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November 11, 2013
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Jeff The Killer by PsychoNaito


- Monday -

“Jeff get your pale ass out of the bathroom!” You snapped, pounding your fist on the door trying to get the killer to come out. You, desperately had to pee, and you meant bad, so bad that you were literally doing a little dance and or pacing up and down the hall to hold it in, it felt like your blatter was going to explode. You had been waiting thirty minutes for him to get out of one of the three bathrooms in the house. The only reason you didn't go and use one of the other ones was because they were occupied by Masky and Hooide. You didn't ask them to get out because -

1.) They had a morning job and really needed to shower before they left.

2.) You still respected them to much to kick them out of the bathroom, even though you were pretty sure if you did you wouldn't get killed like you had originally though when you had first arrived at the house.

“No,” you heard the killer hum very nonchalantly as he rattled around with thing in the bathroom, what on earth could a boy be doing in a bathroom for over an hour, thats right, he had been in there so long that when he got in there you didn't have to go at first, but had to go later while he was still in there.

“What are you a women, get the hell out! Otherwise I'm going to go in your room, locking the door and peeing all over your bed and blaming it on you!” You growled, pressing your head to the wall next to the door while you crossed your legs, bouncing up and down slightly in an attempt to hold on to what little pride you still had left. You became astigmatic when you heard the door unlock from the other side, almost voicing out the cheer you had released in your mind.

“Bathrooms all yours,” he muttered, though when you looked up at him your face flushed red. Memories of the week before flashing through your mind when you saw him. No shirt, dripping wet, and abs, thats basically what you were picking up, and it didn't help that the only thing he had on was a pair of black jeans, OK, you could wait for the bathroom, just have him put a shirt on. Your sudden blush attack must had been amusing to the killer though, for you heard him start to chuckle.

“Like what your seeing I suppose?” He hummed, throwing his towl around his neck with a laugh before making his way off down the hall and towards his room. All you could do was scoff at his stupidity, yea right. Though you couldn't support your statement because you followed him with your eyes till he vanished behind his door, closing it behind him to do what you assumed was get dressed.

You cursed yourself for following, but you couldn't help it, you were a girl and that sort of stuff peeked your interest. It was in your nature and there was nothing you could do about it, no matter how much you hated the guy. That was when the sudden urge to pee came back and you squeaked, darting into the bathroom to relive yourself.

- Tuesday -

“Move bitch,” you squeaked as you were pushed from the couch, that voice the only warning before the incident occurred. Jumping up you huffed, looking around the room to see who had pushed you off, it didn't take you long to see Jeff, sitting sprawled out across the whole couch, his head resting on the arm chair as he scrolled through the TV channels where you had previously been playing video games.

“Seriously dude? There was a whole couch right next to me, I wasn't lieing down and I'm not a whale so why couldn't you just sit next to me, ya know' like a normal person, and I'm not a bitch!?” You growled, crossing your arms as you stood in front of the TV, effectively blocking his view so the only way he would be able to see it was if he sat up, opening up a spot for you.

“Sorry, I meant she-bitch, and are you sure your not a whale, because I could have sworn-” he didn't get to finish that sentence as you hissed, tackling the boy on the couch and fighting him till eventually you ended up with him on top of you, sitting on you as if it was a normal thing while you lied uncomfortably beneath him, struggling to breath under his weight, though you had stopped fighting him then, and just let him sit on you.

You both sat there like that till the rest of the guys finally got home. When they walked in seeing Jeff sitting on top of you, and you not fighting back while being almost as pale as Jeff from lack of proper air they were surprised. You never let the killer sit on you, but you were honestly to tired to fight him, you had been up all night listening to him making fake sex sounds from his room, which was right next to yours. Never before had you been so disturbed, and unlike him you didn't have the luxury of sleeping in, you had chores to do.

“Uhh, ______, why is Jeff sitting on you?” Mask hummed, making his way over and looking at you, making sure to stay out of the way of the killers line of vision, not wanting to get sat on like he had done to you.

“Because he kept me up all night with his fake sex, and I'm to tired to fight back!” You snapped, pointing at the killer causing him to instantly flush out of embarrassment, clearly not expecting you to say that out loud and in front of the others no less.

“Bitch! What you hear through the walls that separate our rooms is private, understand!” He growled, giving a bounce on you causing you to let out a huff, loosing the little air you actually had. Once you had regained your breath though, you went on with your taunting.

“Oh really Mr. 5 inches!? Oh yea~” You mocked, mimicking some of the stuff you had heard through the walls the night before, only adding to his blush while the guy who had just come home burst into a laughing fit. Before you could even go on he slapped a hand over your mouth giving you the death glare, daring you to try and go on.

