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November 8, 2013
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Jeff The Killer by PsychoNaito

You sighed, trying to calm your stomach the best you could. You felt like you were about to puke, and the pounding in your head didn't help. You had spent all day just sitting at the kitchen table, trying to calm your stomach and drawing. You were surprised you hadn't been bothered yet, but the house was reasonably clean, all the dishes were done and the only thing that needed to be finished was dinner which didn't need to be started for a few hours. You were just happy the one thing the boys didn't require of you was to keep them entertained, well, at least most of them, there was still-


You jumped as he slammed one of his knives down tip first into the table right next to your hand, avoiding it by centimeters. Normally you would have yelled at him at this point, maybe even get him back by pushing him into the wall and stabbing the area right next to his head, but you just didn't feel up to it today. You were to busy trying to not puke over everything. You were surprised he had noticed this, which meant he had turned this little exchange of nearly stabbing one another into some sort of game or ritual of sorts.

“Whats wrong (insulting nickname), cat got your tongue today?” The killer sneered, pulling up a chair and sitting on it backwards, leaning his arms on the back of the chair while he looked at you with never blinking eyes. You could tell even though it didn't look like it he was worried, because if he wasn't he would have called you bitch instead of (insulting nickname).

“I'm not in the mood Jeff, so please leave me alone,” you moaned, resting your head in your arms while looking off to the side so you could still see what you were drawing. You could tell your cheeks were flushed at that moment for when you placed your head in your arms you instantly felt the cold on your cheeks.

You watched from the corner of your eye as the killer stared at you for a bit longer before sighing and looking off towards the exit, leaning his head on his hands as he did so. That was when the kitchen fell in to a peaceful quiet, you had never heard the killer be quiet for so long, but it wasn't like you were complaining. In the quiet it wasn't long till you had begun to fall asleep, your eyes getting heavy as your body craved the sleep you had been fighting off since right after breakfast.

“Idiot,” you heard the killer huff as he got up, his voice straining as he put the effort into entangling himself from the chair he had been sitting on. ]

You didn't know what he had been talking about, but then you figured it was you for he picked you up a few seconds later, carrying you like mothers carried there small children; supporting you by wrapping your legs gently around his waist and using his hands to make sure you didn't start slipping. You would have smacked him on any other day, but you were to tired to care as of now, and just nuzzled your face into his neck, using his warmth to get comfortable and quickly falling asleep.

No matter how much you hated him, you had to admit he was comfy.

You jolted awake though when you felt yourself quickly falling, only to find that you have been quickly placed on your bed, been unwrapped from the killer and had the covers thrown roughly over you. Though your eyes were only half open as of now, you could still hear and seen the blurry form of the killer as he sighed, rubbing the back of his neck and made his way out of the room, muttering something along the lines of 'get some rest.'

Quickly you obliged, instantly snuggling under the covers and closing your eyes, letting the world of dreams take you away from your current life. You weren't sure exactly how long you had been out, but when you awoke you heard a lot of screaming and the first thing that came to mind was, “they better not be destroying my newly painted walls.” The second was that they needed to shut up, because you still had a major head ache and there yelling wasn't helping. At least you knew Smile had nothing to do with it, because some time during your sleep he had curled up on your bed next to you, pressed against your legs and fallen asleep with you.

“Damn them, Smile,” You called, gritting your teeth as you heard something shatter from down stairs where you assumed they were in the kitchen. At your call the dog at your feet groggily lifted his head, his tail wagging slightly from side to side as he seemed to spot you. You watched as he flinched, hearing another shatter from down stairs and gave you a knowing look, as if expecting what you were to say next.

“Please do me a favor, and shut them all up,” you hissed not to him but to yourself, the feeling of nausea coming over you as you swung your feet over the edge of the bed and onto the floor where you let the coolness of the floor cool your body temperature, even if it was just a little bit.

--- Smiles P.O.V. ---

At her request I gave an inward sigh and nodded before shuffling to my paws and jumping off the bed, quickly making my way down the hall to tell the others to shut the hell up because they had awoken the she devil. Seriously, she was a nice girl but every time I have caught someone waking her up someone ends up with something stuck some where and I was always the one who had to help remove it. It hasn't been any where to bad yet, but I wish they would just learn already before it get THAT far. Just the thought makes a shiver pass through my body.

It didn't take me long to make it to the kitchen considering the halls were empty and the source of all the noise was coming directly from the kitchen which meant I didn't have to run around like a sheep dog herding everyone up just to tell them to shut there traps.

“EY! Everyone, guess what, SHUT UP!” I snapped just before I entered the kitchen. The second I stepped past that little piece of up rooted wood that drew the line between the kitchen and the hall way I was hit with a wall of smells, all jumbled up from sweet to extremely spicy. My nose was having a hay day and with some many smells I actually felt my nose start to burn.

“Oh what is with those smells,” I cried, bending down into a bow and covering my nose with my paws, desperate to remove the smells from around my nose.

“Oh, hey Smile, what are you doing down here?” Jeff spoke up from his spot at the table, lowering his feet from the wooden surface before getting to his feet and making his way over, giving a gentle scratch between my ears. It had felt nice but I was still focused on trying to get my nose under control.

“You guys woke _______ with all your noise, so would you mind, ya know, shutting up?” I snorted, finally deciding to breath through my mouth instead of my nose to hold back some of the burning from the multiple smells lingering around the room.

“______'s up?” BEN hummed, turning around once he had heard your name. All I could do was give a small nod, backing up till I was on the other side of that risen wood, the smell weakening sufficiently from there.

