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November 13, 2013
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Jeff The Killer by PsychoNaito

Letting out a grunt you through your hands up in the air before resting them behind your head, your eyes locking in a dead gaze with the tree before you; its bark scratched and scarped from your knives. How the hell did Jeff do this, it was like trying to get a frog to fly. IMPOSSIBLE! Well, clearly it wasn't impossible you had seen the killer do it time and time again, throwing his knives into surfaces. Now all you needed to do was learn how to do that too.

“Damn knives, why won't you stick!” You grunted, letting your hands fall at your sides as you made your way over to pick up the blades you had been practicing with. Where had you gotten blades you asked? You...borrowed them...yea...without asking. OK you stole them from Jeff's room, but if you had asked he would have either said no on the spot or offered his help and then proceed to rub your own stupidity in your face when you failed.

So, you were going to teach yourself.

After you had gathered up your – Jeff's knives you made your way back to your original spot and begun to throw again, positioning your wrists in ever so slightly difference angles in an attempt to get one to stick. Fail after fail after fail. It was like watching a really bad comedian, if there had been a crowd watching you, you would have been drenched in tomato juice by now.

“How long am I going to have to sit here before you finally wish for my help?” The killer huffed from behind you, startling you. By now you had sort of gotten use to his sudden appearances, and you had long ago learned his voice. It was hard to rid your head of something so annoying.

“How long am I going to have to watch my back because you and your rape face can't take a hint?” You snapped back out of frustration. You were getting no where with this knife throwing thing, and since you had only really ever held a knife for cooking purposes, you were at a loss.

“As long as your living under my roof,” he replied, getting to his feet and dusting the leaves from the back of his sweatshirt before making his way over.

“It's not your roof, it's Slender roof,” you quickly corrected, watching in suspicion as he lightly grabbed your wrist in his hand and begun to mess around with your fingers, repositioning them into new positions along the handle.

“Same thing,” he sighed out, shooting you a gentle glare before going back to what he was doing. What was he doing? It felt weird to watch him just play around with your fingers, especially since there was a very sharp knife in your hand. Like, really sharp. Had you mentioned yet that it was sharp? Oh, yup, but it was never a bad thing though to get your point across, even if you had to say it several times before it got across.

“What are you-?”

“There,” he cut you off, releasing your hand in favor of your wrist which he gently retook in his grasp as he made his way behind you to get a better aim of the tree which you had made your target. You had to admit it felt awkward for him to be so close to you since normally you would have elbowed him by now, but you just calmly stood there was he shifted behind you, lightly placed a hand on your hip to reposition your stance and then flicked your wrist in a quick motion.

The second the pressure around your wrist tightened your naturally let go, watching in awe as the knife landed straight in the tree. It was a little ajar, but it was still in the tree. PROGRESS, that was fucking progress right there! Once you had gotten over the initial shock of it actually landing in the tree, you flush slightly when you realized he still held you even after the shot had been made.

“So uh...thanks,” you hummed, giving him a side glance to try and see what exactly he was thinking. You were both disappointed and relived when he let go, taking your speech as a sign to back off.

“Why are you trying to learn how to knife throw anyway, and with my knives? Maids don't need to knife throw, ya know,” he mumbled, sauntering his way over towards the tree where he proceeded to remove the knife and study the blade as if checking for injuries.

At his words you just let out a scoff and gave an eye roll. The truth was you weren't sure why you just found the art interesting, and you were hoping to use to to intimidate the living day lights out of the guys. Though that seemed a long time away, if you tried it now you would either fail, or hit them and place the knife in there head instead of the wall. Yea, you weren't looking to murder anyone.

“Sorry, I don't speak bitch, can you try speaking it in English?” The killer grumbled, not liking he fact you had only answered him with an eye roll and a scoff.

“My business is my business, its none of your concern,” you hummed, playing with one of the knives you had put off to the side for more throwing practice. You were trying to remember to position he had placed your hand in, but when he saw the frustration that was slowly growing on your face he sighed and made his way over.

Gently he took your hand again, playing with your finger till they were in the right spots again before backing off. The second he let you go you begun to grope at the handle, getting a feel for the position so you could remember for future events exactly how to hold it while throwing. You were surprised when he had said nothing, but just watched you get a feel for the knife before you shot him a “now what” look.

“Now throw the way I showed you,” he mumbled, moving out of the way of the tree not wanting to get hit. Sadly for him that just a few feet away from the tree wasn't good enough, if he wanted to be safe he would have to stand behind you for now, and even then nothing could be guaranteed. With a hum you hesitantly went for it, tossing the knife like he had shown you before only for the blade to go right for him.

“Hey! I meant at the tree not at me! What are you cross-eyed,” he snapped, quickly ducking as the knife swooshed over his head and slammed into the tree, bouncing off the bark and onto the ground. Once he was finally back on his feet after his life saving dive, he shot you a glare which you returned with a sheepish smile.

“Sorry?” You hummed, your voice rising in question only causing the boy to let out a grumble and turn around. You watched as he quickly picked up the knife before throwing it at you. All you had time to do was squeak as the blade rushed right past your face and planted straight into the tree behind you.

“W-what was that for!”

“That was to get even,” he quickly responded, shooting you one last glare before he sighed. Quickly he gathered as many knives as he could, taking away any ammo you might have been able to use to 'seek revenge' or more so stab him with.

When the air had finally settled into a mutual feeling of annoyance and frustration the killer slowly placed the knives down the the ground before making his was over to assist again. Giving an inward sigh you let him play with your hand, get behind you, and even place a hand on your hip as he showed you the steps yet again. The end result, with his assistance was of course a perfect hit since he had some sort of magical powers.

The sad thing was that this assistance kept up till your short attention span finally seemed to remember the position, and by that time neither of you seemed to mind it at all. You didn't like the fact you didn't mind, because that made all the hate you had built up since the start worthless. No matter how nice it felt in the end you still were obliged to hate him after all he had done to you, and yet for some reason while knife throwing in the woods you couldn't.

“Thanks for the help Jeffery, and here are your knives back.” You mumbled once you had finally tossed a couple of the blades into the tree. Gathering up the knives you carefully piled them between your arms and handed them over where the killer swiftly stuffed them all in his sweatshirt pockets.

“Yea whatever,” he mumbled while quickly turning away, his footsteps leading him back towards the base. You watched as he walked away, his hands stuffing in his pockets as he did so. That was about the time you let out a sigh and darted after him, swallowing your pride long enough to stop him kiss him on the cheek, and then make your way ahead of him in order to get lunch started since you had spent the whole morning out in the forest, learning how to knife throw.

I'm so sorry guys for the lack of updating, but I have come to a sort a snag in my writing for this. It wasn't writers block, but I just couldn't seem to come up with stuff for inbetween stuff. I have everything I want planned out, but if I were to throw everything I wanted in chapter after chapter it would just be a total mess of emotions and I don't want you guys to end up in theropy ;_; I love you to much for that.

I'm also sorry that this update is really short, like I said before I had a very slim interest I suppose I could say.

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…
Part 5:…
Part 6:…
Part 8:…

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (c) :iconcreepy-pasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:
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FANGIRLHetalia Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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