You had to admit the force he used to hold your mouth shut hurt, but all you did was smirk before running your tongue along his hand, instantly causing him to turn into a strawberry and quickly remove his hands, rubbing them on his sweatshirt with such force you thought his skin might come off his hands.

“Ew, what the fuck bitch! Why on earth did you lick me?” He snapped jumping on you again knocking all the air out of you though this time you quickly retaliated by licking your hand and throwing it at his face. On reflex he bounded back, only to fall over the back of the couch with a thud, the only thing showing from your side of the couch being his legs which hopelessly dangled over the head of the couch.

“Now, would you guys like anything to drink?” You mumbled, getting off the couch with a smile now that you could breath before making your way into the kitchen, followed by the boys who still laughed on Jeff's behalf.

- Wednesday -

*_*_*_*_*_*_*_* SPOILERS FOR SEASON 3 WALKING DEAD *_*_*_*_*_*_*_*

You let out a cry, watching as Rick found out his wife had been killed giving birth to her baby. It was Walking Dead night, or at least rerun night and you couldn't stop the tears from spilling form your eyes, though your cry seemed to attract the attention of others as BEN, Mask and Jack came darting in the room, knives and electric finger tips a blaze as they looked for any potential danger, but when they found none they just gave you a “what” look, not exactly sure what you were crying over.

“Lori died giving birth to Judith and Carl pulled the trigger killing his mom!” You quickly explained, tears still falling from your eyes as you turned intently back to the screen. Through-out the seasons you had fallen in love with all the characters, so when ever one of them got killed off, especially the way one did right then, you burst into tears. You had before you got kidnapped, and you were now. No reason to break a perfectly good tradition.

“Seriously ______, its just a TV show no need to get so worked up over it, we thought The Rake had broken in or something.” Jack huffed, putting away his knife only for you to turn on him with your girl emotions.

“It's not just a TV show its a way of life, if you have such a big issue with it then go away and let me cry in peace till my weekly ritual is done! Then you can throw me into a pit of walkers and be done with me!” You shouted, flailing your arms as all three of the guys backed up and ran out of the living room, fear in the fact you might start throwing punches soon.

Once they had left you curled back up on the couch, closing the door to the living room to prevent anyone else from bothering you for a while. You weren't exactly sure how long you had been sitting on the couch after that till the light to the room flipped on, blinding you since you preferred to watch your shows in the dark.

“_______, what on earth have you been wailing on about down here for hours?” The killer snapped, his anger instantly coming to a halt when he saw just how red your eyes had become. Yea, you were having one of those “rid of all sad emotions to be happy the rest of the week” days, and it was never your most attractive stand point, so you waited for him to start with the insults. You were surprised when all he did was look at you for a moment longer, made his way over to the door, closed it, turned out the lights and sat next to you with a sigh.

“What are you-?”

“Just watch the show alright,” he huffed, throwing a box of tissues your way while he desperately locked his eyes to the TV screen, not wanting to make eye contact with you. You took a second to look between him and the box he had thrown you, not exactly sure what game he was playing since you guys had one of those hate relationships, but eventually you got lost in the TV show again, forgetting the killer was even there as you finished your emotional roller coaster for the night.

--- Jeffs P.O.V. ---

“Idiot,” he huffed once you had finally fallen asleep, your body curled up in an odd cat like position on the couch as the blankets tangled themselves around you. He had no fucking clue why exactly he had sat down with you when he had saw your tears, but something compelled him to do so, so he did.

By the time the marathon had come to an end, you had already passed out, using all your energy to cry instead of stay awake like you had planned, though he didn't care, the sooner you were out the sooner he could go to bed, because it was already 2 am. Yes he had spent five hours in the living room, just sitting there doing absolutely nothing. Those were five hours he would never get back.

With a sigh in frustration he got to his feet, cracked his back out of the slouch position that had formed, and made his way to you, picking you up carefully and lying you down in a comfortable position on the couch before he headed for the door, making his way to his room to finally get some sleep. He wasn't going to listen to you bitch and complain the next day because your back hurt from sleeping in a ball.

Girls and there bitching.


--- Reader P.O.V. ---

Tip-toeing through the halls, down the stairs and out the front door was hardly a challenge this time around since you had become a pro at sneaking out, but this time you were on more then just a relaxing walk or to get some fresh air, you were on a mission. So with your mission in mind you fled from the house, your feet moving as fast as you could get them to go through the forest.

After a while of running you came to a panting stop, unable to breath with all the running up and down hills and problem solving your way through prickle bushes, but finally you had come to your destination, and you were more then eager when you hurried your way over to the small abandon shack in the woods. It was small, maybe only large enough to be considered a tool shed, but inside the rotting mess of wood was something extraordinary.

