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November 20, 2013
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Jeff The Killer by PsychoNaito

You sighed as you scrubbed at the floors, trying to get the blood out of the tiles since Jack couldn't seem to use a plate like everyone else in the house. He had sat in the kitchen eating away at kidneys for a good half an hour, spilling the blood all over the floors. 'Tile won't stain' your ass, look who was on there hands and knees scrubbing away now! You should really make the man eater clean up his own mess, and you would have if Slender hadn't ordered him out the second you though of that idea, almost as if he was on the man eaters team.

“Why do I always have to get stuck scrubbing blood from everything? I'm not the one going out and practically pouring it over my head like a stripper in a night club, so why do I have to clean it up?” You snapped quickly to yourself, the pressure in your scrubbing only increasing as you vented.

“Because you are the maid and thats what maids do, though I have to admit I like that stripper idea, you should really put that to work.” Your cheeks flushed hearing the killers voice speak through the kitchen, breaking the even sound of scrubbing you had created in the short time the man eater had been gone.

“Your right, it is a good idea, but sadly I don't think you guys have the looks for that sort of thing. So I wouldn't make much money off of it,” you hummed, going back to your scrubbing after you had made the comment.

“Why are you always so annoying?”

“Why are you always being a smart ass?” You shot back, only glancing up at him before going back to work, not very interested in why he was in the kitchen or why he was even talking with you in the first place. After that everything fell quiet for a moment before the killer made his way over and stooped down into the frog position, not wanting to get in the way of your oh so fun work.

“Look sweetheart, me and Smile are going to the Silver Pond tonight, if you can suck it up and stop your bitching would you like a accompany us?” He hummed as if he were speaking to a child much younger then him. At his question you stopped and shot a looked at him, the most skeptical look you had ever worn lacing your features. How did the part conversation part argument turn into, well, that?

“You” You mumbled, increasing your skeptical look by enough to make him lean back, even if it was just a bit. At your comment his cheeks flushed a light pink and he couldn't seem to make eye contact anymore while suddenly finding the wall extremely interesting.

“No, just like a... hang out session, but if you want to call it a date then fine no one's stopping you.” At that you just scoffed and leaned back so you were sitting on your legs, giving him your full attention as he tried to speak to you.

“Alright then, I suppose if you can convince Slender to give me the free time I can join you.” You hummed, suppressing a giggle as his eyes widened slightly, as if expecting you to say no and spit in his face like you had the first day at the house. Well, you weren't going to do that. There was no one around to save your ass if he attacked you, and he could easily kill you within seconds, so you didn't want to push your luck.

“Uh...mmm...sure I suppose I could do that,” he hummed. You watched as he got up and without making eye contact with you quickly turned and left the kitchen, leaving a trail of wet shoe prints in his wake since he had stepped all over the wet floors. Of course this irritated you, but you were to busy giggling at how human he had looked while doing that.

You had never expected a killer to get nervous, then again the fact he was a killer most likely meant that he didn't get to ask out a lot of girls. He almost seemed like a real person for a moment. Well, not that he wasn't real, but, well, you knew what you meant right? Oh well, with that in and out of your mind you went back to scrubbing, the rest of the time a small smile on your face as you thought about it.

It hadn't taken you long to finish up cleaning the floors, and almost instantly after you had Mask came and told you had the rest of the night off which both pleased and surprised you. You hadn't expected the killer to actually convince the tall creature let alone get you the rest of the day off to get ready and relax before hand. You kept your cool till Mask left, then started to do a little dance in the kitchen only to slip and smash into the ground, letting out a groan and a laugh as you did so.

“Now ______, like Ciara says, 1,2 step,” you giggled to yourself, quickly shuffling your feet and carefully stepping out of the kitchen not wanting to slip again and risk further injury. After you had made it out of the kitchen safely you darted up the stairs, stumbling a few times before finally making it to your room and locking yourself within to get ready for later.

By the time you had finished you wore a pair of simple jeans, a black and white striped tank top, and a (f/c) sweatshirt to make sure you stayed warm while out since December was quickly approaching and night was cold. You didn't bother with make-up since you knew it was just going to get ruined anyway, and you didn't feel like redoing it every seven minutes till the actual time to leave.

No matter what anyone said you never actually got time off, you always ended up working one way or another. Thats what you got for being a live in maid, or more like kidnapped maid since you were doing this against your will.

“Ready?” You jumped hearing the killers voice speak up from the front door, not expecting him to be standing there and especially not expecting him to have a question ready for you.

“Ready for what?” You hummed, tilting your head slightly while your eyes narrowed, not exactly sure if it had been a good idea to answer that question. In fact the only reason you answered was because Jack was sitting in the room over, so if he attacked you all you needed to do was call out and someone was there to save your clumsy butt.

