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Jeff The Killer by PsychoNaito

You were jolted awake by a slap to the only area on your body the guy carrying you seemed to see since he had picked you up all the way back at the rode where the trip had begun, your ass.

“I though we already had this talk!” You huffed, nimbly snaking your arms out of your ropes and rubbing your eyes, you were surprised to find you had fallen asleep, but that was what came with your traveling partner being as interesting as a floor tile.

“We're here,” you heard him hum before he placed you down on what you quickly figured out was a couch. You were surprised this guy had a couch let alone a roof over his head, but at least you would have a place to sleep, even if it was with a guy who would most likely kill you in the end.

“And 'hey wake up we're here' wouldn't have sufficed?” You grumbled, trying to wobble to your feet only to be forcefully shoved back down.

“Hey, your finally catching on. Now stay here, and don't talk to anyone.” With that you watched him saunter off to where ever he was heading. Wait anyone? He lived with other people? Well that was interesting.

Almost instantly after you thought that you heard barking and a group of voices just down the hall, none of them being the guy who had brought you here. That put you on edge and when you were met with a streak of black and white fur before you were quickly tackled off the couch and onto the ground you panicked.

“Ah! What the- oh its a dog,” you mumbled after you had gotten a lick to the face.

Once you had come to the realization you had been tackled by a dog and not some sort of rapist you let out a giggle and begun to give your affections back, scratching the animal between his ears and around the neck. You hadn't even notice the three guys standing in the door way to the living room you had been placed in, and that meant there wide eyed expression at your direct affection to the smiling dog let alone your presence went right over your head.

“Ey! I'm glad you three are enjoying the view of the new servant but back off.” That was the voice that pulled you out of your moment with the dog on top of you, and that was when you had finally noticed not only the three guys looking at you, but that the pale guy had returned, and he had just called you a servant... what.

“What!? I am not your servant!” You snapped, jumping up to your feet and easily pushing the dog off to your side, your eyes blazing fury only for the pain in your leg to dial it down all most completely nothing.

“Sorry to have to prove you wrong in front of everyone sweet heart, but you are now, and not just mine, but everyone elses as well.” He spoke with such confidence you just wanted to slap him, and the way he came over and grabbed your jaw line while he spoke drove you nuts, and not in a good way. So now you made it the time to spit in his face, causing him to take a few steps back where one of the three guys grabbed him and held him back quickly as if expecting what was next.

“Your lucky this time it was spit, next time, it's going to be lemon juice; owl eyes.” You hissed, making your way over to him and getting in his face just like he had yours before limping off down the hall to explore, the dog following after you.

--- Creepy-pasta Gang P.O.V. ---

The three watched you walk off down the hall, there eyes trailing after you till you turned a corner and left there field of vision.

“Whoa, who's the chick?” BEN mumbled, practically fall on Jack who stood behind him, trying to still look after you even though you had already gone around the corner.

“New servant,” Jeff huffed, wiggling away from Hooide who had been the one to restrain him only seconds before while wiping the spit off his face.

“Don't get any ideas BEN, Slender said she can stay to work but isn’t allowed to leave the house and isn't allowed to mess around with you guys. Besides, I don't think you could get her anyway, the second you would try she would toss you out the window; stupid bitch.” The killer sneered, wrinkling his nose slightly at some invisible smell before letting out a huff, sending a glare down the hall where you had wondered off.

“Your just upset because for the first time in your life a girl is stronger then you,” Hoodie snickered, receiving a glare from the pale boy before he marched off down the hall, grumbling as he went.

The guys watched as there friend went, small smiles forming on there faces as he turned the same corner you did, though they couldn't be sure if it was to go to his room or to follow you, though they were all pretty sure they knew exactly where that wicked smiling boy was going.

“I give him 20 minutes max after he finds her before he either gets thrown out a hall way window or punched in the face.” BEN chortled.

“I give him a week before she accidentally stabs him with his own knife.” Jack snickered, high fiving BEN and walking off in another direction, Hoodie quietly following after.

Life from now on would be interesting, he was also curious on how the killer had gotten Slender to agree to letting the girl stay here in the first place.

--- Back to you X3 ---

With a sigh you let the last of your anger receded, now that you hadn't been bothered for a while, you finally found the time to calm your nerves and actually get a look around other then just storming past everything without giving it a single glance. In fact, now that you actually looked around you realized you were in some sort of office.

“Where did I wonder off to now?” You huffed, hiding your face in your hands in your own shame.

“My office,” you nearly jumped out of your skin when you heard that deep voice speak from literally right in front of you. Letting out a squeak you stumbled back, pressing your back against the far wall as you looked the creature over.

Now unlike Jeff and the others, you knew Slenderman, he was kind of a legend in your town along with his two proxies, Mask and Hoodie. There legend was one to be feared and respected, and you vividly remember you mother telling you that she would put you in the forest to be taken by Slenderman if you were really bad, which always quickly turned your attitude from sassy to angelic. Now here you were, standing right in front of the tall creature you had feared since you had been a child. Though seeing him in an office with a roof about a few feet lower then him, his bent state made him look more amusing then anything.

“O-oh I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to intrude, I will just uh, ya know, go.” With that stuttered out you turned and made a mad dash for the door, but before you could open and exit with the wind on your heels you felt something strong lace around your waist and before you knew it you were off the ground. It only took a few seconds for you to come face to face with the creature, dangling from his tentacle.