“Good morning Lilian, sorry I haven't come to visit lately, It's been hard to get out of the house,” you spoke, making your way across the small area of flooring and over to a bedded corner where there sat a beautiful white she-cat with five little kits nursing at her tummy. At your greeting the cat let out a purr filled meow before getting up, carefully stepping over her kittens and making her way over to you, rubbing against your legs and purring as loud as she could.

With a smile you gave the mother a few gentle pets before giving her what she wanted and needed, the small can of cat food you had stuffed in your coat pocket. It only took you a few seconds to pull the top off the can, and even less time to place it down where she quickly begun to eat, sucking up the food like a vacuum, her kittens mewing out as the warmth of there mother being so close yet so far from them.

“So this is where you have been sneaking off to.”

You jumped out of your skin when you heard a voice behind you, spinning on your heals almost as quickly as the color drained from your face. The mother cat, sensing your fear bolted up from her place at her food and ran to protect her kittens, standing over them and letting out a hiss and a low growl at the intruder. When you saw that wide eyed, smiling boy you sighed, placing a hand over your heart in an attempt to calm your breathing.

“Jeff you scared the living day lights out of me,” you huffed, flinching slightly when you heard the white she-cat give off another growl, baring her teeth at the smiling boy and fluffing up her short coat the best she could to seem intimidating. Sadly for this mother she would have been no match against the killer if you hadn't been there to protect her and her kittens, which you did without thinking twice when the killer frowned at the white ball behind you.

“Oh shut up you stupid cat, before I kill you and your litter,” the boy snapped, only for you to stand up and smack him over the back of the head.

“You will do no such thing! You may kill people and get away with it but there is no way in hell I'm going to let you do that to poor Lilian and her kittens!” You snapped, taking a lunge step forward causing the boy to step back, reflex getting the best of him.

“Jeez, calm down wicked witch of the west, I wasn't actually going to kill the rat. I mean cat,” he huffed, throwing his hands up slightly in a sign to show he meant what he said. With a huff you backed off, making your way back to the growling she-cat who still stood protectively over her kittens.

“Its OK Lilian, hes just stupid, not a threat.” You hummed, hesitantly lifting a hand and running it through the she-cats fur, instantly starting to calm her when you turned your back on the boy. Normally you wouldn't have, but the cat was more important to you at the moment. There was no doubt in your mind that if she attacked Jeff she would be killed, and with her death would mean her kits were goners as well.

It took a while, but sooner or later the she-cat had calmed down enough to go back to eating, though every time the killer made even a shift to get more comfortable she would shoot her head up and growl, glaring the boy down before slowly going back to eating, the will to feed her kittens stronger then ever.

“So why are you feeding a clump of fur that knows how to hunt?” Jeff spoke up after a while, watching as the mother finished her meal, then lied back down with her litter to start another feeding session, her sharp green gaze still locked on the pale male.

“Its better if I feed her, that way she doesn't have to risk her kitten's lives by leaving them alone to go hunting. She already had lost two of them before I came along, the last thing I want is for her to loose more.” You explained, leaning against the wall, careful to not get your feet in the way of the mother who only glanced up at your movement before going back to grooming and feeding her kits.

You watched from the corner of your eye as the killer just looked at you for a moment, most likely wishing he could blink to help him process what you had just said before he turned his gaze on the mother, who found his non blinking a little disturbing but other then an awkward shift made no sound to indicate her feelings.

After that the both of you just sat there for a while till you finally decided it was time to head back, Jeff escorting you the entire way.

- Friday -

With a hum you scrubbed your teeth, going about one of the morning rituals you had started when you were younger. Your humming turned into a grunt when you were suddenly shoved out of the way, a white hooded black haired figure taking your place in front of the mirror.

What the hell dude, didn't you ever learn the word 'privacy?'” You huffed, doing your best to push the boy out of the way only for his stance to be stronger then you expected, him doing the same as you, brushing his teeth. What an ass.

Only if you have heard of the word 'bitchy,' he replied though he brushing, only coming to a stop to momentarily spit into the sink before he started scrubbing again, though you took your opportunity. The second he bent over to spit into the sink you lept on his back, securely wrapping your legs around his waist while you used your free hand to support yourself with his shoulders.

Whut the fawk,” he cursed through his clenched teeth, his hands trying to work on getting your legs off him while not dropping the brush at the same time.

Thats what you get for taking up all the room you damn elephant!” You snapped back, using your brushing hand to hold the brush out of your mouth so you could speak in a full sentence,unlike the killer who still tried in vain to detach you from him. After a little more struggling, and a lot of unmoving force the pale boy finally gave up, leaning on his elbow while you finished up.

I swear to god if you spit on me I will fucking kill you,” he wared, giving you the death glare though it was impossible for him to hide the light pink blush that had formed on his cheeks from your antics.

