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November 7, 2013
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Jeff The Killer by PsychoNaito

You grumbled to yourself as you tired to scrub the blood stain off the walls with a mixture of soapy water and peroxide. You had been at it for hours! Usually it didn't take more then soap, water, and a scrub brush to remove things from walls, but did you mention the wall was white? Yea, just scrubbing wasn't doing it, so now you were using the little stuff you had actually learned in chemistry to help you out. Like peroxide dries blood and makes it easily removable, except for on this freaking wall! What was it made out of, sponge? The blood was absolutely refusing to fully come out, leaving pink stains all across the surface of the wall.

How you hated those guys.

Jeff and BEN had gotten into a fight, and in the end it had gotten to the point where Jeff was black and blue and BEN was basically bleeding to death all over the floor. You were just lucky living in a house full of serial killers came with a territory, and that most of the guys had learned how to heal themselves over time. Once you had fetched the guys that were calm and not in a frenzy, the fight was quickly broken up and the fighters were moved to the kitchen where they could be stitched up and live to see another day, leaving you, to clean up there mess. YUP!

You were stuck, cleaning up the mess of two idiots you were forced to live with, all because they couldn't get along for five minutes. They usually weren't that bad, and after a few rounds of punches they would both call a truce and forget what they were fighting about, but today BEN had provoked just a little to far with something you knew nothing about and ended up making a feeding frenzy, you could have sworn you saw the words “fatality” pop up above the link wanna be's head just as Jeff gave his last blow, but that was when Hooide and Mask had finally arrived and broke them up.

Anyway, back to the damn wall, there was no way you were going to get the stains out fully, so the guys would either have to deal with a pink wall, or let you go out and by some paint to over it over along with some tarps and paint brushes so you didn't make a huge mess and get stuck cleaning oil based paint from the carpet below you. They day you took olive oil and salt to a carpet to clean up paint would be the day everything would end. To put it simple, it wasn't going to happen.

“Smile come here boy!” You called, shuffling off your hands and knees and throwing your scrub brush into your red water filled bucket. By the time you had pulled off you gloves the husky was already at your side, wagging his tail and giving a bark.

“Hey boy, I need to run to the department store to fetch some things to clean up this mess,” you explained, motioning to the pink wall with disgust at the fact you were still stuck cleaning it up. “Would you be a dear and tell the guys I'll be back as soon as I can, thanks.”

With that you begun to make your way towards the door. Sliding on your shoes and putting on your coat only for it to be tugged off by Smile who didn't look amused. You watched as he gave a huff of a growl and stepped in front of the door way, blocking your exit with his body, giving you one of the most serious looks you had ever seen come from a dog.

“What? Unless the guys want a pink wall, I need to get some paint to cover it up. I would send one of them to do it but its not like any of them could pull of being human for very long, besides, I'm tired of eating stuff they find in the forest.” You grumbled, it was true, the guys usually brought stuff home from hunting or the houses of there victims and most of it was stuff you either refused to eat or couldn't eat without getting sick so you had been sticking to canned foods, usually veggies and you were in desperate need of a hamburger, even if you had to make it yourself.

You watched as the dog let out another snort, twitching his ears but not moving from his place, though you could tell from the look in his eyes that you had him half convince, he just needed a little push and he would let you go, so with that you smiled, coming up with a plan.

“What if I let you come with me, and since I have the money, I will buy you some treats and even make you a hamburger tonight, deal?” You watched as the dogs ears perked and his eyes lit up, his tail wagging behind him at the sound of treats and good meat. It took him a while, but after some thinking he nodded and got to his paws, moving out of the way so you could go.

You gave a giddy grin, quickly scribbling something down on a sheet of paper before sticking it to the back of the door and leaving, it would be rude of you to make the guys worry, right? You could always not leave a note and have them go berserk over your disappearance as punishment for making a mess of the wall but you had a feeling that would do more trouble then good in the end considering they could easily kill you if they so chose.

--- Small Time-skip ---

“So Smile, do you think we should get glossy white and sky blue, or egg shell and ocean blue?” You hummed, looking intently at the paint selections. You were going to get a shade of paint that already matched the wall, but the color was faded anyway so you figured you would just redo the whole living room for them, that way if they ever messed it up again you could go off on them for messing up your work.

You listened as the dog gave a bark, pointing his nose to a selection of tan and one of the whites you had named, you had to admit it felt weird asking a dog to help you pick paint swatches, but he didn't seem to mind. You weren't sure if it was because at the end of the day he would be getting a hamburger out of it, or if it was jut because he liked being out of the house and in public for once.

“Your a genius Smile!” You cheered, giving a nod in approval before scratching the K9 between the ears, earing a tail way and a happy bark. With that you quickly picked out the two of the largest cans of paint they had in each color, not sure just how many times you would have to be redoing the wall, before making your way around the store, picking up some tarps, paint tape, and brushes before making your purchase and leaving for the supermarket, where you would pick up some eatable food, and of course dog treats as payment for Smiles assistance.

By the time you had made it back into the forest, away from the city you had a bundle of bags on each arm and you could have sworn your arms were going to break and fall off. If it weren't for Smile carrying the bags with the paint supplies you would have collapsed long before you had even made it to the forest, and you were wishing you had brought one of the guys to wait for you in the forest so you at least feel your arms, but then they wouldn't worry, and where was the fun in that?

You were relived as you came back to the base with Smile leading you, since you had lost your sense of direction with trying to keep your arms in a right angle. You huffed at the fact that the second you stepped through the front door you were tackled by Sally, a small little girl that you had a hard time believing was a creepy-pasta. You listened as she let out a happy cheer and hugged your legs in a death grip, making it impossible for you to move.