“For the trip to the Silver Pond,” he mumbled, sounding rather annoyed with a question you could easily assume he thought was stupid considering you both had only spoken about it a little while ago.

“But, you said later tonight, its still the afternoon.” You huffed, a look of annoyance crossing your face at this fact. You knew you were a girl and yes you took a little while to get ready for things but you never took more then an hour for anything that wasn't a school test or project give or take a few things, but never for getting dressed.

You weren't one of those girls that caked up on make-up and stuffed there bras. You tried to be as natural as possible that way you knew guys were looking at you for your heart and not your looks, though beauty points were never a bad thing in your case since you refused to use more then a little concealer and eyeliner.

“True, but it does take a while to get there and considering I don't want to listen to you whine over a broken heal, the walk is going to take a while.” The killer huffed, his face knitting together in annoyance as well just because of the annoyed look on your face. At his comment you let out a huff and made your way over to the stairs where you begun to dig through a box of your things, since lately you had made the guys return to your house to get some of your items due to your 24/7 schedule around the house.

“These are my shoes,” you grumbled, cocking an eyebrow as you showed off your average pair of converse with a slight lift in the heal because you hated walking on flats. You didn't know why you just did, your balance was better when you walked around with a slight lift, and you often moved faster as well.

( This applies to me in real life, idk about you guys. I'm just not a fan of flats x3 )

“Yea, heals.” He pointed out, a look of proof coming over his face that his guess had been right. Well, partly right, these heals could break per say.

“Well we'll see who's slow.” You hummed, slipping on your shoes before making your way towards the door with the killer to your side, his eyes showing just how skeptical he was of your words.

--- Small Time-skip ---

“Would you slow down!” The killer huffed, coming to a stop as he bent over to catch his breath while you stopped a good half a mile in front of him.

“Whats wrong killer! Can't keep up?” You giggled, sticking your tongue out just to rub in how wrong he had been before.  

“Do that again and I will cut your tongue out!”

“You'll have to catch me first!” You shouted back with a laugh, bounding off down the path with Smile right at your side just to make sure you didn't accidentally get lost. Besides, he was the only one who could keep up anyway.

“H-hey! Wait up,” he whined after you, stumbling as he ran forward and tried to keep his Jello legs under control.

When you had finally come to a stop it was a open field. A small one at that, but still big enough to support the pond, a tree, and some small running space. You were surprised to see the grass was some what cut, meaning it was attended to on a regular enough basis for the walk through the field not to wield the high risk of tics and or other pests.

“Whoa,” you huffed out, taking in the natural beauty of the place before you were ran over by Jeff, who seemed to have finally caught up with you and your need for speed.

You squeaked as he ran into you, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you down to the ground with him as he tripped and fell into the grass. Opening your eyes after a small grunt from impact you blushed when you realized you were face to face with the wide eyed killer, who's chest was rising and falling at a heavy rate. Stilling trying to catch his breath from the long sprint you put him through.

“Finally, I caught you,” he huffed still trying to catch his breath. You cursed to yourself as he noticed your blush and smirked, cocking his eyebrows in an interested sort of way.

“Find something interesting?” He hummed, causing your cheeks to flush even more before you just huffed and turned on your acting to get back at him. Now you weren't the best actor, but he wasn't the brightest either so you had high hopes.

“Yes, actually.” You started, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him down in one quick motion so you had his ear within a short distance of your mouth before you whispered, “but of course you already know that.” That was when you let go of his neck and pushed him off you, happy to see his cheeks had flushed a bright pink and he looked, more or less, in a daze. Not that cute sort of daze, but that stupid kind of daze when guys got really surprised by things and couldn't seem to process them right away.

You let out a laugh along with Smile before making your way over to the tree and sat under it, just in time to see his mind come back to him and his face explode in a red you never knew a face could turn. You were happy to see he looked some what frustrated, but quickly turned to the side and cleared his throat as if that alone would fix the whole situation.

So far this 'date' was turning out to be very amusing.

As usual this is the first to last out of this series I think. I might continue after Part 10 comes out, but I feel like I need a small break from this series just to get things together. You guys on the last chapter gave me tons of great ideas and though I didn't reply to everyone I deffinetly read them all! The only issue is I don't do lemony stuff.

I'm just not that kind of person, I can't write lemon like stuff and not feel weird while doing it. I don't like having to describe that sort of stuff, and yes there was one inbetween the Masky x Reader chapters, but where I will not say, its kind of like a hidden chapter I guess. If you guys want to write your own lemon inserts for these stories go right ahead, just make sure to credit me, but I will not be going past intense kissing from head to shoulder. I just can't bring myself to do it DX I'm sorry.

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Part 9: Your here
Part 10:…

Story (c) :iconinkqueensparta:

Characters (c) :iconcreepy-pasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:
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