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October 24, 2013
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Masky ? by De-Haro

With a sigh of boredom, you doodled on the paper that was suppose to be your history essay with a new found interest to finish a design you were making for a Halloween costume. Just one month away and you would be able to become what ever you wanted, and stuff your face with bags upon bags of candy.

Most laughed at your need to trick or treat every year, especially since you were now 15 going on 16, but you were never to young for free candy. It was easier to hoard candy in a big sack year round instead of going to buy some from the store, at least for you it was.

You didn't have a big sweet tooth, so a pillow case of candy could last you a year, maybe even longer depending on how much you ate. Plus without the need to get it from the store, you were saving money so you didn't have a big issue with it.

You were pulled from your doodling by the “psst-ing” of the kid next to you, a young boy who for the most part was pretty cheerful, though you didn't really converse with him to often.

“What ya doodling?” He whispered, giving a sheepish smile to show he was trying his best to avoid the same assignment you were.

All you did as a response was look to make sure the teacher was busy before holding up the picture slightly just enough so he could see it. His eyes seemed to go wide with awe at your little design before he gave a thumbs up and quickly went back to pretend writing when the teacher looked up to check on the class.

“Class, please, all eyes on me for a second.” You teacher spoke up, instantly giving every kid in class a reason to escape the boring assignment given to them.

“I'm sorry I forgot to tell you, but there's is a new student joining us today, I would like you all to welcome Mask (Whatever last name XD).” As if on cue, a young boy about your age shyly walked into the class, a creepy white mask with penciled on feature resting on his face as he shyly lifted a hand and gave a wave.

Your peers among the class either let a shiver run down there spine and quickly turned back to there work to avoid looking at him, or snickered at the kids odd fashion choice. You on the other hand could careless, though you had to agree with the way it was drawn it was kind of creepy.

After the kid had made his introductions he quickly shuffled to the nearest empty seat, which just happen to be yours, before sitting down and tilting his head slightly towards his lap to avoid all eye contact while he muttered something harshly under his breath. His sudden change in demeanor raised your interest, causing you to cock an eye brow while you watched him let out a quiet annoyed huff and set his books in the correct areas on his desk.

Once he was finished with his little passive aggressive rant, he seemed to finally notice your gaze. He naturally looked up to see who was staring him down, and then when he noticed it was you, and your were next to him no less, he quickly shot his head the other direction bringing your gaze to the back of his hooded head.

All you could do was give a small snort and roll your eyes before going back to your doodling. You hadn't even noticed the kid had turned back towards you at your snort, and looked at you for a short time before letting out inaudible sigh and pulling out paper of his own to doodle, since he was new and didn't have to do the current assignment.

--- Small Time-skip ---

After classes, classes and more classes, you finally got to eat lunch, and you were more then eager to bite into your schools food, as funny as it may sound. Jumping inline, you quickly weaved around grabbing a Snapple, some (favorite lunch) and a few cookies before making your way to check out and darting out of the mass of kids to search for a table.

Normally you would sit with a small group of people that consisted of mostly girls and a few guys every now and again, but today something told you to avert from your normal path when you saw the new kid, eating lunch alone. You watched carefully as another small group, consisting of mostly guys and their girl friends approached him.

You knew them, and they were pretty friendly despite there status as “jocks” as most would call them, even though they played soccer instead of football. You watched in surprise as they approached, giving him a smile and a greeting before doing what you assumed was asking if he wanted to sit with them, and the masked boy declined.

You weren’t the only surprised one, the group seemed surprised as well, but the leader of them didn't question it, and with a smile nodded and made there way off to there normal table. OK, now you had to see what was up with this kid. As far you could tell he WANTED to be picked on, because kids who didn't make friends fast fell victim to the few bullies of the school, and to avoid new victims, most kids in the school quietly worked as hard as they could to befriend the new kids.

With a huff you built your confidence when you saw a group of the infamous bullies hover there way towards the masked boy and quickly without thinking twice you quickly shuffled your way over and grabbed the back of one of the chairs, stopping the bullies in there tracks as the watched you skeptically.

“May I sit here?” You hummed and before he could even reject your question you sat yourself in the chair next to him, setting your tray lightly on the table while sending daggers at the bullies who practically hissed before walking off to find a place to sit.

“You can leave now.” The boy murmured before taking a bit out of his sandwich, carefully working around his mask as he ate.

“Nah, I'm comfortable here.” You spoke back, making it clear you didn't plan on leaving.

The boy shot you a look from under his mask before he just went on eating, letting the conversation between you both die. Both of you ate quietly while you without him even realizing it, were saving him from anon slaughter of bullies just waiting to swoop in.

“So, why do you wear a mask?” You spoke through your food, trying to start up another conversations with questions that had been sitting on your shoulders since you first saw the odd boy. You watched as the boy went stiff at your question before quickly taking another bite of his food and relaxing.

“Because I can...” He answered simply, causing you to smirk. This was going to be interesting.

With each question you asked, he gave a variation of the same answer, this kept going on and on till you finally seemed to break him. Quickly he turned in his seat and shot you what you could easily tell was a glare from under his mask, clearly upset with all your pestering.

“Why are you asking so many questions?” He grumbled, his fists tightening into balls on his legs as he held in his anger, though you could easily tell he didn't plan to swing on you any time soon by the way his shoulders hung forward, supporting himself on his knees.

“Why are you avoiding all my questions?” You hummed, answering his question with another question which just seemed to irritate him more.

You watched with a smile as he quickly turned back in his seat and continued on with his food. You did the same and the rest of lunch was spent in either quiet or you humming to yourself as you listened to music on your Ipod you had hid in your pocket.

“See you for lunch tomorrow, Masky~” You cooed in a teasing voice just to get at him before letting out a laugh and darting down the hall before he could respond.

School had finally become interesting. 

Another series XD Woop =3 Masky was the lucky winner this time around. I hopethisis good as my last one. 

What I did to choose was literally put a bunch of names in a hat, shake it up and pulled out a slip of paper with Masky's name on it XD so yea. I had a hard time choosing DX Imma srry.

And yes, that is what my REAL school is like. Our lunches are pretty pimping XD and the bullying is pretty low as long as you have a handful of friends you hang out with on a regular basis. Its an unwritten pact in my public school to try and be-friend any and all new kids to prevent them from getting bullied x3 - does a happy dance -

Part 1: Your here
Part 2:…

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Masky (c) :iconmarblehornet: or :iconcreepypasta: 
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Me: so why do you wear a mask?
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