Bite me smiley face,” you replied, finishing up with your brushing and giving one last spit into the sink before jumping off his back and walking off, being careful to not spit on the boy, because even by your standards that was disgusting, even if you had done it when you had first been brought to the house.

I'm not a fucking smiley face!”

“Oh really smiley face?” You replied, pushing your fingers into your cheeks and dragging it up your face in a large grin like motion, making the outline of one of the : D face on Facebook.



- Saturday & Sunday -

The rest of the week was spent in basic peace since on the weekends Jeff was on morning duty and it was the one time you didn't have to wake up at 6 am to get things done in the house. Yes, even though you worked in a killers house hold you still got days off, well, for the most part. You got to sleep in but you still had to baby sit the boys which was never an easy task, though with Jeff not around to start any trouble the day was pretty quiet. It was nice.

You spent most of the day baking with Sally who basically begged you to teach her how to make sugar cookies, that alone was a long process, trying to gather the proper ingredients let alone not spilling them all over the kitchen, which was something that seemed impossible to do. It was alright though, Sally was cute and eventually you both did get the cookies done. Now all that was left was to wrap up your Sunday Jeff free, since the night before you had passed out before he had even gotten home. Though it felt like a Monday for you, since you were stuck cleaning the kitchen after the mess the both of yo had made, while BEN dragged the little girl off to play with him in the living room.

You hummed to yourself, doing a little dance round the kitchen while you listened to your Ipod with only one earphone in, making sure to stay alert so you wouldn't get snuck up on, how you hated when the guys snuck up on you. It was bad enough you already had to fear for your life on a regular basis, there was no need for them to scare the crap out of you when all they had to do was walk into a room with a knife and look at you to do that.

Nice moves MC Hammer, I didn't think you were the dancing type,” you heard a voice speak up as the sound of foot steps came to a stop at what you assumed was the kitchen door. When you glanced at the clock you were surprised to see it was almost midnight, you had spent the rest of your Sunday cleaning, great.

Nice polka-dots Jo-Jo, wheres your circus,” you replied, referring to his previously white sweatshirt that was now stained with red from what ever job he had just returned from.

Oh its out back waiting for you, told them you would be out in a minute.” He shot back, giving a winning smirk when all you did was give him a look and scoff, turning back to your cleaning as he sat at the table.

Clean these while your over there would you,” you squeaked when three knives landed into the wall next to you, one of them swooshing past your head so fast it caused a draft that moved your hair. Turing you sent him a glare which he just returned with his smirk, telling you he was pleased with the reaction he got from you.

Clean your own damn knives, technically it's still my day off, so I don't have to listen to you,” you grumbled, upset with that fact you were still up at the hour you were in the first place.

Jeez someone's bitchy today,” he mumbled but got up from his seat at the table and made his way over, rolling up his sleeves and joining your at the sink to clean off his knives. You tried your best to stay as far from him as you could but it seemed impossible since all your dishes were on the other side of him so you either had to reach in front of him or behind him to grab them, always resulting in some sort of collision. Until he finally finished what he was doing.

Well, I'm done for the night, make sure to turn off the lights when you go up.” He mumbled, drying his knives on his pant leg before shoving them into his sweatshirt pocket, you froze when he leaned over and kissed your cheek before making his way out. He was gone by the time you came back to your senses, and after that all you could do was flush and mutter darkly to yourself about how you were going to kill him later.

Yup, the week certainly was interesting.

Woop! Finally fixed most of my computer issues for now and I am finally uploading on the normal scedual! WOOHOO! Just some character development I suppose x3 I have been getting a few ideas from a creepy-pasta OC RP I have been doing with a friend, so now every time I post a chapter she's like-

"Pushed down the stairs, hmm, I wonder where you got that from *snicker snicker*"

and of course I have to reply -

"Yes I got some ideas from the RP x3 *flails*"


Guys, I love you all and thank you so much for supporting me! It really means a lot to me that your willing to take time out of your days' just to read my stories, comment, and give me good feed-back; but there are going to be people with other opinions. I thank you all who stood up for me against some of the harsher comments, but there opinion is there opinion and there is nothing I can do to change that.

I don't mind getting told where my faults are and where I have spelling mistakes, and its not that I don't see them, it's just I'm to lazy to go back and fix them every time I spot them. XD Anyway, the point of this edit was for me to ask you guys to please not fight in my comments. Everyone is open to their ideas, and if I do read all the comments, but wither or not I give a fuck is up to me. ^^

*Plays a little beat on a raw chicken * Have a nice day. :3


Part 1:…
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Part 5:…
Part 6: Your here
Part 7:…

BTW, if you watched Jojo's circus when you were a little kid, you had an awesome childhood, I use to love that show when I was younger. 

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (c) :iconcreepy-pasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:

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