thing in the world.

“Whats wrong Dillon?” You hummed, rubbing circles gently in his back as you attempted to calm him down. It had taken him a few minutes to lower his crying to sniffle before he spoke.

“I-I had a horrible dream,” He murmured, nuzzling his head into your chest in a quiet way of telling you he didn't want to talk about it. With a small sigh you leaned back against your window before yous started to hum and rock, just like your mother had for you when you were small and were scared of the terrible things that lurked deep within your mind.

You spent a good hour like this, just gently rocking and humming a random tune until he had fallen asleep, and continued this till long after he had fallen asleep, only coming to a pause when you yourself begun to feel the affects of sleep pulling at you. You would have fallen asleep all together if it wasn't for the cool breeze running along your back from the open window, no matter how peaceful it was, it was still a little to chilly for your liking. You would have gotten up to close it, but you feared waking your brother, so you just sat there listening to the night.

“Boo,” you nearly jumped out of your skin and would have screamed at the top of your lungs if it weren’t for the hand that had flung over your mouth.

That one little word, for once, had terrified you. You had refused to calm down till the person who had startled you lept out of the area from behind you, where you assumed they had been perched on the sill and came into your preferential vision. When you saw that familiar white mask you went from as stiff as a tree to as relaxed as a willow in seconds, allowing a heavy sigh to leave you before you lifted a hand and rubbed at your eyes.

“Cheese and crackers Mask you scared the living day lights out of me!” You hissed, your eyes wondering down to make sure your brother hadn't awoken at your jump, which he hadn't. You heard him give a quiet chuckle before making his way over to you, sitting himself next to you on your make shift seat of a crate and a pillow.

“Sorry, I hadn't expected you to be half asleep when I came by,” he apologized, making sure to keep his voice low not wanting to wake the sleeping child in your arms.

It didn't take him long to lifted his mask up enough to show his mouth before placing a gentle kiss on your cheek. Almost instantly after that he pulled the hard piece of wood and paint back down to cover his face, though you weren’t sure why. Maybe it was just a precaution if your brother woke up? Oh well, didn't matter now.

“So what are you doing creepin' around peoples windows so late at night?” You hummed, your voice playful as you slowly got to your feet and made your way down the hall, Mask in hot pursuit as if leaving you alone would result in your demise.

“Is it a crime to want to see my girlfriend?” He hummed into your ear, wanting to keep his voice as low as humanly possible in order to keep his presence hidden, causing a small shiver to run down your spine.

You understood that part, your parents were literally just down the hall, and your walls, no matter how sad it was to say, were as thin as paper at night. With no noise to muffle out the small bumps in the night, almost everything had an echo, even the clock down stairs could be heard as it faintly ticked on. If your parents caught him in the house, especially so late at night, your father would kill him and your mother would have a cow.

Literally, she would most likely spew a cow.

“Suppose not,” you whispered as you came to your brothers room where you gently placed him down in bed and covered him over. The second the blankets were over him he let out a mumble and snuggled in to the comforter, causing you to give a small smile. Mask on the other hand fled from behind you to the other side of the room the second your brother let out a mumble, only causing you to smirk.

“And what are you doing?” You mumbled in a hushed tone, raising an eye brow as you watched him almost completely fade into the shadows, you might not have been able to see if it weren’t for his mask, which practically glowed in the moon light.

“Nothing.” He muttered, quickly moving from the shadow as he grabbed your hand, pulling you out of your brothers room and into yours, not saying a word until he had closed the door behind the both of you.

“I can't get caught by anyone here, otherwise I'm in serious trouble,” he mumbled, before turning to you. The second you made eye contact with him you gave him the “Oh no~ really,” look causing him to let out a chuckle.

“Now that we're finally alone, may I have a proper welcome?” You hummed, slowly taking a few steps forward as if to not startle a wild animal, which you considered the boy to be with that you were about to do.

“Whaa?” He mumbled, his voice heavy with confusion as he looked at you. The second he looked at the ground to go deeper into thought was the time you made your move.

Swiftly while balancing all your weight through your feet to avoid creaking floor boards, you darted over to him, using what little strength you had to shuffle him against the wall with your body. He looked utterly dumbfounded at your action, but the second you lifted your hands, running your fingers lightly under the edge of his mask did he understand exactly why you had done that.

In a natural reaction he tried to pull away only for the wall to stop him. You heard as he let out a small huff in defeat only causing you to grin like an idiot. When you finally lifted his mask up over his head, you were happy to see he had a small smirk on his face as his eyes practically danced with mischief. You were even more pleased that he wasted no time in giving you what you wished for, gently pressing his lips to yours.

You both stayed like that for only a few seconds before he pulled away, not wanting to be left gasping for air when he was suppose to be stealthy. You let a small pout form on your face at the fact he pulled away, but you understood and slowly backed up a bit, giving him room so he wasn't pressed against the wall.

After that you found yourself getting tired so you crawled into bed, snuggling under the sheets while your visitor climbed up next to you, resting on top of the sheets instead of under them, not wanting them to be a hassle if he had to make a hasty escape. You both laied there for a long time, him just gently running his fingers through your hair while you lied there half asleep enjoying the feeling. Only questions that came to your mind prevented you from fulling falling asleep, and you soon voiced your mind.

“Hey Masky, if Mask your real name?” You hummed, letting you (e/c) orbs wonder up to his face now that you had the chance to read him through his facial expressions. Sadly for you all he did was blink before allowing his eyes to meet yours.

“No, but I'm curious to know where you got that question from,” he mumbled, moving his fingers from your hair to your face where he lightly ran his digits over your cheek.

“Mask just didn't sound like a real name.” You muttered rather blandly, though your answer seems to amuse the boy at your side as he let a smile form on his face before speaking again.

“My real name is Tim, or at least it was before I became Slender's proxy.” He hummed, his hands coming to a stop as he moved the mask from the top of his head to the side so it covered his left ear, one of his arms propping up to support his head as he lied down at your side.

Tim hmm, what a nice name.  


I'm so glad you guys are enjoying this stroy so far, though I think I'm going to draw a new name from my cup of Pasta names and do a switch off between that story and this one x3 either that or I will wrap it up pretty soon .o. cuz I really am running out of ideas XD and I dont want it to be to dragged out. 

Part 10: YOU BE HERE
Part 11:…

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (c) :iconcreepypasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet: 
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