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Jeff The Killer by PsychoNaito

Groaning you shuffled out of bed, quickly doing your daily routine before turning to leave your room, only for the alarm clock on your bed side table to catch your eye, and tell you it was 4 am. What. The. Hell. Who in there right mind wakes up at 4 am willingly? You literally didn't have to be up for another two hours, and then you remembered, prank war. Oh yea, you had purposely woken up early, to kick the first domino that would lead to full out hell among the house hold.

You were going to start a prank war, in a house where everyone had accesses to knives, guns and other weapons that could easily kill someone in the blink of an eye. Yup, you had lost your mind. Either that or you thought it was going to be freaking hilarious to see BEN lit on fire from the tip of his hat like a candle. You were leaning to the all of the above tile at this moment, but hey, the guys could use some fun with all the work Mr. Slender had been putting on them lately.

So with your plan in mind you scurried down the hall to BEN's room where you set up your trap, and then proceeded to sneak into his room and drizzle the tip of his hat in very flammable lighter fluid. After that now all you had to do was get evidence pointing towards one of the other house members and you would be all set, and you had the perfect suspect in mind.

Grinning with a look of mischief gleaming in your eyes you snaked your way into the pale killers room, quietly sneaking around and placing the lighter fluid conveniently just under his dresser, making it look like he had tried to hide it but failed. After you had done that, next came the most dangerous part, snipping a piece of cloth from the killers sweatshirt so you could leave it at the crime scene. With him not having eye lids, he slept with a mask, and there for you couldn't tell if he was actually awake or not. You would just have to be extremely careful, and do your best not to pull at the fabric to much.

Using one of his knives, which he kept littered around the room as if they were pieces of paper. You carefully nipped the edge of his sweatshirt, this, caused you to grin like Smile. You still weren't sure if you had woken him, because the sound of ripping fabric seemed to echo through the room, but if he had he didn't make a move or even a change in breathing so you just assumed he was still asleep and quickly fled the room, making sure to keep an eye on the killer as you left, not wanting him to throw a knife at the door while you were turned or even take a sneak peak at who had come in his room and ripped his sweat shirt.

This was a top secret mission, and you wanted it to stay that way.

With your new addition to the crime scene, you carefully pinned the cloth to the edge of the door way and scurried off to your room, curling up in your bed with a devilish grin till your plan was activated. Sometime in those few hours of waiting you guessed you had fallen asleep, because you awoke with a jump as you heard what sounded like BEN screaming bloody murder just down the hall. It had taken you a few seconds to remember what you had done, and before you could even think you grinned like a maniac, stifling a laugh not wanting the people in the area to hear you.

Once you had composed yourself you jumped out of bed, darted to the door and through it open, acting as if you had been startled by the scream. When you saw BEN floating around in the hall way, the tip of his hat a blazing and everyone trying to put it out; lets just say it took all your will power not to laugh, or even crack a small smile. While Mask and Hoodie just stood watching and laughing there asses off, oh how you wish you could laugh with them, but in order for it to work you had to play along, so you quickly darted down the hall, grabbed a cup of water, and came back, and did exactly what you were thinking – you threw it on him, effectively putting out the fire though soaking him in water.

“What the hell _______!” The boy screeched, pulling his hat off his head to check the damage, only for his already formed frown to go deeper and turn into a scowl, his eyes blazing all his wrath as he turned on everyone, asking who had set up the trap. Everyone, including you just shrugged looking at one another suspiciously.

“Well, I'm going to start breakfast,” you huffed after a while, turning and starting to make your way down the hall, only to be stopped by BEN who asked you the most lethal question you could have gotten at that moment in time.

“How do I know it wasn't you.”

At his question you paused, pretending to consider his question as if you cared while inside you were freaking out, trying to come up with a solution to your issues, but then you decided you would do to him what you did to Jeff when you both got into arguments, except BEN didn't fight back.