“Do you think she's well enough to come down? BEN and me have been making her soup to help her feel better!” Sally cheered, jumping down from her small stool at the stove, a skip in her step as she made her way over.

“I'm not sure Sally, she still had a pretty high fever when I left her, for all I know she could have passed out again.” I barked, giving the little girl a small nuzzle when she suddenly became very sad. I also watched from the corner of my eye as Jeff slipped out, unnoticed by anyone but me of course. I didn't think him to do anything to drastic with ______ the way she was, otherwise I would have said something, so I just kept talking with Sally and the others while Jeff did what ever he had planned to do.

--- Reader P.O.V. ---

In the time Smile had been gone you had moved from the bed to the floor, sprawling your whole body across the cool surface, letting it chill every part it could. You weren't exactly sure how high your fever was, but you guessed it must have been pretty high because the thermostat in the hall said the area was a cool 65f. Cool enough to be comfortable in what you were wearing which was a pair of sweat pants and a (f/c) tank top.

Right now, the floor was the most comfortable place in your whole room so with that you pulled a pillow off your bed and curled up on the cool floor, not even bothering to pull a blanket down with you in an attempt to freeze yourself till you re-awoken. Just as you were about to drift back off into your dream world you heard a knock at your door, jolting you awake though you refused to get up and answer it, or even call out, you just hoped that if you stayed quiet they would go away and you could deal with it when you had a full tank of Zs. Though your hopes were wrong.

You groaned to yourself inwardly as you heard the door squeak open, and it didn't take long for you to figure out exactly who had entered your room, though you still said nothing in hopes he still might go away and let you sleep without you having to say anything to him. You listened as he made his way over to you, crouching down at your side and looking at you for a long moment before scoffing, poking you with a foot as he sat on the edge of your bed, trying to nudge you awake.

“Come on _______, the least you can do it tell me to go way if your that desperate for sleep. I can tell when people are out, it's kind of part of my job.” The killer grunted, nudging you again with his foot. All you could do to respond was roll over to face him and open your eyes, giving him a look that basically told him what you wanted to know. What did he want and why was he bothering you.

“Sally and BEN have been making soups for you for the last hour in an attempt to come up with something to make you feel better, though Smile told them you were out so you don't have to go down if you really not up for it. I'm bothering you because I can, I shouldn't have to explain my reasonings to you, runt.” You listened as he huffed, you normally would have jumped up and defended yourself against his name calling, but you still weren't in the mood though you did play along if it would make him feel better.

“Well thats nice of them, you should really learn a thing or to, you would make a lot more friends that way sour patch kid.” You muttered, pulling your arms up so your head was resting on them and the pillow, your eyes still locked with the killers, almost as if challenging him to start something. Though he seemed to back down for all he did was give a scoff and look off towards the door. Maybe being sick wasn't so bad if it meant being able to freely mouth off to Jeff without getting a come back from him.

“So what the real reason your bothering me?” You mumbled, finally dragging your eyes away from him as you rested your face in the fold of your arms. What you could assume was seconds after you had done so you were pulled up, your legs folding under you so you were sitting on them as you came face to face with the killer again.

“Here,” he muttered, leaning back slightly once he had gotten you up. You blinked as you watched him press a rag to your head. You weren't sure what he was doing, but when you felt the ice cold of the rap you melted, letting out a happy sigh and leaning into the cloth. If you had a tail you would have wagged it, but sadly you were just human. No dog tail for you, no matter how cool it sounded.

Letting out a hum of approval you let a huge smile spread across your face, eagerly leaning into the rag as if it were the best thing in the world, which to you right then it could have been. Laying on the floor had only done so much, and after a while the wooden surface had begun to absorb your body heat, leaving you warm and uncomfortable again.

“Uh, mmm...” hearing that you leaned back up into your former straight position, your cheeks flushing slightly when you realized you had practically lean so far over you could have easily just rested you head in his lap and dozed off, which you had been on the verge of doing.

“Oh, sorry.” You mumbled, getting to your feet and scurrying back into bed, bringing the rag with you. It didn't take you very long to curl up like a cat under the covers, your head poking out for air as the rag rested nicely on your head, delivering all its sweet bliss to you.

“Try to get some rest, you had a lot to do tomorrow,” the killer grunted, getting up off the floor and making his way towards the door, his pace a little quicker then it had been before. He would have gotten out the door completely if it weren't for you calling him to a stop, which you were surprised had worked in the first place, usually he never listened to you, even if it was just you telling him something basic like there was a snack in the kitchen.

“What?” You listened to him practically growl, only turning his head slightly towards you in order to do what you assumed as hear you better.

“Why are you being so helpful?” You mumbled, looking at him through narrowed eyes now that you you had rolled over on to your belly, causing the back of your tank top to roll up your back uncomfortably but bearably.

“I just want you better so I'm not suck on house duties anymore,” he grunted, quickly grabbing the door handle and swinging it open, leaving it open as he left on purpose just to bug you since you had gotten so use to the darkness that had enveloped the room.

“Come on dude!”

“Deal with it brat!”

Sorry this took a while, yesterday I wasn't feeling well but today I got some twix and after a good nights sleep feel much better then yesterday =3 Reader-chan is sick, and since they have  lack of medicine at the base for things like the flu, she is stuck toughing it out ;_; awe poor reader-chan.

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4: You be here .o.
Part 5:…

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (c) :iconcreepypasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:
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