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Jeff The Killer by PsychoNaito

Running to the bathroom nearly getting sick you puked into the toilet, and did your best not to die of disgrace. Shaking as you eventually finished with your spew you flinched feeling something brush against you, almost dead eyes looking over to see Smile, his smile not as bright as it usually was. Not able to bring yourself to pet him to tell him you were OK you just looked down into the toilet bowl, gripping it as if you were to let go you'd die or something horrid would happen.

The week had been crazy, and the results had been gut-wrenchingly horrible. Now you knew why Slender wanted you to stay in the house, even though you had still refused to listen to him, and as long as you were with someone he was cool with it. Though you hadn't expected anyone to be able to detain Grinny so quickly. The poor little cat being almost instantly grabbed and drowned to death while the other person came at you. You knew the cat would be alright, but you still felt like crying seeing him flail and thrash trying to save himself.

You really didn't want to relive it, but in a nutshell you had been walking along with Grinny when you got attacked. One as said having taken on Grinny while the other had pinned you down, and done his best to rape you. Though luckily just as he was about to get what he wanted you remembered the knives you had taken to practice throwing, and stabbed your way violently out of situation that from what you saw couldn't have been avoided.

Just the idea of possibly killing someone made your stomach rock. You had never wanted to be responsible for the death of another person, even though you cleaned up after people and creatures who did it on a regular basis. It was one thing to clean it up, it was another to actually do it. That and on top of almost being rapped you were basically having a mental break down. Not sure if you were puking because you had nearly stabbed a man to death or if you were just sick from the though of almost being raped.

“N-Not now Smile, please.” You whimpered out, resting you head on your arms as you did your best to keep from throwing up once more. You had run home before you could guaranteed the mans death, leaving him gasping for air, surprised his prey had over powered him. Though it didn't take long for Grinny to return either, and tell everyone what had happen.

You were almost sure the guys had gone to finish him since you hadn't seen them since, though you honestly didn't want to know the results. Grinny had told you that they had all left to go search for him, but after that the cat just sat on the sink keeping you company.

“Where?” You flinched hearing Jeff nearly shout out, assuming immediately he meant you since there was no one else he could have meant. You listened as Smile did what you assumed was a whimper of response since moments later you herd the kill storming up the stairs so fast you knew he was at least doing two at time.

“Out!” He snapped, causing you to flinch again as he shooed the animals from the room and closed the door behind him so you both were alone. You didn't even bother to look up from where you were, your vomiting session leaving you tried and to worn out to bother.

Things were quiet for a long moment, though eventually you heard him shift, not sure what he was doing till you jumped at being touched. You let him though, trusting him enough since over the years a weird bond had built between you two consisting of hair pulling and name calling. You were a bit surprised to feel him lean you back, almost bolting forward in fear he was dropping you before you felt your back press against what you assumed was some part of him. You could feel the blood on him, it seeping through your clothes the longer you rested against him. You would have moved, but you were curious of his new found kindness towards you since he normally never did such things.

“You fucking idiot, this is why Slender told you to leave the house with one of us.” He suddenly mumbled up, breaking the silence that had settled only causing you to frown a bit more then you already were.

“I did leave the house.”

“With someone bigger then that stupid cat!” He quickly snapped back, causing you to flinch slightly since you had never heard such scorn in his voice before. Staying quiet a moment longer before responding you let out a sigh through your nose as you did so.

“Why do you even care? You hate me remember...” There was another moment of silence after that, things settling to a uneasy air before he broke it again.

“Is that really what you think I think of you?” He mumbled, pausing for a moment to look down at you which you just returned by staring at the far wall like you had been. When you didn't respond he seemed to take it for what you were going for and spoke up, a subtle tone to his voice you had never heard before though it was hard to figure out what it was with how loud he seemed to be projecting himself.

“You fucking idiot, I don't hate you! Why on earth would you think that? If I hated you I would have killed you already, just like I killed that asshole who attacked you!” You gave a small squeak as he turned you, making you nauseous again though you held back so he could speak, his pissed off look being frightening enough to suppress the urge to vomit on him. That and the blood on him was just bringing back bad memories.

“If I had even hated you in the slightest I wouldn't have even bothered to go after him, do you get that?” He snapped at you, you not really caring since after so many years you had adapted to it. Though you still said nothing, your silence just seeming to irritate him more then he already seemed to be. Listening to him give a small growl in frustration you allowed your blank look to morph slightly into a confused look seeing the emotions welling up in his scared face.

Your confusion had mainly came from not being able to read it, his face usually remaining an either mutual or pissed off look almost all the time. Though you blinked seeming to understand a bit when he gave a few fidgets before leaning forward, and pressing his tattered lips to yours. Taking a moment to consider your options you eventually just decided to relax, and finally give in. Lifting one of your hands up shakily you rested it on his shoulder and closed your eyes for a moment, letting him finish up before opening them again.

You were a bit surprised to see him blushing since all the times before he had seemed more then confident in his actions. You guessed that was the difference. It was weird to see him so vulnerable, especially when he was covered in blood no less. Though you accepted it and gave a small smirk, finding it easier to play with him then to take things to seriously.

“Your a terrible kisser, emoticon.” You mumbled, watching as he gave a small frown before seemingly catching on and giving a 'tsk', looking to the side as he did so.

“And your lips taste like throw-up brat, so we're even.” He shot back. You not able to help, but give a shrug in defeat since it was true. There was another awkward silence between you to though the air was lighter, but eventually you decided to take the lead for once, sort of.

“ it again?” You murmured, your voice rising slightly more then normal at the end to hint it was alright if he didn't want to, and you would just tease him for it later. Though you gave a small half smile seeing his eyes dart back over to you.

“Hell yes.” He mumbled out quickly, darting forward again and pressing his lips to yours, this time clearly not looking to pull back as soon as he had before hand. Unlike this time you were happy to return his affection since his actions seemed genuine compared to the other times when he was just kissing you to get under your skin. Though you were both forced to stop hearing the other guys return home, quickly pulling apart and separating when you heard people coming up the stairs.

Leaning back against the toilet as the guys came into check on you. Slender basically reassured you the guy was 'gone' while Jack checked for wounds, and the proxies made you some tea for your stomach, and some food to fill your now empty stomach back up. Though as they dispersed both you, and Jeff simultaneously glanced at one another before the silence was yet again broken by the killer speaking up.

“You realize we can't tell anyone, right?”

“Yes, do I look stupid?” You muttered back towards him.


“Shut up Jeff.”

I still may or may not continue this. It's undecided, but I figured I'd give you one more chapter to wrap things up if I decided not to finish it. A lot of people had wanted me to make a new chapter anyway, so I figured I'd be a people pleaser. Though one comment in particualr who made me want to write more, and it was a comment saying in a nut shell - "I made a DA account JUST to read this story."

Part 11:…
Part 12: YOUR HERE 

Story: :iconinkqueensparta:

Character: :iconcreepypasta: & :iconmarblehornets:
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