“First of all, I was asleep before you ever so rudely woke me up with your girl screeching. Second, when have you ever seen me walking around with all this crap, ever?” You muttered, pulling lightly on one of the strings, jumping back like a cat when that one string caused the whole contraption to come down. “Third, last time I checked, there was a no pranking policy in the house, and me being human, the last thing I want to do is piss of Slender and get myself killed. Most importantly, why on earth would I want to prank you? You haven't done anything to me thats bad enough to where I want to set you on fire. Now, if you'll excuse me, if you guys want to eat I'm going to make breakfast.”

After you had said that, and made it very clear you were not happy with being accused, you made your way off down the hall and stairs and into the kitchen, none of the boys following you as they stuck behind to see if they could find any clues, except for Smile, who trotted after you with a cocky smile on his face. You knew he knew, and all it took was for you to give him a pleading look to get him to agree not to say anything to the guys, since they seemed to be able to understand the husky when you couldn't.

“Thanks Smile, I owe you one.” You smiled, giving a giggle as you had begun to get breakfast ready, setting up multiple pans as you cooked like you normally did, though this time around you had a little more skip in your step then you normally did.

--- Small Time-skip ---

Just as you were coming to a close with making breakfast you heard Jeff let out a screech, ranting on about something you couldn't understand, even if it was as loud as an elephant walking on miles of bubbly wrap. Once the killer had calmed down, his screech was followed by BEN's screech and that was when you had figured they had found the little piece of evidence you had placed. You were surprised though, to hear a loud thumping on the stairs and the sound of “oofing” as it occurred. When you turned the corner, to see Jeff tumbling down the stair you cracked a smile and burst out laughing, catching some of the faces the boy made as he came down.

“Nice going Jello legs, now would you like ice to go with that burn or would you prefer something else?” You commented, catching BEN and the others at the top of the stairs, everyone looking amused except for BEN who was still pissed off about his hat. Normally you weren't to laugh at someone getting pushed down the stairs, but this was Jeff, so you had no mercy as you walked over and stepped on him, making your way up a few of the stairs only to stop half way up.

“Boys, breakfast is ready.” You hummed, your voice of normal level before walking back down, stepping on him AGAIN. Yup, don't mess with a girl that literally could care less about you. Following your lead each of the boys followed you down, making sure to get a good step in as they walked over Jeff, who was sprawled out at the bottom of the stairs like a shoe mat. Once you had made sure everyone was in the kitchen you sighed, making your way over to the killer who was still on the floor, groaning in pain.

“Oh get up, it was just stairs,” you mumbled, crouching down and hoisting him up so he was leaning against the stairs instead of laying on the floor where everyone could continue to step on him.

“Wooden stairs! Wooden stairs that little to no curve in the edges,” he groaned, holding his face where you assumed he was bleeding. OK, now you felt a little bad for him, he was an ass but no one deserved to be pushed down the stairs, no matter how funny the faces he made were.

“Go eat and I will get the supplies ready for when your done,” you sighed, hoisting yourself up and making your way up the stairs heading to the small clinic in the house to fetch some disinfectant and a bandage to stop the bleeding.

“Pain killers to!”

“Yea yea yea.”

--- Later that day ---

The whole day had been spent in a prank war just like you had planned, and thanks to that, you had spent most of the day in the clinic healing the guys who had been pranked just a little to far. Though you couldn't help but laugh at the end of the day. Best decision ever. You were pulled from your thoughts with a knock at the door, not surprised at all to see Jeff walk in, holding his arm as blood oozed from between his fingers.

“What happen now?” You grumbled, getting to your feet and making your way over to the cupboard, pulling out a set of gauze, and disinfectant.

“Jack thought it was funny to take a bite out of my arm when we got into a fight about him setting up the trap this morning with BEN and I tried to intervene.” He quickly explained, something glinting in his eyes as he sat on the stool, waiting for you to fix him up. The processes was as it had been all day. He took off his shirt, you disinfected his wound while he hissed about the pain, and then you either stitched him up or used the gauze to cover the cut and or bite to prevent further infection. What wasn't normal was when he had actually started a conversation after you had finished.

