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Jeff The Killer by PsychoNaito

You giggled as you followed Smile around on your hands and knees, barking like a puppy as you did so. The dog looked less then pleased, almost scared even as he ran ahead of you only for you to trail behind him on your hands and knees as fast as you could. You giggled as the dog let out a howl doing what you assumed was calling for Jeff considering a few seconds later said killer made his way into the room, asking his dog what was wrong till he saw you.

“______, what the hell are you doing to my dog?” He mumbled, raising an eyebrow as he watched you continue to follow the dog around till he let out another howl.


“What?” You hummed, coming to a stop in your game long enough to focus on the killer and his words which for the most part you could careless about.

“What are you doing to my dog!?” He repeated, looking a little irritated at the fact you had completely ignored him the first time.

“Scaring him I think.” You giggled out, amused that you could turn the nightmare bringing dog into a cry baby just by crawling after him and giving off puppy barks.


“Its amusing to me! At least someone can keep my attention.” You huffed out, sticking out your tounge just to imply he was as boaring as a post. At your action the kill frowned before smacking you on the back of the head causing Smile to wag his tail since you had temportaraly stopped following him around.

“Ow~! Slenderman, Jeff;s hitting me again!” You whined, knowing that all you had to do was complain to the tall creature and things got handled. It helped you to of gotten on his good side over the time you had been at the house. You had become more of a friend then a maid once you had gotten use to him, so you chores had been lowered significantly to the point where if you just got then all done quickly you had free time at the end of the day.


“I'm not! Tell her to stop scaring Smile!” He huffed back, only for Slender to send one of his tenticals in and smack him over the back of the head. At this action you started to giggle before getting to your feet and dusting off your knees which had started to turn red and pull apart the first few lays over your skin. You didn't have an issue with it since once it healed it would turn into callus, but the killer didn't look to pleased with it.

“Whats with that fa-ah!” You ended your sentence quickly as the killer picked you up over his shoulder and carried you off down the hall to where ever he was taking you. You had squirmed and fought till he brought you into a room you recognized as the clinic. You quietly watched as he dug around for the bandages and spray, not questioning his actions till after the 'show' had ended.

“Why'd you do that?” You murmured not sure as to why he suddenly cared weither or not you had gotten hurt. Usually if you wern't balling your eyes out everyone could of cared less if you were sporting a few new scratches.

“Cause I can,” he mumbled before quickly throwing a hand over your mouth knowing you were going to start springing questions. Naturally in a way to try and free your mouth you gave his hand a lick, only to immedietly regreat it when the taste of the cleaning spray got into your mouth. At your reaction the killer smirked and gave a chuckle, removing his hand seeing as you were to occupied with trying to remove the taste of the spray from your mouth.

“Your such a priss.” He chuckled before turning and leaving you be.

“Look whos talking googily eyes!” You called after him, letting out a disgusted grunt before getting to your feet and making a bee-line to the first sink so you could clean you mouth out.  

Woop! More of this :D IDK how much more of this I'll do honestly since I plan on doing another Jeff thing, but either way I will hold the other one off if I decide to go on with this x3

Part 11: Your Here 
Part 12:…

Story (c)  :iconinkqueensparta:

Characters (c) :iconcreepy-pasta: &/ :iconmarblehornet:
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