“There is no need for you to fear me as of now child, you are under my protection as long as you live and work here. Jeff has explained to me the situation, and you are welcome here as long as you follow our rules. Now with that being said, would you please get me a coffee.” When he said that all you could do was blink at his request and the first question to pop into your mind was – how on earth is he suppose to drink coffee with no mouth? Though without saying anything in fear he would change his mind you dumbly gave a small nod and that was when he placed you back down gently on your feet.

“So, where is the kitchen, exactly?” You mumbled, turning your head slightly over your shoulder afraid to make some sort of invisible eye contact with the creature. You listened intently as he gave you your directions and after he had finished speaking it didn't take you long to dart from his office, the wind on your heels. You would have dashed all the way to the kitchen if it weren't for the wall in the middle of the hall way, which you ran into.

“Ow,” you huffed, tumbling back and falling over yourself. After just meeting your worst nightmare face to face you were pretty alert, so it didn't take you long to pop your eyes back open and scan the area for exactly what you had run into. You weren't happy to see Jeff, looking down at you with a slightly amused look.

“Oh, its just you Jeff, I accidentally mistook you for something terrifying, my bad.” At your words you watched as the killers non-carved smile turned into a frown, his eyes sending daggers at you, though all you did was get to your feet and dust yourself off.

“I am terrifying,” the killer huffed, gritting his teeth slightly as he watched you walk past him and down the hall towards the kitchen, following the directions you had been given.

“Pfft, maybe to three year olds, but it takes more then owl eyes and a Cheshire-cat smile to scare me. Sorry sweetheart~” You cooed the last word teasingly at him, causing his eyes to flash dangerously with rage though he couldn't hid the light blush that arose on his cheeks.


“Psycho!” You snapped back at him before turning on your heel and making your way to the kitchen, leaving him to shout a string of curses after you. You had expected him to follow you, but when you saw the black tentacles around his ankles holding him down you gave a smile. Thanks Slender.

Didn't take long after that for you to find the kitchen, peace and quiet ensuing on the rest of your trip there. Sweet sweet quiet, it had never been so nice, but then again quiet was always nice after having an argument with an idiot. When you turned around to bring your 'boss' his coffee you hadn't been expecting see anyone, let alone run into them. What a day you were having, the sixth sense of a deaf cat. You listened as the person you ran into let out a hiss of pain and that was when you begun to panic, because the person you had spilled the coffee on made all air hitch in your throat.

“O-oh, I-Im so sorry Mask, I d-didn't mean to- uh.. mmm...” you trailed off, preparing for your death as you quickly placed the cup down and turned to grab a cool rag, knowing that his skin must have burned slightly from the heat of the coffee. Besides, he wouldn't care if it was an accident or not, the point was you spilled coffee on him, and you were going to die, but when he said nothing you were slightly shocked, but were just thanking the heavens you were still alive.

Once you had a wet rag in your grasp you quickly spun around and without hesitation begun to try and rub the coffee from his hoodie. While doing so you were as pale as Slender's face, your grip on the rag deadly and you body as stiff as a board though loose enough to move around if you had to.

“How did you know my name?” The boy muttered after a while, quietly watching through his mask as you did your best to rid of the coffee in vain, knowing that it would have to be washed to have any chance of surviving.

“Well, you, Slender and his proxies are kind of famous in my town. Though no one has seen them, you guys, face to face very long, we still have managed to get blurry pictures and such and make sort of a legend. I just took a wild guess, you know with the mask and all.” You mumbled back quickly, finishing up with the stain the best you could before stepping back, quickly remaking Slender's coffee, and scurrying around the masked boy, this time careful not to bump into him.

You saw out of the corner of your eye as the boys shoulders moved slightly as if he were chuckling to himself at your actions before he gave a very clear nod. After that you ended the conversation and scurried down the hall and back to Slenderman, eager to just get your little task over with so you couldn't mess up anymore.

Letting out a heavy sigh you were happy to see Jeff had left the area outside Slender's office, leaving you free to give a few gentle yet solid knocks to the wood earning a 'come in' from the tall creature within. After you had been granted permission you shuffled your way inside, closing the door behind you quietly with your foot before making your way over and placing the drink on his desk, you head bowed slightly in shame at what had happen with Mask.

Thats when you realized it, why were you serving these guys? You knew why you were obeying Slender, he scared the crap out of you, and you feared if you disobeyed he would eat you or whatever he did with his victims, but why were you willingly serving the others? Oh right, death at this point was your only other option.

You would just have to gain there trust, and hope things worked out for the best.

Sorry I didn't upload this yesterday, but I kinda ran into writers block. After a walk, some scribbling in my note book, getting some of my art needs out of the way, and finally getting a good nights rest, I was finally able to come up with some ideas! :D yea!

     I'm so glad you guys are liking this so far, even if there is only one chapter up other then this one at the moment XD You guys are awesome and I love reading all your comments =3

Part 1:…
Part 2: Your here
Part 3:…

Story (c) :iconinkqueensparta:
Characters (c) :iconcreepypasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:
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EnderWolfPro Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2015
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Jeff: Ey! I'm glad you three are enjoying the view of the new servant but back off.

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Jeff: Angry CJ Emote  Fuk u, bitch
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Heheh, we're such bad-arses! Really! xD I love the humour you placed in here- it's not forced and that's great :) Lol, that's kind of true; Jeff's face doesn't scare me like when I first saw the picture on the creepypasta website. Thanks to DA and the anime versions of him... he is down-right sexeh :P
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