“You know, I heard something interesting today.” He started, causing you to give him a skeptical look and using irony to cover over your interests. Only for him to scoff and go on as you begun to put the supplies back where you had found them.

“I heard, a little doggie speaking with a certain cat on the edge of the forest earlier today, about the prank set up this morning.” At that you froze for half a second but then quickly went back to work, not wanting to make it obvious you were scared of what he had to say next, you had to seem like the information had no significance to you.

“Oh really, thats cool, I didn't know Smile had cat friends, he doesn't seem like that kind of dog,” you hummed, getting on your tippy toes to place a bottle of disinfectant on the top shelf where you had found it.

“He doesn't usually speak on friendly terms with Grinny, but what I over heard was very interesting, something about the trap this morning, and a particular girl,” he hummed, his voice getting slightly louder as he did what you assumed was approach you. At his words most of the color drained from you face, you were going to die, locked in a clinic that was used to heal people, how ironic.

“Thats interesting,” you started, only to stop when you felt the heat of another body only centimeters away from yours from just behind, you were to scared to actually turn around, so you kept facing the cabinets till the boy behind you whispered into your eat, causing a shiver to run thought your body though you did your best to suppress it.

“Now I wonder who that could be,” after he had whispered that into your ear you squeaked as he roughly grabbed your wrist and spun you around, forcing your into the wall and pressing his whole body to yours so you couldn't do anything but look at him, hoping that suddenly you would turn into Medusa and he would turn into stone just by looking at your gaze, sadly it never happen, and you stayed pinned to the wall by the smirking idiot in front of you.

“You've been naughty the last few weeks, haven't you? Leaving the house without permission, moving the living room around, setting BEN on fire and then getting me pushed down the stairs? I decided to be nice the first time by not giving your a punishment, but after all that I think it's time you learn your lesson.” You let out a squeak as he finished, slamming the tip of his knife into the side wall next to you, yup, you were going to die from a guy who kidnapped you. Not the way you wanted to go, but it didn't look like you had much of a choice.

You flinched as he let out a low growl, his facial features knitting into what you could only assume was anger, so you could easily guess that when you felt him press his lips to yours you were surprised to say the least. With wide eyes you started to slid down the wall slightly, trying to escape him only for him to keep you pressed to the wall till he pulled back, letting you fall to the ground with a gasp, trying to refill your lungs, your lips still practically burning from the kiss. Not in a bad way, but not in a good way either, you weren't sure what to think.

“Now, lets hope you have learned your lesson,” the killer hummed, a some what smirk forming on his face as he stepped back, putting his hands in his pockets as he sauntered towards the door, opened it and closed it behind him, leaving you one the floor in what you could only describe as a daze.

Well that wasn't part of the plan, but you couldn't say you were totally displeased to be honest. Every since you had been sick you had been on the wavering line with being friendly towards the killer and full out right hating him, even if it was pretending. You didn't want to like a killer, it wasn't in your nature to approve of such things, but your heart was telling you something else and you could feel your stomach drop the more and more you thought about it, so you decided to just forget about it. Pretend like it never happen, at least till you could figure things out.

So as the days went by after the pranking war which Slender had eventually called to a stop, everything was for the most part normal, most part being the key words. Everything had been normal, except when Jeff would try to play fight with you. You were either over aggressive or not aggressive at all which left the killer confused on how to approach you. Before the incident you would have been aggressive, careful not to seriously harm anyone of course, but now you were hay wire all because you couldn't make up your mind. Now you sat at a pond deep within the woods, thinking.

You hadn't even left a note this time, because you hadn't used the front door to leave, you had used your window, which was on the second floor, so yea, you jumped from a two story window into a mound of bushes and leaves. It hurt like hell but you really just wanted to be alone, and if you started talking to yourself you didn't want to risk someone ease dropping on you, or someone walking in and ruining your concentration. Though all you were doing now was looking blankly at the pool of water, watching the water ripple in the wind and the little frogs jump from stone to stone, croaking to one another every now and again.

