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.:I'm watching you - Jeff:. by PuRe-LOVE-G-S

Darting through the woods you huffed when you tripped, and nearly fell face first into a pile of mud. Why were you running? Police. Why were the police after you? You may have recently stabbed a guy, and now were running in hopes of not being locked away. A lot had changed since you were little. Your parents had passed away when you were thirteen., you got sent to a foster home at age fifteen after your grandmother passes away, and the story of your outbreak of insanity begun from there.

The home you had been sent to after your grandmother passed away was a cruel one. The only reason you never complained about it was because you feared being placed in an even worse home. Not many foster families like to take care of teenagers. Even fewer wanted to adopt them. Though after one to many beatings, and your evil foster father stabbing to death and frying a kitten you had been caring for right in front of you, you left. It was understandable right? What kind of person does that? Stabbing and eating a kitten, one that was already thin and weak. You hated it. You hated him.

That kitten was the only thing you had that you loved. The only thing you cared for, and of course you wished you could have done more for the little thing, but how were you suppose to when you could barely keep yourself alive. Even with part time jobs most of your money went to your medical bills, which had piled up after many near death experiences. Either that, or it was stolen to feed that evil mans drinking habit.

It made sense for you to snap, letting your instinct to survive take over. Letting you stab that evil man. Deep down inside you wished he would bleed out, the cut you made to his stomach being the end of him. You wanted to stay and tourer him, cut off his gentiles and shove them down his throat like you had sworn you'd do so many times to yourself while looking up at the ceiling at night. You wanted to gut him, hang his intestines along the walls like the pretty garland you had seen up around Christmas time. Though even that was a bit to much for you, to much for the little bit of sanity you had left.

You hated what had become of you. How did that sweet little girl you knew from your childhood turn into such a monster? What happen to everyone you use to care for? At one time it seemed like you had so many, but now there was no one. What did you do to deserve such a life, such an out turn? You had had dreams of becoming a doctor once, but now all you wanted was the evil mans blood on your hands. You wanted to rip his pretty satin skin, and make him beg for his life till every last drop of blood was spilled across the wooden floors he had made you scrub so many times. The same ones he had beat you on, and the same ones he had raped you on.

Huffing as you reviewed your life once more tears welled up in your eyes without your permission and started to roll down your cheeks. Before you could stop yourself your next breath hitched and came out in an unsteady hiccup. Pushing back onto your legs you sat there and cried, not sure what else to do since you knew eventually you would get caught, and sent away to a place where you most likely would never be able to escape from.

You continued to cry till your eyes started to burn, and the rain started to fall from above you. Granite it was light, but it felt so unbelievably good against your battered body. The cool rain chilled the burns that had come from his cigarettes, and for once all you felt was calm. All you heard was, quiet. The light pitter-patter of the rain sounded like a million little heart beats, while the drops from the leaves felt like little helpers who had come to take away all your pain, even if it was momentarily. Though as you listened to the continuous beat of the rain you flinched when you suddenly heard a voice.

“You'll get sick if you stay in this rain, child.” The voice was deep, clearly distinguishing it as a man which had made you almost curl up and away.

The only thing keeping you from trying to run was how soothing it sounded, as if it cared. Oh how long it had been since you had heard a caring voice. Not bothering to look up in fear they might recognize you from the news and turn you in. You stayed quiet for a moment, trying to decide on what to say next before finally finding the words you thought would work best.

“So will you...So go away.” You felt compelled to push him away, not sure why but suddenly feeling a sickness come over you, as if you were going to throw up or pass out. Giving a small sway to the side you closed your eyes halfway as he spoke next, thankful that your hair had fallen in front of your face and acted as a curtain away from the world around you.

“You should not worry of me, what has taken your heart my child? Why do you cry like you have?” You didn't understand his words at first, though slowly as your mind came back to you you pieced the puzzle together and easily replied. Though you had more questions then answers for him, and this showed by what you had decided to say next.

“How long have you been...watching me, exactly?” You murmured, listening for his reply to only find dead air. You were surprised by this of course, not even the sound of his breath was heard. You couldn't even feel his presence, he was just there. Therefore you had told yourself you had truly lost it, making up voices to keep you company in your new outcast of a life.

“I will answer all questions later, as long as you answer mine first.” The voice suddenly murmured again, causing you to finch since you had expected the owner to of left, or that the voice in your head had been suppressed by your knowledge of you being crazy. You stayed quiet for another long moment, not sure if you should have trusted the voice, though eventually you had spilled, figuring if you were going to be locked up someone might as well known the truth.

“I'm loosing it.” You finished after your long explanation of what had happen and why you had done it. “I'm turning into a monster... and therefore I'm alone, and I'm tired of running.” The voice gave a hum at your explanation, before speaking up once more.

“You are never alone in this world, child. No matter where you go there will always be people like us. People who have been outcast, or who have decided to take a new path in life. One that has been shunned on by many.” He started out, glancing up slightly to see that indeed you hadn't completely lost it just yet. Watching the man's shoes as he spoke you hummed listening to him. Though not sure where he was going with his speech till he reached a gloved hand out for you to take.

“Come child, if you are so fearful of loneliness, allow me to save you before it is to late, and offer you the revenge you seek without punishment.” Looking at his hand you took in the minor details. His hand seemed skinny, almost as if bone were the only thing to lay under it. While at the tips of his fingers his nails seemed to be sharpened like claws. You were surprised to find that when you took his hand what you thought was a glove was attached to his hand, no extra fabric there to tug at. Just a hand, that had interested you more then horrified you.

Daring to look up at him you froze for a moment seeing his face, or more so lack of along with how he towered over you. Though at him tilting his head enough fear shot through you to look away, a natural instinct to flee kicking in. Though you didn't. Making sure your feet were where they were you cleared your throat before speaking up, deciding to either carry or end your conversation with the creature.

You gave a quiet nod, signalling you were ready to move on to where ever he spoke of. At your signal the tall creature let loose of your hand, and led you off deeper into the forest. As you followed you were quiet, thinking over your past once more before glancing up and giving a quiet sigh.

“Good-bye society, rot in hell.”
Any donations will be much appreciated! I don't make money off these stories so even just points helps to motivate me into getting chapters out!

Woop, part two! See you guys, I said I'd continue. It just takes me a while to get insperation. .u. Though you should thank my lovely:iconrayswarrior: for this one. He woke up late this morning giving me the time to get started on this chapter. XD 

I usually get enveloped in our RP before I get the chance to write, and spend all day RPing. 


Story: :iconinkqueenpilus:
Art: :iconpure-love-g-s:
Characters: :Creepypasta:
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