“Hey Sally, how are the guys?” You hummed, your voice light as you gently placed the bags down at the side, motioning for Smile to do the same. It didn't take him long to follow your actions or for you to pull out a treat of him which he happily took, his tail wagging rapidly as he got he teeth on the bacon flavored treat.

“BEN and Jeff are sleeping there rooms, and the others went out to look for you,” she hummed, giving you a worried smile as she mentioned the others, though all you did was shrug. You had to admit you were a little worried yourself but you would just have to deal with it when the time came, right now you had food to put away, dinner to get started, and moving of furniture to start if you were to start the living room by tomorrow.

“Oh, well I will deal with them when they get back so no need to worry, OK?” You spoke, giving a smile before pulling out a piece of candy you had brought from your pocket, handing it to her so she would detach herself from your legs. Luckily the candy worked and she let go, taking the treat and giving another cheer before running off down the hall, unwrapping the candy as she went.

By the time the guys had returned you had already started dinner, in the middle of flipping Smiles burger in fact as the three big names of the house made there way into the kitchen, not looking very happy from what you could see, though they didn't look displease either, maybe thats because they were coming home to food and not just a messy house, since you had already moved the living room around.

“And where did you run off to?” Hoodie growled, making his way over and leaning on the counter next to the stove, seeing what you were cooking and interrogating you at the same time.

“Getting actual food and paint to fix the living room,” you replied rather blankly, shooting him a look from the corner of you eye before slipping the burger you were cooking into Smiles bowl where he quickly trotted up and started eating.

“Sally, dinner!” You called out almost instantly after, finishing up the second burger you had in the pan and placing it on a bun, allowing her to cover it with whatever she fancied on her own terms. The whole time you were basically stared down by the three, Slender with his invisible gaze and the proxies with there either hidden ones. After Sally had started eating, and they hadn't stopped suppressing you with there gazes you let out a sigh, taking a breath signaling you were getting ready to give a winded explanation since they didn't seem happy with your first one.

“I went out WITH Smile to get some paint for the walls which idiot number one and idiot number two destroyed and turned pink with one another's blood. The living room is a mess because I don't feel like scrubbing oil based paint of the furniture, or putting plastic covers over everything in the living room, and YES I left a note on the door which none of you seemed to read, because I said I was going to be back when I was done. While I was out I used MY money to buy not only the paint but new good food as well, because I was getting tired of eating vegetables out of a can. I didn't ask any of you to come along, because none of you could pass for a human in public for very long, and I honestly didn't feel like dragging one of you along because none of you would be very useful in the art of picking out paint OR food. Anything else you wish to know?” You grumbled, putting your hands on your hips as you finished, giving them a look as if daring them to ask.

“One...are you making hamburgers for everyone?” Mask voiced, hopefulness trailing in his words that you would make one for him to. At that you just sighed and smiled, giving a nod.

“Yes Mask, I am,” You chuckled, cracking your fingers as you wondered back over to the stove and started on new patties for the three who other then that one question said nothing. You could tell that they still weren't happy that you had gone out in the first place, but your reasonings must have been good enough to avoid any further questioning from them.

When you had finished dinner, the smell seemed to have drawn in the rest of the house hold for Jeff and even the severely injured BEN had made there way out of dream land and down into the kitchen, rubbing there eyes of sleep before sitting down to eat. You let out a squeak when you had turned and two hands slammed down on either side of your head, pinning you to the wall since your hands now had a firm grasp of on a plate of finished hamburgers, since you refused to waist the left over meat. You were a little less then surprised to come face to face with the wide eyed Jeff who looked at you with something you couldn't decipher in his eyes.

“May I help you?” You mumbled, pressing back against the wall in an attempt to get as far from him as possible. You went slightly tense as he leaned in, bringing his mouth to your ear before speaking in a low whisper.

“You know better then to leave the house princess, but since I'm not in the best condition as of now, I suppose I will have to deal with your punishment later,” with that he backed up, taking the plate from your hands and making his way back over to the table. You would have kept frozen at the wall if it weren't for the guys looking at you expectantly. Since you had an audience you just played off what he had said as nothing, and just sat as far away as you could from the killer.

You weren't sure if you should have been scared or cocky, but all you knew was that you didn't like the way he had said what he had.

Part 2 and 3 in the same day just like I promised x3 There sadly wasn't a lot of Jeff in this chapter, but I still enjoyed writnig it. I suppose it was more of a set up chapter to indicate stuff to happen in the future.

And acorrding to my writing the guys like hamburgers XD There for its offical. - slaps a chicken -

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3: Your here
Part 4:…

Story (c) :iconspartatheneon:

Characters (c) :iconcreepypasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:
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maskylover9900 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
Jeff stfu she went to get food for you guys and your all like yiu shouldnt have left the house princess. Dam I would have kicked him in the balls.
Comedywiz411 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 2, 2014   Writer
Me: *growls under breath then walks up to Jeff at the table*
Jeff: what do you want...
Me: *points down to plate with burger on it* Is that your burger?
Jeff: Yeah, why.
Me: *picks it up, takes bite, opens bun, spits it back in, and throws it out the window* *turns back and smiles at him* No reason, Jeffery.
Jeff: *pins me to wall again* You're gonna pay for that....
Me: *smirks at him* But you said you're injured, so you would punish me when you felt better.... *pushes him off and stopped walking at doorway* And if you keep pinning me to the wall, you might as well marry me. *walks out just as Jeff is held back by Slendy and the others*
 BEN: daaaaaaaamn, she's cold.
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Punishment? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I gave you burgers!!!!!!!! What more?????
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