You weren't sure how long it had been since you had left the house, but you knew that some where along the way of sitting there you had fallen asleep, because suddenly you were with Smile, and he was talking to you as you looked into the pond. The dream was so real you hadn't even realized you had drifted off until Smile came trotting through the bushes, giving a sigh before speaking to you.

“So why are you sitting out here in the middle of the woods, the guys got worried sick when they went to find you and couldn't.”

“Why would they worry about me? They kidnapped me and forced me into basic slavery, the only difference is that there nice about it. They could get another girl to take my place if I ran.” You huffed, responding to the dog as he padded his way over to you, laying himself down next to you under the tree you had leaned again.

“Thats not the point, in the time you have been here you have merged with us, and we, well, most of us would be a little sad if you left, plus if you run out and give away out base then we're all screwed.” The dog explained, placing his head on your lap.

“Pfft, is I told anyone else about you guys they would throw me in a mental institution in a second.” You huffed, running your fingers between the dogs ears smoothly as you begun to get lost in your thoughts again.

“Yea, well everyone believes to a certain extent, even if they denie it,” he barked, pushing his head into your touch as you patted his head. After that everything fell quiet again, Smile just keeping you company while you thought to yourself. Even in your dreams you were focused, trying to figure out what you should do, that was till he spoke up again, a groan of a voice resonating from him.

“He's here.” With those two words you were pulled from your dream, the image of the place you had passed out swirling around you as if quickly faded into black, leaving you to blink and rise from your dreams, groggily rubbing your eyes as they adjusted to the blackness of night that had surrounded you while you slept.

“Idiot, Slender made it clear that your not to leave the house, and why in the hell are you sleeping outside of all places? It's suppose to rain tonight dumb-ass, do you wanna get sick again because if you do this time I'm not taking care of you!” As if on cue the darkness of night was split by a bolt of lighting, followed by the loud boom of thunder causing you to jump. It hadn't started to rain yet, but it would soon, you could feel it in the air.

“No,” you answered quietly, looking down at your lap where Smile still rested his head. This single action seemed to lighten the air completely. You watched from the corner of your eye as his angered expression softened slightly and he sighed, lifting a hand and running it through his midnight black hair.

“Come on, you'll get sick again if you stay out here.” With that he bent down, grabbed your hand and histed you to your feet, dragging you along some sort of invisible path he had created where you assumed he was taking you back to the house, and you let him. You sighed to yourself as you were dragged, looking at your feet as you entered though again only to trip and fall flat on your face, your hand slipping out of the killers as you did so.

“S-sorry, sorry,” You hummed up before the killer could even start laughing at your fail. Your apology only seemed to upset him though as he let out a frustrated huff and bent down to your level as you were getting back up.

“Whats wrong with you? The last few days you have been acting spacey and either beating me half to death or doing nothing at all. Now tell me what I did that has caused you to become a walking vegetable.” He groaned, grabbing your hand and pulling you back up, only to throw you over his shoulder after that to prevent you from face planting again.

“Ass! You know what you did!” You snapped out of know where, slamming your fist as hard as you could into his shoulder blade causing hims to cringe and almost drop you, as a response he let out a warning growl and slapped your ass, causing you to squeak like a mouse before you hit him again, this time only lighter.

“I thought we spoke about this! Keep your hands off the merchandise, or we're going to have a more serious issue then you kissing me!” You hissed, digging your nails into the poor boys neck causing him to growl and drop you, throwing you into the tree and pinning you there. He was polite enough not to speak till you had gotten most of the air in your lungs, but what he said next made you think he was denser then a pile of cinder-blocks.

“That's what this is about? Are you serious, you have been a bipolar bitch for the last few days all because I kissed you?!” At this you got the “are you serious” face out, causing him to loosen his grip on your wrists slightly. When ever you pulled out that face things never ended well for him. Smile on the other hand was just sitting off to the side, ears perked probably wishing he had a tub of popcorn right about now. His eyes were wide, his ears were pointed, and that smile he always wore seemed to be a little bit bigger then usual. Damn dog.

“Yes! You moron, how dense can you get!” You growled, lifting your knee and ramming him into the stomach, causing him to let you go as he doubled over, leaving himself at your wrath like almost every other time you pulled the “are you serious” face with him. You only came to a stop with your ranting when another bolt of lighting crossed the sky and rain suddenly came pouring from the heavens, drenching not only you, but Smile and Jeff as well in less then a few seconds.

“Crap!” You and the killer snapped in unison. The second the killer turned to tell you 'I told you so' you turned to him and gave him one of the most daring glares you could, daring him let those four little words leave his mouth. Seeing as he was already in the trenches with you he kept his mouth shut, turning his gaze from you and letting out a grumble of muttered curses.

That was when Smile finally decided to speak up, giving a few barks before bounding off through the bushes. Jeff, in an attempt to get on your good side again picked you up in a humane way and bounded off after the dog, years of having to sprint from crime sense finally paying off. When Smile finally came to a stop, and you didn't have to worry about falling on your face again you wiggled out of the killers grip, still pissed off at him even though he just spared you from running through mud in a pair of flip flops, which you had just thrown on not expecting to stay out as late as you had.

The husky had lead you to a near by cave that was large enough to hold the three of you, and maybe a few others if needed, though it didn't look like it went back very far, so you were stuck in close proximity with a guy you were pissed at, great. At least you had Smile as a living wall to go between the two of you.

With a sigh you made your way into the cave, pressing your back against the wall and wrapping your arms around yourself, trying to warm yourself up from the cold rain you had been hit with only a little while ago. The boys followed in after you, Smile curling up in between you both as he begun to try and lick himself dry, getting to his paws, stepping off to the side, and giving a firm shake every now and again to rid himself of water. While Jeff sat as far from you as possible, knowing that if he got to close he was in for a hay day, not that he wasn't in one already.

--- Jeff's P.O.V. ---

I watched carefully from the corner of my eye as the girl slowly went from pissed, to relaxed, to tired and eventually to sleep. Thank God to, the death glare she had been giving me earlier had really started to get under my skin, and the fact I couldn't run my blade through her face just made it worse. She was bad, but the last thing I wanted was to get on Slender's bad side, he didn't go easy on me just because I lived with him.

“You truly are an idiot, only now figuring out the issue.” Smile barked, letting out a huff as he made his way over towards you, laying at your side and licking you, trying his best to warm up your slightly shaking form. She would be lucky to not get a cold let alone the flu.

“Don't insult me mutt! She's the one that got all worked up over a single kiss.”

“Jeff, thats a terrible defense, idiot.” The husky quickly responded, giving a snort as he sat, pressing his back to the girl using his now damp coat to warm her. All I could do was look at him as If surprised, he was my dog, and was taking the girls side. What?

“Hey, what side are you on anyway? Last time I check you were my dog,” I grunted out, pointing a finger at the husky who had just rested his head on his paws.

“Ey, I always side with the pissed off chick.”


“Because if I side with the pissed off chick, she can't yell at me, she can only yell to me about the guy that she's pissed off with. In the end all I have to do is listen and nod my head, and I make it through the day without getting bitch-slapped. Unlike some people I know.” The husky explained, giving a snort at his owners stupidity.

“Thats...actually very smart,” I stuttered out, looking dumbfound as I thought about it. How did he become an expert on a species that he didn't even had to worry about? All he had to do was give puppy eyes and he got what ever he wanted from girls, so why did he have to side if it wasn't his issue for him.

With a sigh in defeat I bent my knees and rested my head in my hands, wondering just how long we would be stuck in the cave for till it stopped raining. The base wasn't to far off from where we were, but going there in such heavy rain would be like walking through thick ground fog, there would be no way to tell if I was going in circles or not, because the rain would wash everything away. I only knew one thing for sure though, the next week was going to be interesting.

Sorry the uploading prosses for these has been bumpy, its just lately my computer has been glitchy and I have been drawing alot more which takes hours for me, since I put as much detail in as I can. I hope you guys are still enjoying this though ^^

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…
Part 5: Your here
Part 6 :…

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (c) :iconcreepypasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:
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